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Black Friday deals
I talked about Black Friday yesterday and you would not imagine the amount of craziness that has occurred from midnight till this hour. What is Black Friday? It is the day after Thanksgiving in USA. Apparently lots of companies slash the prices of a lot of selected items. It helps them balance their account or so. Anyway it is a real sales gimmick and discounts range from 20% to as much as 60%. Go Figure! It was only done in the US but nowadays the event has gone global.

Even the online malls or websites of the companies give discounts but because of the rush the websites usually crash. As for me i can never partake in it. Why? Just check out the pictures below, prepare to be shocked and laugh. People ain't smiling at
In shocking scenes, a woman desperately clung to a  TV after a brawl broke out at the Asda store in Wembley over the cut-price item
See a grown up woman clinging onto a

A staff member was forced to intervene as the customer fell to her knees in a desperate attempt to claim the TV, which was reduced from £219 to £139
A staff member had to intervene and the woman in black kept begging (it was slashed from 219 to 139 pounds)

The shoppers were seen pushing and fighting one another on the shop floor as they tried to get their hands on the reduced item
See me see trouble o

Crowds surged through the store as they battled to purchase one of the Polaroid 40inch HD TVs which is now out of stock across Asda stores
A successful buyer...

Hundreds of people push through the doors of Asda in Wembley, north London, this morning in a bid to get their hands on a bargain 
See people
More customers fight over discounted televisions at the Asda store in Wembley, north London. Despite the chaos no arrests were made 
Wembley, North London
Tensions flare between at Wembley as cheerleaders dance in the background, with staff clambering to keep crowds from turning on each other
Did i see some cheerleaders behind? What in the world?
Shoppers scramble to get their hands on televisions, cooking appliances and other goods at Asda in Wembley, north London, this morning 

Crushed: A woman is pushed to the ground as another screams while shoppers clamber over each other at Asda in Wembley, north London
A woman being crushed to the ground
A lone shop assistant hands out Seiki and Polaroid televisions to impatient crowds at Asda in Wembley where hundreds flocked for bargains
I wonder if any camera man or photographer was beaten
Cheerleaders keep crowds going at the Wembley store in north London this morning as hundreds descended on the store for sales 
Someone should please explain their job to me....
A woman with children's sets including a Barbie toy and two dolls wheels her purchases away from Asda in Cardiff with her daughter in tow
Toys for Christmas...Yay! There would be some happy Kids
Greater Manchester Police confirmed on Twitter that two people had been arrested overnight in connection with incidents at Black Friday sales
The police had to issue a warning to people
Sergeant Paul Marshall issued a friendly reminder to shoppers, telling them that 'shoving people to the floor so you can get £20 off a Coffee Maker' was still an assault - even on Black Friday

Shoppers flocked to stores across Britain just after midnight to snap up Black Friday bargains, including heavily-discounted flat screen TVs 
People need T.Vs mehn....
Tesco store, Bolton at Midnight
Tesco Extra in Kingston Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, was packed full of shoppers clambering to snap up bargains just after midnight
How does anybody think i can participate in this? They would have crushed all my bones. No o, i like According to reports the police had to arrest some people, a store had to be closed down because people were seriously crazy. One customer even threatened to beat one of the staff member in a store...this is serious mehn! For more pictures check here..

However i don't blame them, check out some of the deals in some U.K shops:

 Note: pc means %

A lot of the deals are really cool but i don't think i can bear a broken bone. I can swallow any pain killers because of a T.V but for those who have the strength and body frame to survive the mayhem i say go for it. So did anybody get any good deal today?

That is all folks. Hope you enjoyed today's post. Thanks for stopping by.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. Mami, I dunno if this is weird tho' buh I really can't go through this kinda hassle just cuz of a 100 dollar slash....I would rather buy something for 200 bucks than get trampled on just cuz of black friday.....Naaa...not gonna happen!

  2. Honestly if I was getting like ten items with $100 discount on each which would total to $1000 savings i might be tempted to try going there but what I found ridiculous was people going there just to buy one item. It is so amazing.

  3. Hahahaha. Me o...I will rush for anything as long as I get to save me some extra cash abeg...I didn't partake in this year's black friday sha...wasn't interested. Maybe next year.

    1. See you, you like extra money. Okay o prepare yourself for next year then...

  4. I can't let them write "crushed to death in the mall" on my obituary so I think I'll pass

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