Thursday, May 30, 2013


Before anybody bashes me for writing this post, it is just an observation that even Akwa ibomites who have lived in the south west or other states would agree with.

When I first came to Akwa Ibom, I noticed that whenever I went to the market and wanted to get something from someone who was not around, the neighbours to the person would pretend as if they didn’t see that I wanted something from the person’s wares.  Coming from Lagos, that attitude used to irritate me (still does). In Lagos, if the person selling was not around, the neighbour would actually help that person sell or tell you to please wait and get someone to call the other person or if they know that the person would not come soon they would inform you so that you don’t wait too long. But the Akwa ibomite traders would not answer you at all. Instead when you leave the place, they would expect you to buy something from them. 

It is really bad of them! For crying out loud, you guys are together most of the time, why can’t you guys be nice to each other and help out? I think I have only seen one instance where someone helped his neighbor sell and it was just yesterday. I was tempted to buy something from him just because he had been nice. I didn’t even know he was not the trader until the owner showed up and collected the money from me.

Another thing I also noticed is that they are very unwilling to help each other split a larger amount of money into smaller denominations. It is seriously bad! It is common among the transportation guys, they would almost always say they don’t have and can’t help out. Today I gave a keke guy 500naira and he didn’t have change, he went to meet the fuel station attendants and they didn’t have (those guys usually help people with change), then he went to meet a fellow keke guy who said he didn’t have too, then he went to meet some girls selling recharge cards and as usual they said they didn’t have. All the above people were Akwa ibomite (and before you say, how did I know? I know them because we were close to my house). 

You wouldn’t believe who finally gave him change, a ‘Hausa shoe repairer’! The keke guy spoke Hausa to the shoe repairer and the guy stopped and checked his pockets to see if he could get the complete change. What really amazed me apart from the fact that he was Hausa was the change he brought was really change… 20 naira, 50 naira, 100 naira! If people want to split 500 naira, they would give you 2 pieces of 200 naira and 1 piece of 100 naira. Seeing as all he had was those denominations, he could have easily said he could not give the keke guy since he will need it but he didn’t. I was impressed especially since this is Akwa Ibom and they are not like that. But stuff like this happens in Lagos especially among the Hausas and the Okada (motor cycle) riders. If they have change and their fellow rider needs it, they would stop even with a passenger and give the other. But in Akwa Ibom, Never!!!

They really need to change, it is really annoying. One day I was really angry when someone didn’t answer when I wanted to get something from her neighbour and was just ranting to my friend, and he agreed that their traders are like that. I was ‘like so you know?’ Anyway, I hope there is a change soon. This post is not a bashing on any tribe or any state before I am called a ‘tribalistic’ person but just an observation.

Hey! I just have to give a shout out to the newest radio station in Uyo…….Planet101.1fm. Right now I am listening to some old tunes (not necessary old school per se just songs of late 90’s and in the early 2000’s) that I used to listen to before. The station reminds me of all the station in Lagos. 

They are really a very new station so they don’t have sponsors and presenters yet just Disk Jockeys but I really hope that when they do have presenters and sponsors they don’t become boring. And I hope they are a 24 hour station too. All the other 2 stations in Akwa Ibom are a disaster (my opinion o but I can be forgiven, I come from Lagos where there are over 14 stations and counting). I haven’t bought a radio set because I just can’t listen to the other stations for more than 1hour in 7 days. 

Do you guys think I should apply to be one of their presenters? I could do a radio version of ‘musings of a petite diva’…….#smiling. I would have a once in a week show, probably on Fridays and for 3 hours talking about anything and playing great music. I would be an ‘on air personality’ rocking the air waves and spicing up the lives of the Akwa Ibom people and its environs. I would be fierce and the absolute bomb….lol. I have been thinking about it lately.

 Naaaaaa, my voice ain’t radio voice......#sadface. I don’t speak with a British or American accent and I have a babyish voice. They might think I am a child. But I really wish I could. It would be fun. Well, if I can’t do it, I can dream about it……..#sigh
Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Yay!! It is time for another diva’s rambling, a post where I talk about a collection of things without any definite topic.

So y’all know how I was eager to blow out my hair and check out my length. Well God had other plans. After I had finished sleeping with my hot oil treatment on my head, washing my hair, black tea rinsing, applied my protein treatment and placed the deep conditioner on my head then headed to the salon, MY HAIR STYLIST WAS NOT AROUND! Like what in the world? She was not there! I then headed off to another salon that a friend used to go to and they were not around too!! I was shocked! I tried calling my hair stylist and she didn’t pick up.

