Sunday, June 23, 2013


Yes o, i am still I am back in uyo but i am unable to write so much because i have a presentation this week. And for those who don't know, i absolutely hate, hate public speaking. Practising when no one is there is cool but put me in a crowd or in front of more than 2 people and i start shaking. I seem to forget everything.

Anyway i have to do this presentation (i wish i won't do it sha), i can't wait to be through with it....argggghhhhhh. A friend says that i am a good speaker and the more i do it, the better i would be at it. I heard her but it still doesn't make me feel better.

So i have to go, i need to practise.....#sadface...

Till after the presentation, wish me luck guys. I really want to give a good presentation.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Yep guys, I am home for a short while. And I don’t know if  I have become soft or it is lagos, but the traffic seems to have become worse. It is literally worse like 3 times worse. Transport fares are super hiked now. Thank God I am not working here, transport fare would have finished my salary and I would also spend a lot on distressing myself cos the stress now is super incredible.

I was stuck in traffic for more than 1 hour yesterday. A journey that normally takes 1 hour with small hold ups took 3 hours and that was because the driver took some minor roads. How can someone get to her house at 15minutes past 2 am?! Like for real?! What in the world? That was what a fellow passenger in the bus said happened to her last year.  Fashola has some serious explaining to do. They have got to finish up with the road. It is causing a big problem!

In other news, last week was a sickly week. After the sore throat, I had dysmenorrhea that necessitated me taken 50 mg of diclofenac injection (I hate injections and I think my butt still hurts ….#sad), then I had some serious 'food poisoning' style of cramps, then i had fever with serious headache so eventually I had to take the antimalarial I was avoiding. See, it was a sickly week, each day with its own problem. And to add to all that my friend irritated the crap out of me. Like really? I was sick and you come up with childish, jealous sounding statement. Wasn’t going to talk to him but as usual, I had to soften up cos it is not good to keep malice.

I however think I need to be careful with him. Whatever, moving on….. the network at home is super crazingly slow. I really hope I would be able to upload this now and not when I am in uyo but oh well, it is all good.

Gotta run. Feeling sleepy, had a long and happy day. I got what I came home for. What you might ask? I would put up a picture soon with part of the gist.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hey y'all, i have got a sore throat.......#wailing. I hate having a sore throat. It saps out all the fun of swallowing. It is day 4 of the sorethroat saga and day 2 of my antibiotics but i seem to be getting worse. Now i have a fever, headache and i am sneezing.

As if having the sore throat with all the bonus annoying symptoms is not bad enough, i had to take Diclofenac injection (for the first time in my life). It has just not been nice lately. However i hope i kick all the nastiness that is happening to the curb by tomorrow cos i don't want to take any antimalarial medication. My friend who happens to be a doctor suggested it and as usual 'Pharmacist' me said 'Heck No!!' Hey, i guess i never mentioned that my friend was a doctor......#smiling.

Anyway, i am sick and not in the mood to write. Hope you guys are having a better week than me?

Gotta run. Later........
Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


The Lord's name be praised! Sometimes i feel that when it is time for me to achieve something, God helps me to get there without troubles. So last night i was checking out a beauty blog that i openly stalk or should i say visit once in a while and she had a post on the 10 products she is loving right now. She arranged in a beauty set.

Girls, have you ever flipped through a beauty magazine and seen all those pages on how to get a celebrity look and they scatter the products all over the pages. Hold on, let me see if i can get a picture of what i mean...

Here it is, got it from essence magazine:

So why am i thanking God? Since i had my personal shopping idea, i have been thinking of how i would get all the items that i think my client would like in one place and show them to the person and then order for the items. With this i can make about 4 sets for each clients depending on the amount the person is willing to spend then order at once. If the client likes pieces from each set, it is a matter of talking the chosen items and combining in a set, ordering and printing it out for the person.

What do you guys think? Cool or What? Get ready guys, the Diva's High Street Fashion and Make up Personal Shopping Service would soon be fully open for business.......#Dancing. Just thought of using a picasa collage too.......#dancingrunningmannow.

Here are some of the sets i just created, i am still trying to understand it....

Beautysets - Beauty Set101

Oh! I have been getting a lot of questions lately from people who want to know how to shop online and i am like, wait a min! It has cost me a lot of money to use myself and my hard earned cash as guinea pigs trying out this stuff.Ain't no way i am going to tell you for free. If you want to make money out of it, i am going to make money out of you. So i have decided to produce an ebook on how to shop online especially on international sites and get your goods here with little or no shipping costs. It would contain tricks that you can use to beat customs and i would share all the very many sites that i have used and also know that sell great products and even wholesale companies too.

Sorry folks but the business savvy diva is back! Don't worry, it won't cost much but the amount of money you could make would be a lot. I am also thinking of selling some of the stuffs too especially the make up, accessories and jewelries. Don't know yet, friends have been suggesting it. I would think and pray about it.

Ok guys, i have to run. Need to read. Enough about business for now.

Have a lovely week ahead

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Hey guys. I am giving you the heads up, i am about to scare you all. I tried a face mask recipe i saw online, it is supposed to take care of acne. It is simply egg white and tissue paper. I used the egg yolk for my protein treatment for my hair and decided not to waste the egg white. So anytime i use egg yolk for my hair i try to use the egg white for my face. No wastage right?

I know, i know, i am crazy uhn? But the you tube person said it helped her get rid of her acne na, i had to try it. Hope you were not too scared?

How are you guys? Hope you are enjoying your weekend?

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.....
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