Saturday, October 31, 2015


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Hey you guys, yesterday was an incredible day though i didn't read at all. I decided to give myself a day off.

I recently watched Jennifer Lopez' 'The Backup Plan' again and there is a song that was played that i absolutely love. Can you guess it? Yep! It is India Arie's Beautiful Day. I love the beat but when i was playing it on repeat on Youtube i really listened to the words.

The lyrics are extremely powerful. It reminded me that everyone's life is a journey and we are not in a competition with anyone. Lately i have noticed that happening around me. Either some people think that i am in a competition with them or something because i have been getting the vibe that they think i care about  some certain things.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


So i have been trying my hands on prompting my blog with a tool that i have known for a while but i never understood. I have been using twitter to promote my blog posts and i am seeing results. I just spend about 2 hours on twitter and my blog views are rising.....Yaaay.

I am really glad. It means more people are reading about my craziness. Hopefully they won't read it and run away but read and come back for more.

Anyway today's post is purely pictorial....Yep, more pictures from my phone. Today's theme is .......Cartoon Characters...More specific Disney Princesses.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Nottingham Castle...
Hey guys, this is Lady Wunmi of Nigeria I am sure you are all like what is wrong with her today. Well on the 24th of October a friend and i went to see Robinhood and his merry men.....Yes, we did. We really did.

We saw the Big, Bad Sheriff and King Arthur.... I am not lying o. There was a Robinhood Pageant hich was a re-enactment of robinhood and all that went on during his time. Oh! You guys don't know that Robinhood came from Nottingham. Well, the whole Robinhood story was based in Sherwood, Nottingham.


Hey guys, how  are you doing today? Hope you are great. I am doing okay. Far better than the last time I wrote. Thank God for his mercies. 

While I was writing about my disappointment with the delivery company to deliver my documents, I had received a tweet from their twitter handle apologizing and asking for my name, address and tracking number.

Friday, October 23, 2015


Hey guys, i am trying to be perky today but it seems it is not happening. I had issues with one of my documents and it was supposed to be sent to me today but after practically waiting at the door of my house from 9am till now, no mail man has shown up.

I have tried calling the office but they seem to be out of office hours. I really am not happy. Then i am feeling a little bit home sick.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Hey guys, guess what? It is another fashion lazy geh post......Yaaaay!!!

I don't know how I have so many pictures on my phone but they are just there, occupying space. I was flipping through them to de-clutter my SD card when I saw some amazing and outrageous shoes.

I am short but yet there is a limit to the heels I can wear so you see me mostly wearing flats or shoes that have 2-3 inches heels. Anything else would kill my knees! But that doesn't mean I don't wish I could wear some gorgeous 6 inches shoes. I really love admiring them...

Here are some that I think you all would love.....

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Hello guys, so yesterday was World Chef day so I decided since I am a chef wannabe (in my head) to do a 'food that I was experimenting with aka made' post to celebrate all the great chefs out there.

Being a chef wannabe is not easy, I can't imagine being a real chef and having to cook for hundreds and thousands of people. It is not just cooking, it als involves the food lookin great and it doesn't send people to the toilet.

Monday, October 19, 2015


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The Human Skin......Source:
One thing everybody knows that I am not feeling being here is this weather……My God!! I have said it and I would say it again, British people need to pray for forgiveness but I guess their sin is not as much as the Russians. I just found out that some cities in Russia have a degree of -65oC……What is that?! That is worse than a freezer……
Anyway the weather is not only cold but drying. Naïve little me, when I arrived I was applying a moisturising lotion I got when I was in South Africa (yes, I still have it…..don’t shout. I realised when I was leaving Uyo that it and many other things I bought were in my box). And to make matters worse I was wearing pop tights aka panty hose just to try and keep my legs warm when I wear gowns or skirts. I even wear them under my jeans /material trousers. I know that it is wrong but anything to keep warm.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


What I wore to church......the jacket is by my side o, I no fit freeze.
Hello guys (I seem to be saying Hello…#fakebritishaccent a lot lately, apparently saying good morning or good afternoon is too formal or weird…..#nathemsabi), how have you been? I have been good today. My lip swelling has reduced and I read my first READING in church today……Yaaaaay!! 

For those who don’t understand what reading in church means, let me explain. Usually in Anglican churches (and some other churches) there are about 2-3 bible passages that would be read at various intervals before the sermon is preached during a service. They are usually passages that the sermon would be based on (most of the time, sometimes the sermon is based on a different passage). And the readers have to come to the pulpit to read the verses. In my home churches, there are two pulpits: the small pulpit and the big one. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015



Hey guys, I know right.  I have been such a runaway diva. Popping in once in a while and keeping you all hanging…. I am so sorry but I know you guys understand. It has been somethingelse here. I thought I could handle all the pressure of coming back to school after a long while because I was already doing a post graduate course in Nigeria but boy was I wrong. The amount of photocopies and books that we have to read and the writing of essays as our assessment is amazing. Everything is write thousand words here, 3 thousand words there.  Very soon they would hit us with the big one…..10,000 words dissertation…..God help me!!

Before I go to the main issue of today’s post, guess what guys…..MY ARTICLE GOT PUBLISHED IN MY SCHOOL’S BLOG!!! Whoop! Whoop!! Whoop!!! #dancingetighi….lol. Actually if you follow my facebook page and instagram page you would know that it got published a while ago but I have been too busy to tell you guys here. I am so sorry……

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


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Magic School Bus....

We are going on a field trip……yaaayy! Now let us get on the magic school bus……ta da tad a….we are on the magic school bus….cross the river of love, come on the magic school bus, the magic school bus…..#singinganddancing….. 

Hey guys, I just remembered one of the cartoons I used to watch and love. It was called the 'Magic school bus' (I think). The teacher had a magic school bus and they used to go on field trips that would teach them about science. Sometimes they would shrink so small and enter someone’s blood stream to teach them about the blood system. One episode they entered the water purifying system of the water works to learn about the ways water is purified and how it gets to their taps.

Well my course coordinator/lecturer took my classmates and I on a field trip too….yaay. But sadly she doesn’t have any magical powers so no magic school bus for us…..#wailing. I want a magic school bus ride too……..#wailingandrollingonthefloor……lol
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