Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Hey guys, if you are on my Instagram timeline you would know what I was up to today. Yep! After 4 years of not baking I picked up my spatula and baking pans and got baking.

I was bored one day and decided that it was time to bake again. I wanted to bake something different so I went to YouTube to check out some tutorials. I decided to try red velvet cake. I watched almost 10 videos and each had different styles of making it. But I settled for one from a lady in U.K (can't remember her name).

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Image result for losing weight pictures

Hi you guys, how was your Christmas celebration? Mine was booorrriiiinnnngggg. I live too far from most of the fun spots that i like and i also was not willing to go to over crowded, infection prone places so i stayed at home. And it was super boring, yikes!

So yes, back to the topic. I know that a lot of people would say what the heck is does she know about losing weight. She is as skinny as a stick. But while talking to my mum i realised that my bad eating habits which has afforded me the inability to gain weight might actually be the way to lose weight. So i am going to list my poor eating habits and turn them to 'how to lose weight tips'.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Merry, Merry Christmas everyone..... Ho, ho, ho (in Father Christmas' voice). When I was little the most amazing things about Christmas were the new outfits we would get, the gifts and our unofficial tradition of going to Apapa amusement park some days before Christmas where we would eat cotton candy (I miss cotton candy, last one I ate was in South Africa), go on various rides (I miss amusement parks) and being the eldest when we went to NTA 10's stand I would wish my mummy and daddy and aunties and uncles a merry Christmas...hahaha (don't laugh at me o, it was fun and not embarrassing at that time).

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Source: Joyreactor.com
Hold it! I know what is going on in your minds but bear with me and just read what i have to say. Before i write on today's topic, i need to say this. I am sometimes skeptical in writing some of my experiences here because i was once told that i talk too much but i am beginning to realise that it is a good thing i write what i go through and the lessons i learn. It is really amazing when someone comes to me or sends a message to me that my post inspired them or they could connect with what i said and it encouraged them. So expect more honesty from me because if i can help one person live a better life then i am achieving God's purpose for my life.

So back to the topic, let's talk about sex. I know I am single and shouldn’t even think about it or talk about it, right? Wrong! I hope to be a Public health Pharmacist and part of public health issues involve human sexuality so unfortunately for the overally prudish type  I have to talk about sex at one time or the other.

Sunday, December 21, 2014


After I realized that most of reality shows were scripted I have started reducing the amount and type of reality shows I watch. So when I stumbled on 'Jersey couture' today I watched it because i was drawn to it as it was a show that centered on a family that specializes in selling in prom dresses.

At first I thought that it was just the mum and daughters working in the shop, Diana and co. but I later found out it was the whole family. The dad and brother were also involved. They don’t have much to do with the clothes but running the shop. The brother works the reception desk and seems to be the customer care guy (not sure, I just watched 2 episodes). And the shop seemed to be like a community kind of shop, it seemed they have a lot of customers who had grown up with them and their staff feel like a family. In one of the episodes some of the high school students who were leaving to college also got their prom outfits and I have to say they looked gooorgggeeooouss. Made me wish I had gone to prom but as I was tiny then (I am still skinny) and didn’t have a high level of self esteem then so I doubt I would have gone. Besides we didn’t do prom in Nigeria at that time.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Telemundo logo 2012.svg

I have been at home for a while and though i didn't want to get addicted (okay maybe i shouldn't say addicted more like engrossed) in watching the telenovelas on telemundo i have found myself watching each episode of the various telenovelas.

I have been watching telenovelas since i was a kid. I remember the first one i watched, Can you guess it? Yep! 'The rich also cry'......that soap opera was amazing. Everybody was anxiously waiting to watch it and when Nepa would cut power supply we would go to our neighbor's house (who had a power generating set) just to watch it. Then others like 'No one but you', 'Maria de losangeles', 'Secret Sands' were also shown (and all on Nigerian television authority stations....such a long time ago).

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Hey guys, yesterday two of my friends got married but i was only able to attend just one of the weddings. I attended the wedding of my secondary school friend, Tope. The wedding was really surreal for me because i remember how and under what circumstances the whole relationship started.

