Saturday, August 30, 2014


A polyester geometric dress from the 1980s on display (left) and two women jump for joy outside a branch of St Michael - now Marks and Spencer - in 1969
Lately i noticed that my taste in fashion is a little bit off this decade. I seem to like the fashion style of people like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, the mother of Prince Albert of Monaco (i can't remember her name, i think it was Queen Grace or so) and others that were born in the 60's and 70's.

I was able to see these pictures of women and men in the 60's and 70's and i just had to put them up. Hope it is not too old school for you guys. Do Enjoy....

Friday, August 29, 2014


Hey guys, would you imagine what happened yesterday? I was feeling a little down in my spirit. I don't know why it happened but it did. I just took the gratitude challenge a day before and the next day i was feeling off. I guess i forgot what i was supposed to be grateful and almost allowed the devil to throw a little negativity my way. It took me praying and remembering the gratitude challenge for me to get my spirits up. I had to remember a lot of things i was grateful for and the sad cloud passed away. Thank God for his mercies....

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Hey guys, so we have all read and heard about the #ALSICEBUCKETCHALLENGE and how it has been incredible successful in raising a lot of money for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis cause (if you don’t understand what is involved check here). So I guess someone decided to start a gratitude challenge.

The rules are that for 7 days that you state 3 things you are grateful for and also nominate people on the first day you are challenged by someone else. When I first saw someone else on my facebook thread take the challenge, the first thing I thought was ‘Oh God!! People have started again. They are going to bastardize the whole challenge stuff’.

Monday, August 25, 2014


All smiles: Ora also cosied up to Jennifer Lopez who looked stunning in a cut-out, thigh-high silver gown
Rita Ora and J Lo
Honestly it is official!! Most musicians are clueless about appropriate fashion. They wear a lot of rags and call it clothes. They need and EXTREME MAKEOVER!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY!!! Yesterday the MTV Video music awards held and i couldn't believe my eyes. A lot of the celebrities wore what i can't describe.

I would leave you to describe them in your own words. Do enjoy viewing the pictures..

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Retro rules: Selena Gomez (L) and Lea Michele looked amazing at the Variety and Women In Film pre-Emmy party in West Hollywood on Saturday
Selena Gomez
 Apparently there was a pre emmy bash that held yesterday and i saw some outfits that are totally me. So i decided to upload some of the outfits that i could rock (if i ever get the chance to). I am not a fashion blogger so don't ask me for the designer's name because i can't help you with that. I would try to write the name of the celebrity under each picture.


Proud creators: Art historians Susie and Ken spent a year working on the miniature, using a team of specialists from Italy, France and Spain to recreate the French store
Growing up i always wanted a doll house (for my dolls) to play with but i never got one. So because of that i plan to buy one or more than one when i have girls for them and me too (i am going to play with it too *coveringmyeyes*) but there is no way i am getting this one even if i can afford it.

Like for real this dollhouse is crazy. I was just flipping through articles on and saw it. So before you read the last line of the post can you guess how much it cost?

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Mr and Mrs Sunday Etim
Hey guys, i attended a wedding today and i have something i must say about the way Nigerian weddings are conducted.

Why do the Church Weddings go on for up to 4-5 hours? Uhn? What are they doing? Like today, the church wedding was to start by 10am and at past 2pm we were still at the church venue. Honestly i don't get why they do that? Most churches do marriage counseling before the wedding day, yet that day the priest or pastor would begin to talk and talk and talk. They would also do some unnecessary ceremony. As for me, when my time comes (by God's grace) the priest had better make the ceremony under 3 hours. I ain't keeping my guests for 5 hours in the church. With the reception and the church ceremony, the whole day is spent. I left the reception at 4pm and they were still there.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Hey guys, welcome to the diva show. I am your host, Petttttiiiittttteeeee Diiiiivvvvaaaaaa. How is your day going? Have you done anything fun? Did you miss me yesterday? I was unable to write day before yesterday because I was doing something important…..WATCHING MOVIES….*smilingsheepishly* I couldn't post anything yesterday because airtel decided to go on holiday. There was no internet signal.....#angrymodeactivated.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Image result for samson and delilah pictures

Hey guys, before I start this post I just want to say a BIIIIIIGGGGG congratulations to Deborah Poh aka Doffy of She got engaged this month…Woot! Whoop!! Whoop!!! There is going to be a wedding….*dancing* I wish you a blissful and blessed marriage. I pray you enjoy your marriage girl.  Here is a big congratulatory hug….. I like happy endings to a love story….*smilingsheeplishly* You all need to check out her blog, the girl has got some serious sense of style NO JOKE!! 