I was really disappointed. I just headed home and decided to keep the deep conditioner on while I went to the market. Then you would not guess what happened? As if I didn’t have enough issues, my heat protectant serum decided to pour in my nylon bag!! The heat protectant serum that I have not gotten a chance to use yet!! It was dripping all over the floor of the keke (I prayed the driver would not have seen it as I alighted, it was just embarrassing). However the serum has a nice smell so the guy should not be angry.

Here is a picture of what is remaining:

I got it for 1400 naira and now I have lost almost 700 naira worth of serum…….#bbmcryingsmiley. I just hope I don’t lose more. Going to place a piece of a nylon bag on the mouth of the container next time I have to take it out (I always do that when carrying bottles of oils or lotions, I wonder why I forgot this time?).

In other news, recently read of a Chinese mother that flushed her baby down the toilet. The rescue was dramatic as the fire fighters had to cut a section of the pipe and carried the pipe to the hospital where they were able to cut the baby out. The baby even had the placenta attached!!  You can read the story here:

How can people be so wicked?! For crying out loud!! There are people who would gladly take the child from you and raise him to be a wonderful person. It really amazes me how people can be heartless. May God forgive that woman! I am still waiting to hear what made her do that.

Guys, I want to introduce you to my two babies. One has been with me for 7 years and one was given to me about 2 months ago by an intern. Introducing my teddy bears…..Alex and Miguel. Aren’t they cute? They help me fight the green monster in wardrobe at night…….lol.
                                                                     Alex(left) and Miguel(right).......

I have been one who is always doing business aka trading in stuff or offering a service but ever since I have passed out university I have not done anything. Now thanks to my trial and error of buying stuff online and people appreciating my taste, I have decided to be a personal shopper for people. I got the idea when a friend said she would give me a certain amount and I would get her clothes that rock. 

I then thought to myself that I could help people by being a fashion stylist/personal shopper. I would let you all know the full details later but it seems that it could work. My friend is happy with my choices and my fee ain’t much (I have never been a believer of adding too much profit to things). I could also decide to sell the clothes for those that don’t have a lot of money. Like I said I would bring you all the info later, we are working how to make sure everybody can benefit from it. 

Check out the fish my girlfriend was getting…..ewwww. Told I was going to report her to the’ Animal rights organization’, that is pure murdering of a living creature!

Anyway, I gotta run. I have to cook and also have to prepare for church. Hope you enjoyed the post today?

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I have been surrounded by guys in shirt, trousers and tie since my undergraduate days thanks to pharmacy school and now thanks to the hospital environment. But i have noticed while most of the guys surrounding me (rolling my eyes at the 'me' part, see me talking as if they are flocking around get the shirt and tie look, very few get the 'suit' look.

Either it is too big or tight or something. I noticed that when i see someone in a nice suit, i check the person out again and say to myself (or to the person if i know them) 'that they look really sharp' and smile.

So while stealing pictures of the sequined ladies, i decided to steal some pictures of some sharp looking guys too. The event was the red carpet for the celebration of the 1000th episode of tinsel, a soap opera shown on dstv (and on some nigerian stations). I don't watch it but people love it. My friend watches the repeat episodes shown on sunday.......#rollingmyeyes and #tryingnottohiss.

Anyway, hope you MEN get a cue from my choices and you ladies like the eye candies i have chosen. Enjoy......
                                                           Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

                                                                     Gbenro Ajibade


                                                                    Victor Olaotan

                                                                       Olisa Adibua

                                                                       Ben Ogbeiwi

                                                                  Iyke Okechukwu

So what do you think guys? Nice or Not?....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

Monday, May 27, 2013


This is a quick fashion update. Sequins is back. I first saw an actress (or celebrity, not sure) in US wear a sequined gown to a red carpet event and thought she looked good. Almost bought a sequined gown myself till i saw that every jane, esther and lola (my own take on tom, dick and harry 'cos this concerns ladies) was wearing sequins!

Really, it is too much now. Aso ebis are now sequins and velvet, like for real?! Must everybody follow a particular trend! I am so glad i didn't buy the sequined dress or the velvet blazer i was eyeing, i would have been mighty pissed at myself now.

So for your viewing pleasure, i stole some pictures off of some Nigerian celebrities wearing sequins (or shine shine aka glittering dresses). I am not even going to say what i feel about that lace front wig and the tattoo on you know who and that blue thing that looks like foil paper.....#lipssealed.

