Thursday, July 31, 2014


Hey guys, i am sorry that i have been off the grid for a while but i have been feeling off the weather lately. I think i am having psychologically induced ebola virus symptoms.(weird uhn). I actually know what is wrong with me but all this ebola this, ebola that is affecting my way of thinking. Anyway i have started taking some meds and i should be back to my normal self soon.

I got another sunshine blogger award from a wonderful blogger called Amusu Mobolaji of I just recently discovered her blog and i am so loving it. Thank you moby for the nomination. 

So the rules are:

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Monday, July 28, 2014


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As of this moment guys, this blog has been viewed 30065 times and i am incredibly astounded. I know i follow blogs that have been viewed almost 26 million times, 1 million times and even 300000 times so my humble number of over 30000 would seem insignificant. But you see my blog is not all about gossip, fashion, hair, it is about my thoughts, my view of life and trying to turn things that happen (good or bad) into adventures. It was created to be an avenue to help me de stress and yap a lot but also try to make a difference in the world.

I started this blog in 2008 but i was not consistent in managing it. It has amazed me that since i started really uploading posts on this blog that people are actually viewing my posts. When i open my page and i see comments (good or bad) i am overjoyed. When people actually call me or see me on the road and tell me that i am a good writer, i feel great.

I have met some great people while blogging and i have been inspired by other bloggers. I have learned a lot while checking other blogs and i am amazed at how much people know. I may not have made a dime from blogging and spend a whole lot of money on internet but i can't complain. I love blogging (it has officially become my night job).

I just wanted to say thank you to all my readers. I recently checked my audience profile and it is incredible the places some of my readers are from. I saw that i have readers from U.S, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Netherlands, Kenya, France, Ukraine, Bolivia and so much more. When i saw it my jaw literally dropped. I was in awe. This little blog was not supposed to be seen beyond Nigeria (or so i thought) and now i have readers all over the world (places that i don't even know where they are located).

I am extremely, extremely grateful to you guys. Thanks for spending your valuable time reading what this crazy diva has to say. So to celebrate i think i am going to check out a movie tomorrrow (i haven't been to the cinemas in over 4 months i think) and maybe if my teeth co-operates (it has been aching me lately, i might have to visit a dental surgeon when i go to Lagos) i would treat myself to a small tub of ice cream (i haven't had ice cream since May when i was in Dubai).....Yay!!...

That is all for today. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Luv ya
Petite Diva

Sunday, July 27, 2014



Happy Eid el fitr to all my muslim readers. I am waiting for my meat

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Apparently a case of Ebola Virus was spotted in Lagos so Nigerians are on red alert. If you never liked washing your hands now is the time to start. And if you won't have access to water and soap regularly, get a hand sanitizer and carry it every where you go. Always use it or wash your hands when you shake hands with people (or even hug). Avoid bush meat for now. Prevention is cheaper and better than cure. Stay safe people.

Here is a pictorial on what the symptoms are and what to do. Hoping to get more pictorials on preventive measures.

Stay safe and virus free..... REMEMBER WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP AND CLEAN WATER OR USE HAND SANITIZERS that kill 99.9% of germs.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


Hey so like I said it my previous post I am writing my first proper product review. The product in    review is a product that I have known since I was a kid. It is a Nigerian made product.  Back when i was a kid the hairdressers used to apply it just before a client roller sets her hair. 

It is applied after washing and before applying the lotta body or setting lotion. I never liked using it then even if they did say that it made your hair grow faster because once you apply it you are bound to spend a longer time under the dryer. And I hated going under hair dryers (I still do while is why I rarely roller set my hair). I just recently realized why it always increased drying time. It has a mild buttery consistency (with its herbs) and so locks in the moisture and prevents the water from evaporating out of the hair strands easily.

Friday, July 25, 2014


I really love wash days. I don’t know if it because of the water or because on wash days I feed my hair with lots of goodies and my hair is getting what it needs to grow to be long and healthy. Any whoo, it is another wash day and because I have been bombarding my hair with different types of protein lately I decided it was time to set the protein aside. Hence I did what i called a moisturizing wash.