So yesterday the message of the daily devotional (I use ODM) was centered on Samson and Delilah (Judges 16:1-21). Dr Chris was focusing on the part of Samson opening his mouth to reveal the secrets of his hair. He was concentrating on the fact that it is wise to be slow to react/talk and that we should try to listen more.

That is all good but all I could think about was the stupidity of Samson. SERIOUSLY!!! Guys, have you read the story before (if you have not, please go to your bibles now and read). Honestly Delilah asked Samson FOUR TIMES for the secret to his power and every time REAL SOLDIERS not toy ones with REAL WEAPONS came to him and the guy didn’t have the brains to see that the lady was out to get him.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Part of the new u.k uniform....I DON'T LIKE!!!
So once upon a time i was in the girl guide (some call it girls scout), actually once upon a time i was in a lot of groups or organisations. Okay, let me take a deep breath and start listing them (don't judge me
Girls Guide,
Girls Brigade,
Navy Schoo Cadets/Cadet Band,
Y Youth of the St John's Anglican Church YWCA group

Hey, it doesn't seem that bad until you hear the stories. I would only share the story of how i became a girl guide and how i left after just one camp and one year. Grab a pop corn and read on.

So how did i come to know about Girls guide, boys scout and brownies? My younger brother was going to a boys scout camp and we went to drop him off at the camp site. When you have a younger brother that is less than 2 years in age difference you tend to do things together. So imagine me feeling very sad, the boys scout master at the gate said that i should not be sad, i should simply join next year (i think he even referred to my brother being my senior, a lot of people do so till this day as the boy is waaaayyyyy bigger than me).

Sunday, August 17, 2014


I am about to scare you guys like seriously. If you have children around please please send them away before you open this post.

I saw this post on Lindaikeji's blog.

A man who was  recognized in 2012 by the Guinness Book of Record as world's most pierced man with 435 piercings plus two horns on his forehead, an Information Technology, IT, worker was billed to make an appearance at a hotel in Dubai but on arriving the Emirate airport, he was not cleared by the immigration officers. Instead he was immediately whisked into an Istanbul flight en-route Germany.

A spokesman for the hotel where Buchholz was scheduled to appear said its management had failed “despite all its attempts” to win permission for him to enter the emirate
Airport officials gave no reason why he was refused entry into the emirate. Rudolf who vowed never to return to Dubai, left his luggage behind in Dubai.

Ogecha - Dumimaja (Hide Me) - Official Video

Ladies and Gentlemen, i present to you Ogecha.... I literally just had to share this video. The singer is a great friend of mine. I knew when she released the video but i have been unable to check out and today when i finally did i was blown away. We went to NNSS Ojo together and back then she was really creative too. She used to write stories and i used to beg to read her stories. When she had not written anything i would spur (more like disturb her) so she would continue. The day she said she could not find one of the books where she was writing the stories, that it was stolen i was mad at the thief that stole it.

I love the concept of the video (though as a video/film critic i saw a fault it was really tiny though so it couldn't take away the fact that the video is really nice) and her voice is amazing. It is a christian song and the video depicts how far a mother would go to ensure the safety of her child.“Dumimaja” means “Hide Me” in Igala Language.It basically shows how God would always protect us.

The video was shot in Capetown, South Africa and directed by Mark Hofmeyr. I really love the white Gown....Heavenly..

Oh, Her fabulous husband (yep! She is married) was in the video too. Can you guess who he was? Hint: Fading Scene *runsawaybeforeshegrabsme*

I am so proud of my girls, Navy girls rock. Congrats Girl, You are going places.

I really hope you can view the video and blogger does not mess up.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


Why is Bill Gates pouring ice cold water on himself?....#icebucketchallenge

I had been seeing pictures of people pouring water (apparently ice cold water with ice cubes) on themselves and I wondered whether it was another crazy online trend. So when I saw this article on (I know, I visit it a lot). It is an online newspaper so I like to go to it for international news. 

Anyway apparently it is a challenge to raise money for a charity organization. Right now a lot of famous people have been taking the challenge. They pour ice cold water on themselves then nominate people to do the challenge (just like the sunshine blogger award) and they upload their picture or video and people donate.

Right now the only famous person to deny to do is President Barack Obama (and probably me too….I am famous too na). But honestly I don’t think I can do the challenge. I don’t even have my bath with cool water, if it is not hot or warm then there is a big problem. I would just stand there for so many minutes and be scared of the water. I know how I almost had panic disorder symptoms thinking of using cold water during NYSC camp. And the 21 days I was in that camp, having my bath in the very coooollllld morning (at 4am because we had to have our bath before it was light because of the guys) was the worst part of that camp. Now that I have passed that stage, no way am I taking the ice bucket challenge. I would rather donate some money to the charity like Barack Obama did.

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