Sunday, September 2, 2012


I recently went to the supermarket to get juice and the attendant told me to speak up that I should stop acting like ‘aje butter’ and that amazed me. For a majority of my life, people have always had that idea about me and I think I need to set things straight.

I ain’t aje butter and I ain’t aje pako (for the non Nigerians who read my blog, to be ‘aje butter’ means a pampered or rich kid/person and ‘aje pako’ means to come from the ghetto or a non pampered life).

Ok, so I act funny sometimes, says some phrases like the whites or black Americans but it ain’t my fault. I grew up watching a lot of American movies, apart from mount zion movies (which are Christian and was watched a few times) I never watched any other Nigerian movie until I was 16 or 17.

I really don’t know why people assume I grew up in a mansion. I would never forget what someone told me in secondary school after some guys came to my house. She insinuated that I acted rich when I was not. I still don’t get it! Recently 'babes' and a colleague said the same thing and I am wondering how exactly I act.

My brother also said that people expect that he lives in a mansion and he does not get why someone would say he is aje butter. So I am going to set things straight, I am not aje butter but neither am I going to get all ghetto or gangster on ya just to make people have the right idea about me.

I don’t speak my language majorly because when I was trying to learn, I was told I had a funny accent and I quit trying to learn. I act all proper and high handed at times because I want to. If I decide that I want to try American pancakes and pancake syrup (which I bought and also got Tabasco sauce which sucks by the way) or learn how to make velvet cake or refuse to carry any heavy thing on my head, it is my choice! Stop saying I am ‘aje butter’! My brother does a lot of things I don’t do which might be as a result of the school he went to.

My family house is a 2 bedroom flat that I have lived in since I was born and grateful for and not a mansion like everybody assumes. I have never had a driver chauffeur me around, I jump buses (a doctor friend said I had never crossed the road in Lagos, imagine that?). My father bought a car when we were in primary school and took it with him when he was transferred to Abuja so I wasn’t driven around by family either.

I love going to Lagos island/Balogun to get things instead of entering fancy boutiques in Ikeja. I love eating at bukas (i.e canteens on the roadside) in Lagos (they serve great food and I have never had food poisoning from them), I had to say that because a girlfriend of mine asked me if I had ever eaten from a buka and I was like……WHAT?! I ain’t ‘aje butter’!

No offense to the ‘aje butter or burra’ or the ‘aje pako’ but I am just me, Omowunmi, with all my quirks and divaish attitude. Take me as I am and don’t attach any label on me. I really wonder what would happen if I find a voice coach and learn how to speak with a foreign accent cos I wanna do that to improve my pronunciation or phonetics. I can just imagine the reaction. Whatever, I would always remain true to myself and I advise you guys to do the same.

That is all folks. Hope you enjoyed today’s piece and didn’t think I came on too strong.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.
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