Friday, April 29, 2011


Hey Guys! I have had a very eventful couple of months. I have gone through both happiness and sadness modes. I have stood on the border of having a full blown depression because of my relationship with the first guy I have ever loved. I went into the ‘relationship’ that could not be called a relationship because of circumstances when I knew that nothing would result from it but I was in dreamland. I wonder what kind of spirit entered me and made me involve myself in something that was totally useless and unnecessary.

The long story cut short is that it ended horribly, a total disaster for me and nothing for him. Sometimes I wonder if females truly have fish brains like men claim because I am still amazed at how I got involved in it and lost every pride and confidence I had. Maybe it is good thing that it was never meant to be because I might have truly lost my personality if I was still involved with him. The lord truly works in mysterious ways. I am just summarizing it for now but I promise that I would give you guys the full story later. What I want to write on now is the new drama that has come after that.

Seems I am living in a reality show or soap opera lately cos stuff like this doesn’t just happen to me. However I think it is all good in the sense that I have material for my blog (yeee!). So here goes my reality show story.

Shortly after I had to say bye to my first love, I was just trying to cope the best way that I could. A friend of an acquaintance approached me; you could say he was a friend to me (kinda). The point is I never really talked to him. He was just a ‘say hi and small talk’ kind of person to me. Then the fact that his friends lived in the same compound/ corper’s lodge made us to see at times. There was an evening we gisted with other guys also being there. He asked for my number and I didn’t have a problem with giving him my digits. The fact that he was also a member of my church made him to be more in the circle of peeps that I could associate with.

Slowly we talked more; watched movies and he tried to be the perfect gentleman with me. One thing led to another and we locked lips (after trying to avoid the situation). I liked him. I had fun with him. We had play fights; I laughed more and felt good. I was really happy that my depression seemed to have disappeared. Maybe that was what made me vulnerable.

We continued talking and seeing each other. We got closer and I felt very good with him. However I was still missing my ex. In my mind I compared him to my ex. So I could never fully enjoy his company.

I had to promise myself that I would try to forget about my ex and enjoy the guy. He seemed so sweet and caring. So after some time I asked him to define what we were having. I didn’t want a case of misplaced thinking on my part. I was not interested in being a play or bed mate.

So he asked me out (is that the right phrase to use?), I considered it and gave him my answer some days after. My major problem was other people talking so we agreed to try and take it slow and keep it a secret from everyone.

When we were now comfortable, people started knowing about us. Then the beginning of issues started. I was being warned by the ‘guys’ (if you are following my blog you would know about the people I call the ‘guys’) to be careful. They thought that I was with him because he has the same surname as my ex. He was getting threats from them. Which made me wonder; what was wrong with the guy?

Long before the other guys knew about him, I had told my ex and he kept on saying be careful. I always thought maybe he didn’t want me to be happy. We actually fought because of that. But boooy was I wrong?

The words that were spoken made me think, then I started praying that if he is going to hurt me that God should reveal it to me before he gets the chance to cause any damage to me. To show that God answers prayer, some days after the ‘talking to’ that I received I got the shocker of my life.

What did I discover? Well, that is another story for another day. What I would tell you is that you really need to check this page very soon. It shows the essence of having friends that have got your back, praying and also the games that men play.

I hope you would join me for the concluding part.

See you soon,
Your ‘reality show’ Petite Diva.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


It has been a long, long, long time since I have been in the blog world. It has been so long that I don’t know what to write now that my computer has finally been repaired. I really should have gone to repair it a long time ago. I wish I didn’t always procrastinate. That is a major fault that I have, procrastination.

I have passed through a lot in past few months that I don’t know where to start now. I have so much to write about and I don’t want to leave anything out. I would have to write out a plan to write my story. I hope you would all come along with me as I describe the greatest adventure that I have had.

I am too excited to write much today but I promise to be back soon gisting you all on all that has happened in my life lately. How I had major drama in my life that though made me stronger I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I have never understood the term ‘been to hell and come back’ but now I do. I now understand why some people behave in a certain way.

See ya all soon.
Be Happy for the Petite Diva Is BACK!
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