Saturday, January 26, 2013


So It has been a long time since I wrote and it is due to no fault of mine. My airtel modem has been screwing up lately and it just wiped out any motivation I had to write. As I write now I don’t know when I would post this entry but then I am bored right now and decided to write.

I finally got a cute plastic table and a chair. A lot of you might think I bought it to read. WRONG! Those who know me know that I hate reading with a chair and table. I am more comfortable on the bed or floor. Sitting in a chair to read is so restrictive.  I bought it to place my laptop on the table, for visitors and to eat……lol.

I cooked yam porridge for the first time in almost six months…Yay!! And I am pleased with myself. It tastes really great. I hate yam so I rarely cook it that is why cooking the yam porridge today was a real achievement. I would try to put a picture up. I also made vegetable sauce…..*dancingaboutinmyroom……lol. I am going to try to cook beans and plantain porridge tomorrow (haven’t done that in more than a year), hopefully I would like it and finish it. I don’t want to waste food again.
Vegetable Sauce (Don't Know the name)

        Yam Porridge (with fresh tomatoes, crayfish, fresh pepper, onions and smoke fish......Yay!)

I also washed my hair today. No shortcuts this time, i did the full regimen. I pre-pooed overnight with my hot oil treatment, washed with my diluted shampoo, applied my protein treatment, rinsed with water and a black tea (ginger flavored), rinsed, applied my deep conditioning treatment, covered my hair with a hot towel (squeezing the hot water is too annoying), rinsed, towel dried and applied my leave in conditioners and shea butter mix with oils when my hair was damp. My hair seems to be growing but not fast enough for me. I want waist length hair NOW! I know it would take time and loads of patience but patience is not one of my virtues.

Oh! My friend and I are great by the way; my foot in my mouth incident didn’t affect our relationship. We are really cool. Even without saying some things he knows a lot about me…..weird, super weird. Anyways we are cool and that is all that matters.

One of my ex said something recently but his actions afterwards has shown me that he is still the same. So I ain’t even thinking about it anymore, was confused earlier but now I am thinking much clearly. I deserve to be treated better like my friend said to me ‘don’t you know that you are a queen?  So there is no question about it, I deserve to be treated like a Queen.

Here is what i wore to work on friday (25/1/13), the girl has a bad ass and a hour glass figure.....#iamsohot!
Please don't mind the finger, my friend is bad at taking


I have been getting financial advice from a girlfriend lately. Talking to her has boosted my confidence and given me the motivation I need to save money and not blow all of it. She sent me some videos on financial freedom and one advice the speaker gave was ‘rewarding yourself when you reach a milestone in your savings’. I then remembered that when I was doing my industrial training in 2007, I used to that so that I was not tempted to blow all my savings. It worked then, so I believe it can work now. I have therefore set a fair target for myself and an equally fair reward for myself anytime I reach my milestone. I feel confident that I can really do this saving stuff now. Thanks Tope, you are the best….#kisses.

That is all I can think of to write now folks. I have to go and wash up the plates I used and probably buy myself a drink (I think I earned it……lol).

Luv ya guys,
Petite Diva.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I once wrote that I was getting close to a guy and I decided I was not going to say anything about it but something happened this night that made me change my mind.

So this guy that I have known for a while and I kinda of got close recently (at least for me). What was the pulling factor (I refuse to say attraction)? I guess it was the fact that I could be crazy with him. I could say and be the wild ‘Mowunmi’, I could let my imagination rule, I could do and say anything and he would take it as it comes (not a lot of people can take me like that). He was easy to chat with, we had the same fears and we talked about a lot about things that I have never had the guts to tell anyone and he understood. He was like the male version of me, I had heard that statement being said before but never seen anyone like that but in a way he was 50% like me so I guess that was the attracting factor.

Then it happened, I started behaving like a typical female. I wanted to stay clear of men or boys for a while but with him I started to think things and feel things. I had a crazy thought, acted on it and that was my undoing cos it made me realize that things were way out of my control. I know I have had some crushes or feelings that went away after a while but this, this I had to work every blessed day to get rid of any feelings or silly thought that wanted to prop up.


Why? You might ask. It was because there are a million things wrong with anything working between us. Not only that, but there was no way I was going to put up myself for another relationship stress just yet. I would repeat the million reasons why I shouldn’t think about it and put my thoughts (I won’t call it feelings) to just hormones. Every word that was spoken during our conversations that could help me kick all my silly ‘fantasies’ were repeated more than once a day. So I decided to think like a guy and act like a guy (yes, I meant it: Think like a guy and act like a guy) and have a little fun. Enjoy myself, enjoy his company and just be free.

However I think I was fooling myself, no matter how I try I can’t be anyone else. He was good, he was or should I say is comfort, freedom for me, he is sweet and has got a lovely smile and his laughter….amazing. No matter how I tried I couldn’t help myself I still allowed myself feel a bit and that saddened and annoyed me. Saddened because things were all wrong and messed up and I just felt I made myself be who I was not by thinking I could act like a guy. Annoyed because I had a plan and it was getting all screwed up. I wasn’t supposed and was not allowed to feel anything for any guy right now. I just wanted friends that I can hang out with and just be myself. I wanted to fine tune my flirting skills (hey! Don’t judge me. I am trying to know my strengths and weaknesses).

 In the midst of my confusion, I knew I had to get out or slow things but didn’t know how. However I didn’t need to bother my head about that because my over imaginative brain and mouth kinda of jumped ahead of my body and the situation and I said something that made us have our first awkward situation. I am so grateful it was on phone and not face to face. I probably would have asked the floor to open and swallow me.

 We agreed that we wanted the same thing but the truth is I told a lie. Because given the right circumstances with a lot of things in place, I would have wanted more. Hey! Who wouldn’t? He is a great guy. However that would never happen in this lifetime, it might happen in another lifetime but I would never know. So I guess we would just have to take things the way they were. And even though he said he wanted the same thing i.e. the lie I feel that is a load of crap! But then I ain’t psychic so I might be wrong and he truly meant what he said but I just feel that is was a lie. I just i think that he said it because i said it first or something....i don't know (i am really delusional). However since Guys were made differently from girls and have weird brain cells….lol it might have been the truth and also we were supposed to have this honest friendship so he meant it.

So what am I going to do? My first thought was to avoid him completely but I don’t think I would that. I am tired of running. I would continue to be me so if our paths cross and they will, trust me they will, I would act the best way possible and if it feels awkward I would fake it till it is real. I am taking a big risk writing this because he might read this but I can’t help it. I am such a drama queen and I just love the attention…….lol. Besides you’all need someone to spice up your lives…*smiling

I love my life experiences. So what did I learn from this one? That I am me, complex, crazy, shy, impatient and still a female with all the hormones and heart. I put my foot in my mouth here and might have made a good situation awkward but I am glad for the past few weeks. Don’t know what would happen tomorrow but I look forward to my next lesson in life.

Hope you enjoyed my crazy write up and guys please don’t judge or think I am totally screwed up. Just love me for me, I ain’t perfect.

Learning to enjoy life’s lessons,

Love Petite Diva…..

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hey guys, Happy New Year. May this year be far better than last year for us all. So on the 29th of December, 2012 i made up my 2nd bride and i decided to make a video out of the pictures i took. The pictures are not clear because i used my Nokia Asha 200 phone. Hopefully i would get a digital camera very, very soon and be able to take great pictures.

Hope you enjoy it. Here goes:

 Gotta run, currently on call AGAIN!! I hope i would be able to write very soon.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva
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