Monday, February 24, 2014


A few weeks ago when i went to church my canon announced that our bishop was very ill and i was shocked. I knew he fell ill last year and was ill for a long time but it was less than 2 weeks when he preached on our covenant sunday and then the canon was announcing that he was dying and i refused to believe it.

I kept on praying throughout the week. I was unable to go to church the next week because i was ill. An illness that came so quickly and is still really strange to me. I have wondered why i fell ill that quickly. So yesterday i was able to go to church and i was expecting good news concerning his health. I noticed that when praises were sung people were not really dancing but since i didn't know anything i didn't think too much about it even when the canon spoke out about people's lack of excitement.

Only for the venerable to mount the pulpit and pray for continuous strength before he began to preach. That was when i knew something was wrong. He preached on the story of the poisonous snakes and the bronze snake that God told Moses to erect so that the people of israel would look up to it when they were bitten (Numbers 21: 4-9). I definitely knew something was wrong. I could not concentrate. I kept waiting for the sentence i knew was coming. RT REVD ISAAC ORAMA, the first bishop i have ever been able to see up close and hear preach for many years was gone! And he finally said it as he was finishing the message. Bishop was gone!

That was it. I became a zombie in church. I kept looking around to see if people were as shocked as i was but i guessed from their expressions that he had died around the time i fell ill so they had gotten used to it a bit. As for me i couldn't function. They asked us to pray for activities of this week and other things, but all i could pray for was for strength.

What knocked me the most was that this was the 3rd elderly man that i knew (not really well but knew to an extent) that has died within 4 weeks. The first was a patient that used to tip me whenever he came to the hospital. He was really nice and sweet to me. I discovered that he was dead about 4 days after he died in Ireland. I had not seen him for a long time, i knew he was travelling abroad but i still decided to call. Only for his wife to pick up and i was like i am from so and so and my name is so and so i would like to speak to him. I explained that i had not seen him for a while, she then told me he had passed on. The first thing that almost came out of my mouth was 'what kind of a joke is that?'. She said he passed on the day before he was to be discharged. I could barely think. She also said that he used to tell about me that was when i almost started crying on the phone, i had to cut the call.

Barely 2 weeks after my former friend who is now my friend again (we are no more that close but we talk anytime we see) called me to his consulting room and said he had bad news. My heart was beating so fast. I asked what, then he said his dad was dead. I didn't know when i started crying in front of him. I was supposed to comfort someone and i was acting like i needed comforting. I had to remember that he was the one who needed comforting and i offered my sympathies in the best way i could.

Now my Bishop is gone. I can't believe it. He is gone, just like that. The venerable said we should not question God but we should look up to him and that he would give us strength to endure. I am still waiting for the strength. My bishop would be buried next week on my birthday, March 4. I was going to try to have a birthday dinner and try to celebrate it a bit since i am turning 30 but i don't think anything matters right now. I am cancelling all my plans and making sure i am where every anglican in Akwa Ibom should be, at the Cathedral of all saints, Uyo to bid my bishop farewell.

He had the smile and laugh that was special. He loved telling stories when he was preaching, that i would start saying 'bishop has started o' but when he was through you would know that the story made sense. I found this article written by someone here, and the person didn't lie at all. He was all that.

Death has had its 3 strike, it is time for it to passover. We would look up and trust the lord for the strength that we need.

Rest in perfect peace my dear ones, Justice Effiong, Mr Akpan And Bishop Orama.

I have to go guys, i am crying as i am writing this. I hope i would be able to post this today. Thanks for stopping by.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


It has been a horrible few days because i have been unable to access internet. My internet provider has been giving me series of headaches and i have been so upset. I had written this post since last week wednesday and hopefully today i would be able to upload it. I do hope you enjoy reading it.

