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A huge iceberg towers over the emperor penguins at the magnificent spot where tourists can observe the animals in their natural surroundings
Looks like whipped cream...
I was viewing an article on Antarctica safaris and i saw these amazing pictures. I just had to repost some of them. They are so gorgeous. I just realised that people are quite adventurous. Imagine getting married in the freezing cold with an incredible view, awesome or weird? Hmmm, i am leaning towards aweeeesooooome....*smiling*

I hope when i have acquired some body fat i can make it there. It is however not cheap at all, according to the article it could cost as much as 59000 Euros/46000 pounds (i am not converting it to Naira). I don't want to know the huge amount that it costs.

I hope you enjoy the pictures:

Emperor penguins stretch off into the distance at the enormous colony at Antarctica's famous Atka Bay

A member of the Saudi royal family has his picture taking with penguins on a family tour of the region
A Saudi royal family member having fun

The couple travelled alone and guests staying at the camp were their witnesses as they tied the knot in the snow
A couple that got married there
A bird's eye view of the local sights is available for guests who want to take in the spectacular scenery
Check out the view

White Desert clients include some of the world's most powerful CEOs and company owners as well as royals and celebrities
This is an adventure for the strong hearted and guys with deep pockets...
A group of White Desert clients trek off towards the huge icefall that dominates camp

As well as wildlife, guests can see natural phenomena such as a hundred-metre tunnel is carved out of the ice from melt water
 For more information and pictures please check out the article here


Anybody interested in paying for my ticket? Once i see the free ticket i promise to gain weight. Anybody?..... Please don't disappoint

That is all for today. I have to resume at my work place soon even though there is a strike action going on but i have been summoned for help out with something. Oh! that reminds me i have to talk about the present health workers strike action. I promise to do so next week.

I gotta go now guys. Thanks for stopping by

Luv ya,
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