Friday, March 27, 2015


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Cinderella and her Prince...
If you don't know by now, let me tell you. I am a barbie girl and a Walt Disney princess girl. I love almost all of Walt Disney's fairy tale cartoons. I think i have watched all more than two times with the exception of Pocahontas 2. But my all time favorite in the whole universe is Cinderella.

There has been a whole lot of bashing of the princesses lately saying that it gives a false impression of character and body image to little children. To them i say, please chill out. It  is just good, harmless fun for crying out loud.

Anyway one day i saw a book online with the title 'lessons to learn from Cinderella' or so (i am not exactly sure of the title) and it got me thinking.

I have always loved cinderella and her lovely blue ball gown. I used to try to draw the gown and imagine me wearing something similar at a similar fantastic ball. But i loved her more when i analysed some of her traits. And also because i have a Cinderella's type of feet (our feet are so tiny that no one can wear our

Tuesday, March 24, 2015



It is so surreal for me to write this post. When I was first asked to do this, I shut down the idea almost immediately. And then I forgot about it.
But when I came back to Uyo I had so many people ask me to do so. Which got me thinking why not?

They wanted me to like do the training informally but I decided that if I wanted to get myself out there in the business world that I have to do things professionally. And I also think it would be good for my friends, it would help them take this seriously. Not like the healthy hair journey that I tried to place them on, they didn’t take it seriously at all.Once the consultation was through they went back to their old ways...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


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This year's conference is in Dusseldorf, Germany

This write up is not going to go down well with a lot of pharmacists because I am going to put them on a blast but hey, I had to speak up. I don’t know it all but I need to understand what exactly is going on.

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So what is FIP and IPSF? FIP stands for international pharmaceutical federation and IPSF stands for international pharmaceutical students' federation. Usually once a year they host a national conference in a country for all pharmacists and/ pharmacy students.

It is a cool event in which matters that affect pharmacy all over the world are discussed and new development are presented to pharmacists to improve their practice. It is also an event where people can meet new people and network.


It is really weird. This was an experiment and now it is actually a reality. I was fooling around with my windows movie maker and here is the result. A video of some pictures that i took while in Dubai.

The video is not the best of the best but like i said it was just an experiment. It took over 3 days for it to upload, i had even forgotten it was still uploading until i saw a message this morning informing me that it was ready for upload. My biggest surprise was when i saw that i had a subscriber who was not even a Nigerian. I was like whaaaaaat?! Then the excitement kicked in. I realised that i have just put up my first video and i have officially opened my You tube channel.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


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Bring your ears close.....
So yesterday I made a vexation purchase and I am not sorry. I was mad, really mad. My aunty and mum are going to probably kill me but I don’t care. I had had to heaven! I was really mad. What did I get? I got a very small generator. I know that some of you would be hissing because truth be told I should have gotten a generator a long time ago.

But earlier I practically never watched television or needed the light except for a few occasions. I usually charged my phones with a neighbour's generator and my laptop's battery lasts for about 3 hours without charging. But lately Port harcourt electrical distribution company have irritated the heck out of me.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Rocking your hair is amazing....
Hey guys, I am at a loss on what to write on because I am on call right now and don't have any brain power to be creative right now.

So I decided to put up some pictorials on styles that I have on my phone. Hope you enjoy them:

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


My swanking new business card.. Pink and Purple....Fierce! (Front and back)
Hey guys, so we all know about my secret and i know you guys must be dying to know how i got my cards and what was involved. Well have a seat, grab a coke or beer and continue reading....

So in my last post i told you guys of the encounter i had with the other printer who said he only printed quantities from above 300. I don't blame him though. He is a small printer and would probably use more money to produce less or something like that, i am not sure. Anyway i don't know how i got to know about but i follow their account on instagram. So after the guy practically pursued me away with his price, i decided to snoop around printivo's site.


My swanking new business card.. Pink and Purple....Fierce! (Front and back)
Hey guys, it is here. It is finally here. One of my secrets is finally here. It arrived on Monday but I was seriously too ill to tell you about it.

On Sunday I spent the night tepid sponging my body to reduce my temperature. I was so hot i am sure I could have boiled an egg with my body temperature..

Anyway I am better now, I still have a headache and have been popping paracetamol in a bid to send it away.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


My birthday look...dress:, Hair and make up: Youtube inspired
Hey guys, I should have written this a long time ago but you would not imagine what happened to me after my birthday.

The next day I developed a nasty headache and felt funny...I was feeling like I had a fever. So I just put my phones on silent, took paracetamol tablets and slept like crazy, hoping that it would go away and I would be back to normal.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


My cake which was a surprise.....
Hey guys, it is my birthday.....Yaay! I just popped in to remind you all (incase you didn't know that it was my

I gotta run. So much to do, so little time to do them..

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


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Keep calm, it is almost the diva's birthday....
Hey guys, it is less than 6 hours to my birthday....yaaaay and OMG! I am getter older So people seem to love the cuppies and cocktails idea so it is going to be going down (by God's Grace) tomorrow.

So i wrote earlier that i would like you guys to do me a biiiiigggg favour as my birthday present. You see as much as i love all the birthday wishes on my day (it makes me feel like a celebrity), this year it is not about me. I started the crowd funding project last month and it has seen practically no donation and activity. It is extremely discouraging but then i remember that you might not get everything right at the first try. So i am determined to continue to try my best to make it a success no matter how long it takes.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Wishing you all a marvelous march
Happy new month guys.....whew! It is already the third month of the year. I wish you all a marvelous month of march.

As you all know, the best people in the world are or were born in march. And the bestest of the best of those born in march are Pisces. Example......Me!!...*dancing* I am a true special breed and if you don't know it by now you are a slow

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