After almost 22 months of caring for my hair properly you would think I knew exactly what my hair liked and what I doesn’t like, right? Wrong! About 5 weeks ago my hair told me that it has changed and so I needed to change my healthy hair practices too. When I was a natural (I like how I can relate with natural hair and relaxed hair, that is part of why I relaxed), anyway when I was a natural, my hair loved being in twists. I would twist my hair whenever I was going to rock my wigs and on loosening them I would have a little breakage but nothing to scream about.

So when I wanted to rock my wigs now after I have crossed over to the relaxed side, I decided to twist my hair like I used to. Only for me to loosen my hair after 7 days and you should see the amount of hair that came off my head, I was so surprised. Unfortunately I have decided not to cry for my hair, I was so unhappy. I decided to put my hair in cornrows instead of twists to rock the wig for another week before installing a protective style with extensions. 

When it was time to loosen the cornrows, I practically held my breath to see the amount of hair that would break and the amount was like 1/5th of the previous week’s hair breakage. And I was like what? Apparently my hair does not like twists anymore. And loosening the installed Ghana weaving and braids has confirmed that truly my relaxed hair wants cornrows and not twists.

I also discovered that my hair seems to like protein more now than when it was in its natural state. I guess it is because the protein structure has been broken down by the chemicals in the relaxer used. 

Anyhow I do hope I learn what more my hair likes quickly and less painfully, I need to get to bra strap length this year so I need to retain as much length as I can. I am even going to incorporate the inversion method every month. If I can retain as much 9 inches, I am sure I would get to my goal this year.

That is all for today. I hope you all pay attention to your hair and learn what it likes and by doing so you can easily achieve your desired hair goals in the right amount of time.

Thanks for stopping by....

Petite Diva

Sunday, February 16, 2014


I loosened my hair on Friday/Saturday and I have to say that was my best loosening experience ever! I cut the ends of the braids to a level that was longer than my hair in other too make it easy for me to loosen. When I had removed the extensions I sprayed oil onto my hair and applied a bit of normal conditioner (VO5) then carefully detangled with my fingers. Detangling was a breeze. I had very little amount of shed hair. 

After I was through, I combed my hair with my wide tooth comb but I didn’t oil my hair again as I wanted to go out. So I had a bit more broken hair but the whole amount of hair that was shed/broken was still small compared to all my previous detangling after wearing braids or cornrows for 3 weeks. I was seriously impressed. It then occurred to me that my wash day before I had the cornrows installed was a super heavy protein treatment with a little bit of egg white which I feel must have made my hair super strong. Go figure! 
I have decided to build a regimen for myself and stick to it for about 6 months depending on how my hair responds to it. My plan is to conduct a light or medium protein wash immediately after loosening a protective style that I have carried for more than 2 weeks. Then wear wigs for 2 weeks during which I would conduct what I call a 'moisturising' wash and before I install another protective style I would conduct a super heavy protein wash. I am hoping I won’t get bored and try to change my plan and hope my hair would respond appropriately to my regimen.

So here is how my wash day went. I conducted a light protein wash.
1.   I prepooed with hot oil on my scalp, applied a little to my hair strands and applied VO5 conditioner on my hair as well. Covered with a plastic bag and shower cap. Left it for about 45 minutes.
2.     I washed my hair with my diluted VO5 shampoo. I probably have what would last me for another 2-3 years of that
3.   Conducted a tea rinse with the tea that I brewed using Ahmad black tea, strawberry flavoured.
4.  I allowed the tea to drain a bit then applied a mixture of ORS replenishing conditioner, Organics Olive oil deep conditioner, honey, my DIY oil mix, castor oil, lavender oil and eucalyptus oil. I mistakenly poured a little more of the eucalyptus oil than necessary. I applied the mixture on my hair, covered with a plastic bag and 2 shower caps. I usually would have applied the ORS conditioner first (protein conditioner) rinsed off then applied the organics conditioner later but there was no time so I had to mix them together. After leaving the conditioners on my hair for about 1 hour, I rinsed off with cold water and wrapped with my micro fiber towel (didn’t feel like using my t-shirt that day) for some minutes. When I removed the towel, I could smell the eucalyptus oil and I loved it. I knew I put too much but I didn’t care. It didn’t irritate my scalp so I was happy. Eucalyptus oil has anti fungal properties and helps stimulate growth but me I am just using it for its smell….lol. I don’t have dandruff or any fungal hair infections but the way I incorporate anti fungal ingredients into my hair regimen, I think the fungi sef is afraid of my hair……lol and it should please stay that way o.