Okay, here goes.....
                                                                      Eku Edewor

                                                                      Rukky Sanda

                                                                     Toyin Lawani

                                                                      Susan Peters
(P.S: Both Toyin and Susan's dress were made by the same designer. I am not saying a word....)

                                                                        Funmi Holder

                                        Abiola Segun-Williams (i prefer her own take on the sequined look)

And get this guys, they all wore it to the same event.......#disasterinmymind. Well, i guess they felt good in the outfits so that is all that

What do you think guys? Do i have a weird style?

Luv ya,
Petite diva.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hey you guys, i am about to bore you some more with my hair talk but i saw some pictures that are motivating me to stay on course with my natural hair journey. I might not have the same texture as some of these ladies but i sure would have the length (talking about the first picture) by God's grace. I just need to focus and do the right things to my hair.

Enjoy feasting your eyes on some of these ladies' gorgeous hair......

Well, that is all i could manage to steal from a site called (hope i don't get sued for republishing the

Gotta run 'cos i am on call again! Arggggghhhhhhhhhh!!

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.


I have been a natural for about 13 months now (or should I say it has been 13 months since my last relaxer) and technically if I was able to retain all or most of my hair growth I should have about  5.5 – 6 inches of hair. That should be technically shoulder length hair. However for me to really see the progress I have made I need to either relax my hair or have a blow out and flat iron it.

Simple uhn? I can’t relax my hair or rather it should be I don’t want to relax my hair so I am stuck with having a blow out and flat ironing it. However my hair stylist keeps insisting that it can’t be done and even if it can be done, it won’t be fine. This has been the major reason I do weaves that are totally covered i.e. I don’t leave any hair out. But I have decided that since I have seen it being done by so many youtubers, I am going to make her do it for me. I tried it on the strand of hairs that have decided to leave the cornrows that are under my weaves and I ain’t no hair stylist but the hairs came out reasonably stretched.

It is scary because I don’t want to experience any heat damage. It would cause a setback in my HHJ (healthy hair journey). I have already had a setback in the growth of my edges (did a kinky twist braids and had the weak sides of my edges fall out so note to self, NEVER do braids AGAIN! It is not meant for you!)

So what are the ways I plan to make sure I don’t have heat damage? 1. I intend to wash my hair at home. I am going to do the whole ritual. Hot oil treatments, shampooing, black tea rinse, protein treatment then deep conditioning. Since I need my hair to be wet when the blow out is started, I would apply the deep conditioner, cover it with a plastic bag then cover it with this lovely turban cap I have then head off to the salon.

2. I am taking my leave in conditioners and my heat serum to make sure that the right products are applied on my hair and I retain as much moisture as I can (I am such a hair product snub, if I didn’t buy or bring it then it ain’t up to my standard…….#cheekygrin)

3. I intend to direct her on what to do every step of the way. She won’t pass the iron more than twice on my hair. I don’t need it super straight. I just want to see my length and know what I need to change in my regimen or if I am doing right with the products I was able to get in Nigeria. And oh! Least I forget, I want to flaunt my ‘hopefully’ long length in the face of people who thought I can’t grow my hair to a long length. It would be fun to say ‘in ya face, folks with a very cheeky grin and flip my hair the best way I can’ (however if it ain’t long enough I am tucking my hair under a wig…lol).

I know that 6 inches might not be too long but just seeing it would encourage me and give me the motivation I need to get to my first goal of 18 inches of hair because let me tell you it ain’t easy being on this journey. Sometimes I just want to relax my hair and forget about everything.

Well that is my plan for next week, hopefully God willing everything would be alright and I won’t experience any heat damage.

Gotta run. Hope you enjoyed today’s post. Saw a post about a blogging challenge of putting up at least 3 posts a week and decided mentally to join. So let’s go there…..#dancing. I hope I can do it. Even if I post short write ups of ramblings (at least a post is a post, right?

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


I have been able to make the video. I did it faster than i thought, seems i am getting a hang of this picasa stuff. Yay!!! I hope you guys enjoy the video. And before anybody yabs me about my choice of outfit, i thought it was going to be a sunny day and wore brown shorts under the skirt but i was unable to show off my fabulous figure all thanks to the rain.

And in one of the shots, my friend snapped my back view and my butt looks bigger than i thought. is it really that protruded?

There is now a game arcade at Silverbird cinemas, uyo. That is quite encouraging, the kids have another place to go to have fun....i envy them (I miss amusement parks so much. I really want to eat cotton candy again......#sadface)


Luv ya guys,
Petite Diva........



