Thursday, November 19, 2015


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I was nominated for the gratitude challenge post by the lovely Amaka of some days ago but i have been incredible busy and too lazy to write the post. When i decided to write it yesterday i got distracted that is why i am writing it today. Thank you Amaka for the nomination. You guys should check out her blog.....she spits some serious truths and has a series called 'Grammar 101'

The rules are that you should accept the challenge in 72 hours upon nomination (which i didn't do....I am so sorry) and you have to write 5 things you are grateful for on any social media platform (including blogs). Then you are to nominate 5 other people to take up the challenge.

I like gratitude challenges because it makes you to stop and take a good look at your life and allows you to remember how blessed you are. When you count your blessings, all your problems seem to fade away at that moment.

So here are five things (among a lot of things) i am grateful for:

1. You all can guess my number 1 at this time.....Yes, i am grateful for the scholarship i was granted. At a time i had given up on achieving my dreams God whispered to me to try again. I am grateful i was sensitive enough to hear his voice and bold enough to take up his suggestion.
On the scholarship award ceremony day.....
2. I just checked the score of my first school assessment and i did really well. I was really scared of what i would get and i felt i had written rubbish but apparently i made a good amount of sense. I am grateful that God provide his word in my life and i got a good grade in my first academic assessment in 7 years.

3. I am grateful for my family. Things have not been as rosy as i would love it to be but we are all hanging in there. I know that everything would be okay so i am thankful for the situation now and the future when things would be much better.

4. I am grateful for the roof over my head and my family. 2 days ago it was really, really windy here. I was walking home when the winds were just starting and i was literally pushed by the wind. Some minutes after i stepped into the house the wind's momentum was increased. At a point i was scared that the house would be blown away because it was really scary. The next day as i was walked to the bus stop, i thought about the winds and homeless people. I wondered how they would have coped with the winds and i was and i am still grateful for the roof over my family's heads and mine.

5. I am grateful for my financial situation right now. I can't afford a lot of excesses but i can afford to eat and a little bit of indulgence (like my coke and sweets). I might not have gotten a job yet but at least i have learned how to budget and record what i spend my money on. Which is really helping me to  save a lot. I was too lazy to budget before and since i always received salary i always overspent. But now i have acquired the skills of budgeting which would help me in the future. So you see if i was not in this situation, i might not have acquired the skills. So i am grateful for that and i know that when my financial situation improves i would be able to manage my money better and achieve more with it.

I thank God for these and many more he has done in my life ....

So i would like to nominate the following bloggers to pick up the challenge:

1. Moby
2. Fatima
3. Judith
4. Naija Bachelor (that is his name o)
5. Grace

Thank you guys for stopping by....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva......


  1. Number 5. KEY! I need to learn me some of that too. As for this challenge, we shall be seeing what can be done sooner than later. Cheers.

    1. I hope you can learn it too. That would be nice....

  2. I can budget for Africa!! Down to water, I write and my younger ones call me ijebu. Lol
    Thanks for picking up the award and I wish you all the best over there.
    PS. I'm still using my growth oil. Lol

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