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I have been at home for a while and though i didn't want to get addicted (okay maybe i shouldn't say addicted more like engrossed) in watching the telenovelas on telemundo i have found myself watching each episode of the various telenovelas.

I have been watching telenovelas since i was a kid. I remember the first one i watched, Can you guess it? Yep! 'The rich also cry'......that soap opera was amazing. Everybody was anxiously waiting to watch it and when Nepa would cut power supply we would go to our neighbor's house (who had a power generating set) just to watch it. Then others like 'No one but you', 'Maria de losangeles', 'Secret Sands' were also shown (and all on Nigerian television authority stations....such a long time ago).

Then after a long while, AIT started showing soap operas like 'the gardener's daughter', 'second chance' and the one that had diego and Paloma (i have forgotten the name). The one that was centered on Diego and Paloma was such a hit and brought so much money for AIT that other stations started rushing to Mexico or Spain to get any telenovelas they could lay their hands to show.

Anyway DSTV must have realised that Nigerians or Africans love Telenovelas. Heck i prefer watching them because i know after at most 10 months the program is over. I cannot imagine myself watching a series for 7 or 10 years....Yikes! That is the major reason i don't watch daytime series. They are too long and depend on ratings. If the ratings is good, the show continues if it is not it is abruptly cut off not caring about the viewers. No thanks, not interested. I would stick to my Mexican/Spanish telenovelas, thank you.

However i have some issues with the telenovelas that i have been watching lately. I love fearless heart (for now, they can do something stupid that would make me not like it soon), i watch 'my heart beats for lola', 'where is elisa?', 'the queen of the south' and sometimes watch 'broken angel'. I have no clue what 'Aurora' is all about so i don't watch it.

My issues include:
  • Must they kill off characters all the time?! Yikes! It is amazing how many characters must they kill in each one of the telenovelas. I would be getting used to the character and they would just chop off the head. Imagine what did Inspector Lopez do to them in 'My heart beats for Lola' uhn?
  • What is with the one hairstyle for months in the show? Honestly that area is one that i always check out in movies or soap operas. Like they don't ever put up their hair in a bun or what? Even when they are going to sleep? Rightttt.....
  • Can someone explain to me why some of the people playing the characters wear clothes that i don't get. Lola in 'My heart beats for Lola' wears outfits that i absolutely don't get.
  • And why must there be people who are married to someone else while being in love with another person? Like for real? Is that the way life is? #justasking
  • And my biggest annoyance is the fact that telemundo keeps recycling their actors and actresses. It is officially getting annoying! Samantha in 'Fearless Heart' is Inez in 'Broken Angel', Willy in 'Fearless Heart' is Angel in 'My heart beats for Lola', Diana in 'My heart beats for Lola' is Lorena in 'Fearless Heart'......Arrgghhhh! i could mention a lot but since i barely know their names i have to limit my examples to these few. They need to let me know what is up with the recycling issue.
Anyway i just though i should write down some of my observations. And oh, why are the guys and ladies really handsome and beautiful, like Kilode? No facially challenged person in Mexico or Spain or wherever the heck the shows are from?

Here are some photos of the telenovelas...
Image result for my heart beats for lola
My heart beats for lola

Santa Diabla Poster (Telemundo Produciton).png
Broken Angel....

Okay, i know this is not a serious post but i have been feeling lazy and i decided i must put up something today. Hopefully writing this would get my creative juices going. Hope you enjoyed it...

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  1. Replies
    1. Hahaha, I am really trying not to be so hooked. How are you?

  2. Hahahaha telemundo, i also used to watch My Three sisters, storm over paradise, Second Chance and that diego and paloma one, i forgot its name. But really I hate the forever hairstyles too, very irritating. But these days Telemundo does not move me, I think I have grown out of it. Only if I find a very captivating one like My Three Sisters, Second Chance and Storm Over Paradise could I watch a telenovella. I tried to watch My Heart Beats for Lola, but those ridiculous outfits of hers was one of the things that put me off. Lovely post!

    1. Honestly Lola's outfits are something else. I am hoping that televista would do great ones soon.

  3. Hiya mami...It's been a while I popped in here..Thought to say hi...

  4. Not a TV fan,i will pass.

  5. Not a TV fan,i will pass.


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