Friday, March 25, 2016

I AM OKAY......

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Hey guys, i know i have been missing in action for a long while. I have been really busy. I have had a lot on my mind that i can barely think about blogging right now. Thank you to all those who have checked up on me and continued to check up on my blog. I am really grateful.

Concerning the last post i put up, God was so faithful. I was able to get a good sum (not all that i needed) to pay most of my outstanding fees and got an extension till the end of the 2nd semester. It was scary for some days. I was scared, tired and drained but thank God that at the very nick of time everything worked out for good. I mean the total money i needed was transferred to my account on the last day of the deadline. And the deadline was the 4th of March (my birthday). Amazing right?!

I still need to pay off the remaining amount however i am not worried because i know that God would provide.

I need to run now guys. I hope i would be able to write very soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva...

P.S: Happy Easter in Advance (just in case i can't write on that day).


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