Here is what I did and what I used:
  1. I applied hot oil on my scalp and Emily Millionaire Coconut oil and herbs cream on the length of my hair. Covered with a plastic bag and a shower cap and left it on my head for 30 minutes.
  2. I washed with my diluted VO5 shampoo (a sulfate based shampoo) remembering to only scrub my scalp with the pads of my fingers and squeeze the suds of the shampoo along the length of my hair. This helps prevents tangles which could lead to breakage.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Hi guys, i literally just saw this post on lindaikeji blog and and i had to wonder whether some celebrities think that marriage is child's play. Why am i wondering that? Let me post two articles for you to read.

Here is the first article gotten from lindaikeji's blog On Naya Rivera....

3 months after split from Big Sean, actress Naya Rivera is married!
The back is amazing and risky.....

Monday, July 21, 2014


On Saturday last week it was exactly 9 days after my relaxer touch up and it is always advisable to wash your hair at least 7 days after applying relaxer to your hair. The reason is that washing your hair would remove any residual chemical that might still be on your hair. And I found out that it is also advised that you conduct a protein treatment too. So I decided since I did a heavy protein treatment a week before my relaxer touch up and a mild protein treatment immediately after the relaxer was applied that I would do a medium protein treatment.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Yesterday was Mandela's birthday and it reminded me of what i am meant to achieve in life. It made me realise that i have been chasing the wrong things lately and that i needed to focus on what my purpose in life was. One of my major purpose in life (i think) is to be a blessing and an inspiration to others. I have been so consumed with things not going the way that i wanted them in my life and completely lost focus. So while trying to inspire myself i came across this article from and i decided that i would share part of it with you guys.

I hope you like it...

Thursday, July 17, 2014


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I was feeling a bit down with all the horrible news going on the world right now. If it is not Boko Haram it is ISIS if it is not ISIS it is Israel and Palestine killing each other and young children, if it is not them it is Ukraine and Russia throwing missiles like fireworks now another Malaysia Airline has been shot down and over 200 people dead. Is there a crazy spirit going around now and entering people? It is so depressing. Can we have love for our neighbors and enemies? Would that kill us?

So i decided to look for inspiring stories and came across this site and this article. I hope you enjoy it. 

Monday, July 14, 2014


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Today is the birthday of one of the fiercest blogger i have ever had the privilege of meeting in blogsphere. Her name is Amaka and she runs

Happy Birthday Dear, May all your wishes come through and may you continue to be a blessing to others. Have a beautiful day....

Petite Diva

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Blogger awards are a fantastic way to get to know other bloggers and i am extremely happy that i was nominated...Yay!! I was nominated by Uzoma of and i am extremely grateful.
Thank you Uzoma..

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?
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Friday, July 11, 2014


My hair after my previous touch up, i am sire i have lost all my length...Oh God *wailing*
So yesterday i had a relaxer touch up and it went okay. I loosened my hair on sunday and did a pre relaxer heavy protein treatment wash with a tea rinse. I used hot oil and emily millionaire coconut oil cream for my prepoo, mayonnaise and egg with oil for my protein treatment and lipton tea plus twinnings raspberry tea for my tea rinse and Organics Cholesterol and tea tree Conditioner with a mixture of oils for my moisture deep conditioning. Detangling was not easy. I had so many knots and gradually grew impatient. I was already angry with the amount of hair that i lost and now another set was trying to make me more angry. I tried to detangle as best as i could though.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Yes, guys that is my hair. It is all the hair i lost due to that horrible hairstyle. That faux dreads is the worst hairstyle i have ever made in my entire life. I don't know why i compare my hair to others. I was so heart broken but too strong to cry.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Hey guys, here is the part 2 of my analysis of the problems of Nigerian Physicians.

Inability to be proactive: I don't know what they are taught in school but majority of them lack the ability to think independently or think ahead. Most of them have this mentality that once my consultant says so, then that is it. I don't see why someone would say that even when it is obvious that something is very very wrong with a prescription. I term it 'a follow follow mentality'. I sometimes think they have been hypnotized.

