Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Hi guys, how are you doing? The last couple of days has been out of my control. I actually wanted to name this post 'orishirishi' (assorted) but I decided to make it another series of ramblings of a diva.
Super woman Ernie.....
On the 2nd of November was the birthday of a CEO, blogger, student, wife and all round super woman....Ernie of everydaytibs.blogspot.com (Yay! I got it...) And to celebrate her birthday some of her readers went to heritage orphanage to visit and donate to the kids. How super dope is that? If you read my blog regularly you would have seen me yap a lot about her. She is simply extraordinary. Happy belated birthday girl....

Okay now to how my plans went out of my control. On Saturday I went to the salon to try to loosen my braids but after over 3 hours I was too tired so I told the hair stylist that I would be back the next day. I said I would come at 3pm on Sunday. Come Sunday at 3:30pm, I can't find the woman. Her shop was locked. I realised that I might have to loosen the hair myself. I went again at 4pm, it was still the same thing. I was super sad because I wanted to wash it that day so that I could braid it the next day. At 1:40am on monday I was still battling to loosen my hair. Eventually finished it around 1 pm on Monday. It goes to show you never depend on people. I told her today that I was not impressed at all. I don't think I can count on her for anything.

I was going to write on my wash day but since I just did a heavy protein treatment and I didn't change anything I did here i don't think I should bore you with it. If you want to know what I used or the steps involved check here. I was happy with the hair loss I had, compared to my last disaster it was impressive. I just have a problem with the left side of my hairline. It has refused to fill in. Oh well, after this protective style I intend to leave my hair alone for 2 months.
Left...hair loss in July, Right...hair loss on sunday 
Pharmaceutical society of Nigeria is having its annual conference here in Uyo and with my original plan I was not supposed to be here by now but as you all know everything has changed. So I would try to attend the events of tomorrow and hopefully I would remember to take pictures. The conference bag is cute though...#benefitofbeingaround.

Guest what guys? I got featured in a blog *jumpingupanddown.. I literally jumped up and down when I saw that I was featured on thewayestherseesit.blogspot.com. Check here for the article and guess what again, I get to be a guest blogger. Yay! Double Yay!! Thanks girl. And now I have new blogs to stalk.....#blogstalkeralert.
How rad is this? (I just discovered screen shot and was able to get this part from her blog)
More screen shot images:

Hawt shoes

Just realised we are of the same height and shoe size...*Ineedtoeato

That is all for now guys. I am beat. I just came back from where i had another Brazilian braids installed. I know bad hair habit right? But I need something that won't disturb me right now.

Thanks for stopping by.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva...


  1. You n braids though......
    When should i expect the mail with your guest post maami

    1. Ah! I don't like it like that o but now it is a necessity. I would send something next week.... Thanks

  2. You really love your braids. :-) Things seem super busy these days. Congrats on the featured post.

    1. I love that it is very light. And it didn't seem to cut too much of my hair. Thanks a lot

  3. lol i was exicited too when i found out how easy it was to munch screens. Congraz on your feature

  4. Where is my comment Pharma Diva?!.....Mehn...I could have sworn I dropped a comment the next day after this post was up....Mehnnnnn......Anyway lemme say this again...Mami I am grateful for this...thank you very much for this...(Grrr..I am pissed!)....Mami...do lemme know when your birthday is around the corner eh...I love mi some petite diva...


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