 Her relationship reminds me that everything happens for a reason and when God wants things to happen for or to you he sometimes pushes you to a different environment. She met her husband when she went to South Africa for a one year work exchange program. Funny she took the offer because of her then boyfriend who later messed up. So while still trying to cope as a single Nigerian female in SA, her father told her about the son of a friend of his who was also in SA. He and his friend made sure my friend met him. She was always whining in my ears about how she did not want to have to see hiim or talk to him and blah blah.

Friday, December 12, 2014


Biker boots...
I don't get Nigerian weather anymore. This morning I woke up to rain falling and I am like 'in December?'. It seems everything has changed, the weather is unpredictable nowadays.

Everytime the rainy season starts and I keep getting drenched all I think of is my shoes. I have Cinderella feet and I rarely get the shoes i like so when I finally get to buy I like them lasting for so long. But the rains have a different idea.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Image result for thinking pictures

If you follow me on instagram you would know by now that I spent some hours at a Police station on Saturday…..Wait a minute! It is not what you think. My big mouth did not put me in trouble....lol The vehicle I was traveling in had an accident and hit a car who hit a tricycle so we had to report to the police and all of us had to sit down in that horrible place for hours where I saw how bad the rot of poverty and corruption has eaten into our souls as a country.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


The last time I wrote I told you that the results for the exams were released and I was being a chicken (I don’t know why). Anyway I got someone to check and she told me that I didn’t pass. What was my reaction? I was shocked and then I started laughing.

Let me explain my reactions before someone thinks I am going crazy. I was shocked not because I was distraught that I had failed but because I had the premonition and a dream that I failed. So hearing the words was like ‘OMG! I hope I am not psychic?’ lol…. That would be a real disaster.

Monday, December 1, 2014


Happy New Month Guys. It is a December to remember for great reasons. I can't believe December is here already. Soon we would be saying Happy new year. May this December not be the last one we see. May it be filled with dreams that get fulfilled, loads of blessings and Unexplainable Joy.

I tried looking for a December picture and most of them were of snow and christmas tree but i wanted one that reminded us about the reason for the season. That is Christ Jesus but i didn't find (maybe i didn't search long enough). However i found one that i think depicts the manger that Jesus was born. So that is cool enough.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


A huge iceberg towers over the emperor penguins at the magnificent spot where tourists can observe the animals in their natural surroundings
Looks like whipped cream...
I was viewing an article on Antarctica safaris and i saw these amazing pictures. I just had to repost some of them. They are so gorgeous. I just realised that people are quite adventurous. Imagine getting married in the freezing cold with an incredible view, awesome or weird? Hmmm, i am leaning towards aweeeesooooome....*smiling*

I hope when i have acquired some body fat i can make it there. It is however not cheap at all, according to the article it could cost as much as 59000 Euros/46000 pounds (i am not converting it to Naira). I don't want to know the huge amount that it costs.

I hope you enjoy the pictures:

Friday, November 28, 2014


Black Friday deals
I talked about Black Friday yesterday and you would not imagine the amount of craziness that has occurred from midnight till this hour. What is Black Friday? It is the day after Thanksgiving in USA. Apparently lots of companies slash the prices of a lot of selected items. It helps them balance their account or so. Anyway it is a real sales gimmick and discounts range from 20% to as much as 60%. Go Figure! It was only done in the US but nowadays the event has gone global.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Michael Brown.....
Today is thanksgiving in the USA and while i am thankful to God for so many things in my life, some people are seriously bitter right now. This post might shock a lot of people and might really make a lot of people angry but i feel htat we need to view this whole issue in a different way.

When i first heard and read about the story of Michael Brown and Darren Wilson (the cop that shot him) i was a bit skeptical about the whole story. I know about the racism that still occurs in the USA but i felt deep down that something was not right with the way the story was portrayed. And the fact that a serious amount violence erupted has made me more skeptical about the whole issue.