That trait was very obvious in the way the medical doctors i spoke with answered my questions and even how their NMA rep spoke on Channels TV's Face off. I can count how many times i have heard or read 'there can't be two captains in a ship, can the cabin crew says he or she wants to fly the plane, there is only one pilot in a plane, In UCH Ibadan a professor of surgery told a nurse to clean a wound and she refused, the patient would be confused if another professional is called a consultant, you know the patients does not come to see the other healthcare workers they come to see the medical doctor and my all time favorite the doctor owns the patient'. Like honestly for real?! Oh yeah, there is another statement 'i cannot sell my birthright'. Wow, really guys! While i was asking the doctors, i thought i would get more than that. I don't want to read that online and see that what NMA president (or chairman) quoted in Kaduna is what a doctor in Ife is quoting too. For goodness sake if you want to say that there is anarchy in the health care system give me an example that is not generic. If i want to say some doctors are annoying, i am not going to an instance in Calabar for you i would tell you about the ones i have had encounter with and tell you names and incidents. For crying out loud i am practicing in the hospital so why quote what my PSN president said. You are screaming about others being called a consultant and you don't even know how a consultant pharmacist or nurse becomes one. You sit down and your leaders tell you that it is by promotion and you (in all your smartness) base your judgement on that and begin to jump up and down without researching? Come off it! I expect much more from a set of smart people like you. Enough with the generics and start being innovative. 

Monday, July 7, 2014


After a few days of interacting with some of my medical doctor friends i have finally realised what problems are affecting most nigerian doctors. Note i said most doctors because i know some think differently. But all the medical doctors i interacted with all showed signs of these problems.

So here are the problems i was able to recognise...

Greed: It should actually be greed and selfishness. Greed is when you want to grab and grab and grab and make sure that the other person has nothing left to take. Selfishness is when after grabbing all you are forcefully taken you decide how the remaining should be shared among other people. Case in point (i am quoting from their 24 demands): Appointment of the post of 4 DCMAC in teaching hospitals and 3 in federal medical centres, NMA is opposed to the appointment of directors in other fields in hospital (but is not opposed to appointment of directors of other fields as long as it is not related to healthcare) NMA demands that grade level 12 should be skipped for doctors (they want a new civil service rule as they are not a civil servants because they have and i quote ' superior education'), They demand clinical allowances for honorary consultants to be increased by 90% of conmess, NMA demands that specialist allowance be paid to all doctors on CONMESS 3 (that would be senior registers)and above  and (read this carefully) must be paid its equivalent that is not less than 50% higher than what is paid to other health workers. Then they also want 100000 naira every month as hazard fees and want to determine what an Optometrist or Medical Physicist should be paid. I think with these few demands of theirs GREED AND SELFISHNESS is absolutely clear for all to see. Why dictate how far a person can progress in their career or how much a person should earn when you are not the employer of that person? I really don't get it.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Here is the second part (if you missed the first part check here), please continue to read.....

(13) NMA calls for immediate withdrawal of CBN circular authorizing the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigerian (MLSCN) to approve licenses for the importation of in vitro diagnostics (IVDS). It is so petty that NMA is going on strike because the Federal Government (which means well for Nigerians), has taken the bull by the horn to making sure that fake/ substandard diagnostic consumables are removed from the system, by effectively empowering MLSCN-the Agency who has the statutory function to do this job. Sections 4b, and 4e of MLSCN act 11 2003 provides- the function of the board are
(B) Regulate the Practice of Medical Laboratory Science in Nigerian.
(c) Regulate the production, importation, sales, and stocking of diagnostic reagents and chemicals.
Section 19 of the MLSCN act mandates MLSCN Board to also make rules. Section 19(d) goes thus-the board may make rules for the maintenance of good standard of Medical Laboratory practice and services with respect to the regulation and control of private practice including statutory inspection, approval, and monitoring of all Medical Laboratories including those adjoined to Clinics, Private and Public Health Institutions. Instead of NMA to partner with MLSCN to kick fake diagnostics out of Nigeria, she is out there encouraging quackery and fighting a lost battle by being anti-Establishment.
(14) NMA wants immediate release of circular on retirement age. Dear Nigerians by increasing retirement age from 60 to more years how will it bring better productivity in the health sector? When within the next ten years of a doctor starting work ,he can get to the zenith of his career which work will he be doing? And when most of our consultants are part time doctors because they work and have Clinics days only once a week.