5.     After allowing my hair to air dry a bit, I remembered to apply my protein leave in conditioner (Vitale anti breakage leave in conditioner) and my moisture leave in (Profectiv break free leave in). After more drying, I applied Profectiv moisturiser, my oil mix and shea butter to my hair that was still a bit damp, detangled and packed it into a bun.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how my wash day went. I would say I had a lovely wash day, my hair is soft and I am almost 14 weeks post relaxer. I see my new growth and feel it too but it seems my hair is behaving properly. Only problem I have is that my hair seems to absorb moisture quickly. I would spray it and seal with oil and butter but in the next 2 hours it is as if I didn’t do anything. I don’t want to have to start doing green house effect every day o or be moisturising 2 times a day so this hair had better behave.
I have been having some issues with network, I have no idea when I would be able to post this write up but I hope you get to see it soon. Till airtel behaves I would continue writing and upload when the network is strong. I would probably upload a lot at the same time. Thanks for stopping by…
Luv ya,
Petite Diva

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Hey guys, how are you doing? As promised here are pictures of what i used my aso ebi to make for the burial last Friday and some pictures of friends and baby. Hope you enjoy viewing them....

Mother and Child.....

My Adella pom pom doesn't like me again.....*wailing...

Isn't she cute?

It is blurred but i like it....#feelinglikeamoviestarwithafabclutch

That is my tab and no that ain't an engagement ring.....

That is all guys. It has taken me 3 days to upload these pictures, i am not interested in struggling with airtel to upload more. Hope you guys enjoyed viewing the pictures....

Thanks for stopping by.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva...

Friday, February 7, 2014


Hey guys, this post is coming a bit late. I should have written it a long time ago but I have been just plain lazy and Nepa abi is it PHCN has not been helping and since I am generator less I just keep postponing it.
I just came back from a burial. I was unable to take pictures at the burial but I was able to take some at the hospital before we went to the burial site. I would be sure to upload some here and on my instagram page. If you are not following me there, I think you should so as not to miss out on all my My i.d is princesspetitediva, because you all know I am a princess and a diva.
Yesterday my aunt sent a message asking for some clarification concerning items that she could use in washing her hair and she made mention of the fact that she had retouched her hair. I was shocked because I remembered that she said she wanted to be retouching every 6 months and her last retouch session was not up to 12 weeks. So I asked her about it and how her hair was doing. Her reply was that her hair was really great that after 2 months and 2 weeks (approximately 74 days) she had so much new growth that she had to retouch it.
And I felt so proud of myself. It felt really good to be able to educate people on how to take care of their hair and for them to see great results. It also encouraged me to scrap a plan that I had and to use the money to get a shop and start some serious marketing of my services. I know a lot of people have hair issues and a lot of people would gladly pay for my services. Also a friend who is one of my guinea pigs helped her sister to loosen her cornrows and oiled the hair and scalp first then detangled it. 

