Wednesday, October 29, 2014


After the presentation.....
Can you guys guess what happened today? Yep, we had our clinical presentation (yes, we because it was you and i standing to present). It was not perfect but it was more than okay, then again I didn’t record myself but I feel I did more than okay. And for that I am grateful to God....

I wore a sexy (according to most of my interns) purple gown but it was necessary. I was feeling really a bit anxious before the presentation so I need a power/confidence boosting outfit and the gown always makes me feel sexy so I chose it. It has a bit of a low back cut and it has an A line/mullet hemline and I got it from when I did some major online shopping last year.

The picture above does not show the full dress because the intern I told to take pictures is a fake photographer (lol) and ended up not taking any photos.

So let me start from the beginning. I wanted to make the presentation fun so that it helps me relax so I did things a little bit different from the ‘normal’ uuth presentation style. I started by introducing the topic (specific phobia and social phobia) relating it to myself and asking a question. Then I greeted and introduced the topic. Normal presentation involves greeting then starting the presentation but I changed it (I apologized before I started because I knew there were going to be look when I did that).

While I was thinking of how to make my presentation fun, I remembered a movie where the teacher while trying to capture the attention of the students asked questions and threw chocolates and gum to them when they answered. So I decided to do that, honestly even as of yesterday scratch that this morning I was still contemplating if I should do that but I decided that ‘what was the worst that could happen’. So I asked questions in between the presentation and had an intern pharmacist help hand over the packs of gum that I had gotten.
The packs of gum I got (the mentos sweets are not captured cos I got them this morning)
It was strange to people when I threw the Mentos sweet to the first person that said the correct answer but later on people (especially the registered pharms) wanted to get it.

I made some blunders I know I did but at the end of the day it felt good to stand up and present. I am thinking maybe I am not so afraid of public speaking after all, I just need a lot of practice. But I hate the question time….Mehn! They were firing questions at me like crazy. I must have had almost 15 questions thrown at me. A senior colleague said when people ask questions when you present it means they listened and that they want to know more (either because it was interesting or they didn’t understand). I think the gum/sweet sharing stunt made them listen and also the fact that 50% of the time I tried not to just read what was on the slides.

Anyhow, anywhoo I am through with this year’s clinical presentation and I got loads of comments from people. Thank God for that. They said it was really great (maybe they were lying I don’t know) and now everyone wants their own gum…..See them. When I was asking questions, they were all looking at me like I was from mars….*tongueoutatthem*…
Check out the zit that presented on my face this week of all weeks....
So now I have to do some other urgent stuff, I have to write a couple of things and also start speed reading for my examinations..(*sigh it is well, the topics are crazily much. In Pharmacy it is jack of all trades and master of all).

Thanks for all your encouragement guys and also for stopping by. Every day I find out that new people have visited, thanks a lot and please do visit more often.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. Thank God you nailed it... Congratulations
    Sorry about the zit

    1. Thanks. Don't mind the thing, it wanted to stop my flow....

  2. Replies
    1. Killed it ke? I hope I did o. Thanks Amaka, how is Sokoto?

  3. Congrats

  4. Congrats mami.....I knew you would murder'em..

  5. She nailed it....yaaay... so I guess I'm alone in the stage fright thingy *sad face*. You need to teach me how you did it...

    1. You are not alone. A lot of prayer is how I was able to cope. My legs were shaky some minutes before the presentation started.


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