Here is why the demands have been claimed to be not right. It is a long read but please try to read. Note that most of the points made are constitutional. I expect some people to say that it is all lies but if you are in Nigeria you can check all the references made.

Do enjoy.


(1) APPOINTMENT OF THE POST OF THE DEPUTY CMAC IN HOSPITALS. In line with the University Hospitals (reconstruction of boards) cap U15, LFN 2004 commonly called decree 10 of 1985 which governs Hospital practice in Nigerian, there is the office of the CMAC but it never provided for the office of the DCMAC. In section 4, it provides thus; “there shall be for each Hospital, a Chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee who shall be appointed by the Board and responsible to the Chief Medical Director for all the Clinical and Training activities of the Hospital”. Section 2i provides that; the CMAC is a member of the board. There is no place in the organic law setting up the hospital that created the office of the DCMAC and there is no place it says that only Allopathic Medical Doctors should be appointed as such. Yet NMA is insisting that the Government must appoint four DCMAC in every Teaching Hospital and three in every Federal Medical Centre. All along, Boards of Hospitals as a result of threats from NMA have been allowing this illegal office to be used to undermine statutory approved Scheme of Service of other professional groups. The Public Service Rule in section 1-general in 160101 provides; ‘A Parastatal is a government-owned organization, established by statutes to render specified service(s) to the public. It is structured and operates according to the instrument establishing it and also comes under the policy directives of government. In line with 160201 (a) statutory boards/council shall set operational and administrative policies in accordance with government policy directives and supervise the implementation of such policies. A situation where Allopathic Medical Doctors in Nigeria wants the Government to continue to create post and responsibilities not backed by statutes undermines the principles of good governance. It is gross violation of the law setting the Government owned institution. Moreover, it is trite law that you cannot add to a statute. That will be ultra verse.


You all knew that i was going to talk, right? Over the couple of days, i have been engaging some doctors in a facebook debate trying to understand their demands and why they think they deserve it. I realized most of them don't understand why they are on strike and most of them don't have facts to support their claims or demands. In the process i have been insulted, my profession has been insulted and i have gotten angry. But lately i began to realize that this strike was for the best because it opened the eyes of the public to the antics of the NMA/ARD/MDCAN. Nobody had to do anything, they did themselves.

Anyway i had heard about some of the demands they were making but i was yet to get the full list so i asked a doctor friend and this was what he posted (in simple words). Please continue reading...

Saturday, July 5, 2014


I have every reason to smile....
So you guys know about my run in with some petty thieves at the hospital. But you don't know the whole story. Well let me tell you how it went down.

I was on duty saturday/sunday and i was placed on call with an intern. I normally allow the interns working with me to sleep early for some hours (10pm-2am) then i enter the call room to try to sleep till 6 or 6:30am. I said try because before i sleep it is usually around 3 or 3:30am. I do this because if i sleep first there is a big possibilty that they would not let me sleep as they might run into issues. At that time (10pm-2am), a lot of patients are still coming to get their drugs.

On this fateful night however, my intern decided to disappear. I went to the call room to wake her up and realised that she never entered there. I eventually opened the room and decided to rest. Later i got a knock and call to urgently give a doctor some infusions. I locked the call room and attended to them. Some minutes after i went back to the call room, i was called again and that was when i didn't lock the call room. By the time i was through and went back to the call room i noticed my phone was gone and my laptop too. 


Back from where you might ask? Back from recovering my stolen identity (items). If you follow my facebook page you would know that my phone (the one I got as a birthday present to myself, check here to see how it looked) and my laptop was stolen on Sunday(29/6/14) from the hospital's A and E call room.

Anyway I got a new laptop which I am trying to love and a new Tecno phone thanks to some of my family members who rallied around me. The two family members that helped me are amazing. Knowing that I could begin to worry, they tried to calm me down and even before I thought of how to recover my items they offered their help. How rad is that? A lot of people are amazed at how fast I have recovered. They can't believe that within 5 days after the theft I now have 2 great phones and a fabulous laptop. I would gist you guys on what happened and the lessons I learnt from the whole experience later.

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