I have been in Akwa Ibom for almost 3 years (it would be 3years exactly on july 5th) and I have always heard about Ibeno beach but no one has ever offered to take me there. So when a Yoruba corp pharmacist offered to take me I was really pleased. Oh! Did I say no one has ever offered to take me? My bad! I have been offered but I was on call and also my friend ‘said’ he would take me. The key word here is ‘said’ because I found out you can say something and it is not necessary to do that thing……#rollingmyeyes. 

What exactly is that supposed to mean? A girlfriend tried to explain that it was different from a promise but I ain’t listening. Personally I don’t think you should say you would do something and not fulfill it. I have had too many people do that and I don’t like it so I am going to try not to say what I can’t do. Anyway he said it since January and now it is May! I am still waiting.

The corp pharmacist offered about 2 months ago and had cancelled the trip about 2 times, so I was seriously praying that he won’t cancel it again even though he came to inform me very late. I had plans today but for an outing to the beach, the plans could be rescheduled to the public holiday that is coming soon.

So off to the beach we went at about 9 am because it would take us about 1hour 20 minutes to get there. People please remember that I come from Lagos and I have been to about 3 beaches in Lagos so I went with that scenario in my head. THIS BEACH WASN’T IT! AT ALL!! LIKE WHAT?!! It was super drab.

The beaches in Lagos ain’t California beaches or beaches in Dubai but people in Lagos had made it so much fun and lively that it is always a pleasure to go there. At the time the three of us arrived (another corp member joined us), we were the only ones around. About 2 other beach goers were there. The people selling food and drinks had not arrived yet! One photographer was around though. Seriously at 11am when the rain decided to spoil my plan, nobody was selling food. 

Now I get why people were talking about me preparing food but as a Lagos girl who had been to beaches before, I didn’t understand. When I went to the other beaches, I noticed I rarely ate what was brought because there are always some people selling things you want to try. For example, I drank palm wine on one occasion! And anyway, the guy told me late but next time, if there is a next time because I am a little disappointed I WOULD no, not I would, I MUST COOK! GAWD! That was nonsense!

The corp pharmacist now talked of how he wished I could go to the cinemas afterwards but he forgot his money at home (he is a guy and he drove! Men and their brains sometimes…#rollingmyeyes. How can you forget your money when you are going a fardistance?). So I decided to sponsor the trip to the cinemas. Besides they are passing out and deserved a treat (wish someone had done that to me when I was passing out of NYSC too).

Due to time we arrived, we chose a Nigerian film. And ladies and gentlemen, I LOATHE NIGERIAN MOVIES! They always seem to act rubbish! But the actresses were classy ones so I paid for our tickets, bought packs of pop corns and bottles of coke and we went to watch ‘JOURNEY TO SELF’. Lo and behold, the film made sense! #shockedtomybonemarrow….. It really made sense!! I laughed like crazy, was interested and couldn’t quite predict the ending (even though now that I think about it, it ended the way it should end). A Nigerian film that had a right ending and does not say ‘WATCH OUT FOR PART TWO’ was quite shocking to me.

I would love to get the ‘original’ dvd copy. I really need to support the producer/director/script writer. Maybe if whoever made it keeps making movies like that, all the other craps can be pushed away. I found some faults in it but they are really minor so I give them an A- (that should be about 8/10). That is really high in my critic scoring scheme. I would research on the producer and the director and anytime the person does another movie, I would be sure to watch. Was tempted to want to watch other Nigerian movies but naaaaaaaa, I don’t want to get angry watching rubbish.

So in all, I had a very nice day. It was so much fun. Haven’t  had fun like this in a long while. I even slept in the car when we were coming back and I enjoyed the Christian songs that he played…..note to self, get your hands on his collection. 

Well, that is enough yapping about my day to you guys, how was your day? I hope to do a video with the pictures later. Watch out for it. Like they say at the cinemas…..COMING SOON….lol. I really hope you enjoyed today's post.

Luv ya guys,
Petite Diva.

P.S: Oh my God Guys! Just found out that the producer and script writer of the movie is Ashionye. She is a Nigerian singer that is now also an actress. What is surprising to me is that she used to be an ‘on air personality’ at cool fm 96.9 in lagos. She was called ‘Michelle’ then; I guess she has so many talents. I hope she had success with the movie and made money from it ‘cos I read they spent 50 million naira doing the movie (I don’t know how they spent 50 million naira on the movie but that is what the production company said……#nocomment).
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