Her sister was looking for her usual major hair strands that would have been broken and she saw no breakage. My friend said her sister was shocked. Such stories warm my heart. So watch out guys, I may be launching my hair clinic shop in a few months.
Last week Sunday while I was trying to read and watch TV (don’t ask, it was my first time doing so but I usually read with music), I was watching a Bishop TD Jakes programme called ‘body, mind and soul’ on BET. His guest was guess who……LL COOL J. And my first thought was what is Bishop TD Jakes doing with that man. I half listened to some parts and even stood up to do somethings but later as I listened I came to realise that ll cool J had some serious stuff to say. He talked about learning how to forgive his dad from his mum after his dad shot his mum and grandpa. How his dad helped his career at the initial stage and how he breaks barriers. He talked about his wife and kids (didn’t know he had a wife and they had been married for a long time) and how he almost killed a burglar that came to his house when his wife and kids were sleeping. The most shocking part of his interview was when he quoted Malachi 3:10. He was responding to a question about church and tithing. My mouth was open. I was like what in the world?! He said that he has to give his tithe especially as he knows that his life has been God all through. Bishop Jakes was surprised too and reminded me that ll cool j’s tithe won’t be a small amount. It would probably run into millions and ll cool j said ‘yes and that he still gives his tithe’. 
I was blown away. It shows that you should never judge a book by its cover. He also said that to be a success in life, you need to look stupid at times and go forward with your dreams. And that you need to live above and beyond your limits. I was seriously encouraged by the programme and have decided that anytime I want to get scared about doing something, I would remind myself that I have to look stupid to be ahead of people and to live my dreams.
A couple of days ago, I happened to see a letter on the net written by NMA leaders to their members and I absolutely did not want to read it so that I don’t get angry or discouraged but I did. And all I could do after reading was laugh, really laugh. I seriously hope my friends who are doctors attend the next NMA meeting and ask that the letter be withdrawn. The letter was embarrassing; I am embarrassed on their behalf. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was seriously hilarious. I started wondering about the capabilities of the NMA chairman and his executives. Honestly they need to withdraw it because the competence and intelligence of the NMA executives has been questioned by a lot of non medical personnel. Oh well, I enjoyed reading it and laughing. It is an open page on my tablet.
I am loosening my Ghana cornrows/braids and applying oil then conditioner on my hair to detangle it. I just started but I have seen a little amount of shed hair for the first set of braids that I have detangled. I am using my fingers to detangle and with the way I am detangling I am sure that I might not finish until Sunday. Oh well, anything to retain the maximum amount of length of hair that I can.
I also started carrying out the much talked about 'inversion' method. It is said that doing the inversion method for 7 days at a stretch in a month can add 1 inch to your hair per month. Don’t know if it worked but I tried to do it this last 7 days. I used the Muslim praying method but there are many styles of doing it. I tried it before but the method I chose caused my back to aching that I had to stop on day 4. 
That is all for now. Hope you enjoyed today’s ramblings and check back for pictures of my dress that I wore to the burial.
Thanks for stopping by. 
Luv ya,
Petite Diva…

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hi guys, i promised to upload some pictures of yoruba brides. Here are some pictures that i was able to steal (i am such a I do hope you love them....

The brides are totally gorgeous, everyone of them.

I think i should stop now before i get sued. If you are on instagram, check out weddingdigestnaija and asoebiafrica. They put up some lovely pictures.

I have to go now. Hate writing with this thing.....arrrrgggggghhhhhhh!

Thanks for stopping by.....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Hey guys, i was coming back home from church when i saw a family medicine doctor in native wear (blouse, double wrapper and gele). She looked good and i could barely recognize her which reminded me of the fact that africa has a very rich culture. And Africans are very fashionable.

African fashion is spectacular and though i don't like Gele and have no idea how i would wear iro and buba on my wedding day, i still love the way females and males look in traditional wear. I was inspired to publish a post with some pictures i stole from instagram. I hope you enjoy viewing them. I have to use my tablet to write this post because the instagram pictures are on the tablet.

For non africans here is a bit of African fashion/Nigerian fashion for you. Eat your hearts

Hope you guys loved the pictures and are inspired to sew some designs....

I gotta go now. I hope to post pictures of how yoruba brides look. I hope you would like it.

Have a lovely week ahead. Remember this is week 6 in our savings challenge.

Luv ya.
Petite Diva....

Photo credit: Instagram/Petite Diva
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