According to reports, a white cop shot a black unharmed boy and the whole Black American nation have started protesting. I don't know why i feel majority of the racism problem is caused by the blacks themselves. Bear with me, i would try to explain myself. A Black American most of the time is portrayed as an angry and unclassy rude person all the time. I know things are not always rosy for them especially with their education system. I think i read that the schools in the black communities are not always the worst. Fine, that is very bad but i think even with that great things can still happen in those areas. It is all about God's Grace, having faith and working hard.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Hiiii guys, i am so back. Did you miss me? This post should be a video but since i don't have a camera or know how to edit videos i guess this post would have to do.

It has been a hectic couple of weeks. I thought i would be able to write on some days but it wasn't possible. I didn't realise that i had so much to read and since it has been a long time since i read for so long, i got tired of reading easily and couldn't read all what i had planned to read each day.

I practically had to forgo reading some topics because when i read them before i was totally lost (i didn't understand zilch) and didn't want to waste so much time on them. But that is all over now. We had the theory questions on Monday and multiple choice questions on Tuesday. How did it go? Hmmmm......

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


My friend, CEO Adorable Pharmacy and I
So I said I would go for today's events of the conference but I almost cancelled that plan this morning. The heavy rains that poured this morning was amazing. It rained tigers and lions! I made up my mind that I was going nowhere but since i had to book for my ticket so I had to leave the house.

While I was preparing to leave the house a classmate of mine sent a message that he must see me by all means so there was another change of plans. I had to go there. I wanted to attend a session that was chaired by a very vibrant pharmacist who has chains of pharmacies, Bukky George of Healthplus so I felt it was a good thing I change my plans. I eventually missed the session but I met my friends and I had fun. I also saw my lecturer and some former interns.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Hi guys, how are you doing? The last couple of days has been out of my control. I actually wanted to name this post 'orishirishi' (assorted) but I decided to make it another series of ramblings of a diva.
Super woman Ernie.....
On the 2nd of November was the birthday of a CEO, blogger, student, wife and all round super woman....Ernie of everydaytibs.blogspot.com (Yay! I got it...) And to celebrate her birthday some of her readers went to heritage orphanage to visit and donate to the kids. How super dope is that? If you read my blog regularly you would have seen me yap a lot about her. She is simply extraordinary. Happy belated birthday girl....

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Image result for november pictures

Happy November guys. May this month usher in loads of love, happiness, joy and blessings in your lives and those of the ones dear to you.

You would not believe it but i have been on this computer for over 5 hours. I had been postponing writing some things and today was the day i decided to kick that spirit of laziness and procrastination to the curb. So unconsciously decided that i won't leave this computer till i am through and i am through...yay! Now i can finally cross that off my list.

Friday, October 31, 2014


The VBA Award
Hey guys, how are you doing? I should have written this post like ages ago but i have been really consumed with all my public speaking gigs and i was so excited about them that i wrote about those first. Anyway it is time to inform you that i was given another award .....The Versatile Blogger Award by the delectable Ernie of everydaytibs.blogspot.com

When i saw that Ernie nominated me, i was smiling like a cat. Thanks Ernie for the nomination, i can't believe that you thought i deserve it. If you want to be seriously inspired please check out Ernie's blog here and i can bet that you won't be sorry.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


After the presentation.....
Can you guys guess what happened today? Yep, we had our clinical presentation (yes, we because it was you and i standing to present). It was not perfect but it was more than okay, then again I didn’t record myself but I feel I did more than okay. And for that I am grateful to God....

I wore a sexy (according to most of my interns) purple gown but it was necessary. I was feeling really a bit anxious before the presentation so I need a power/confidence boosting outfit and the gown always makes me feel sexy so I chose it. It has a bit of a low back cut and it has an A line/mullet hemline and I got it from asos.com when I did some major online shopping last year.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Hey guys, how are you? How did you spend your Sunday? Did you guys remember what was supposed to happen yesterday (picture above) Yep! We were coharvesters yesterday.

So I refused to take the first option of running away and decided to be a grown up. Besides God has done so much for me so in the great scheme of life, this was just the least I could do.

After the sermon lead by a youth (female) which was on sowing and harvesting for God. There was a couple of song ministrations (some people can sing) then the harvest ceremony.

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