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Michael Brown.....
Today is thanksgiving in the USA and while i am thankful to God for so many things in my life, some people are seriously bitter right now. This post might shock a lot of people and might really make a lot of people angry but i feel htat we need to view this whole issue in a different way.

When i first heard and read about the story of Michael Brown and Darren Wilson (the cop that shot him) i was a bit skeptical about the whole story. I know about the racism that still occurs in the USA but i felt deep down that something was not right with the way the story was portrayed. And the fact that a serious amount violence erupted has made me more skeptical about the whole issue.

According to reports, a white cop shot a black unharmed boy and the whole Black American nation have started protesting. I don't know why i feel majority of the racism problem is caused by the blacks themselves. Bear with me, i would try to explain myself. A Black American most of the time is portrayed as an angry and unclassy rude person all the time. I know things are not always rosy for them especially with their education system. I think i read that the schools in the black communities are not always the worst. Fine, that is very bad but i think even with that great things can still happen in those areas. It is all about God's Grace, having faith and working hard.

According to the cop, he said that Micheal insulted him, that he refused to obey orders and he tried to grab his gun. Personally if i was a cop and someone tries that and the nearest thing to me was my gun, whether he is black, white, green or blue i would shot him very well. The difference is that i would shot his legs or arms. And i won't shot up to 6 times, that is too excessive.

I read that they said he stole something from a store and bullied the store owner,i am not sure about the report though. However i agree with Pharrell in saying that Michael acted in a bullyish way and was totally wrong in not stopping when they asked him to. That is true. You know the area where you live and you decided not to listen to instructions. If he had gotten on the floor, he would have been taken to the station and eventually freed when the truth comes out. It is quite unfortunate that things have gotten out of hand.

Now i would like to know why the jury was made up 9 whites and 3 blacks? When i first heard about it i was like what this is not fair. Then after the whole violence and looting thing that has been happening i see why they did that. African Americans right now are not in the right frame of mind to think with their brains clearly, they are filled with so much hate from years ago and that in my opinion is killing them.

Case in point, after the incidence and verdict they went on a very stupid rampage. Burning things, looting, stoning cops and just being a damn nuisance. I don't care what the issue is violence is not solving the matter. Instead it confirms the stereotype image that blacks are just angry people. They lack the ability to think clearly. What gives anybody the right to torch down a supermarket or steal the car of an elderly man on oxygen? If someone had a gun and shot the thieves they would play the race card again.

I don't get the African Americans of today, i believe they have the potential to make a difference and they are letting emotions ruin their chances. You tell a male child to read to become better but all they are interested is in making money and having cars, blings and women. No one wants to strive to be a better person. If the mother of Dr Ben Carson allowed history to dictate how she would raise her children then the story of Ben Carson would be a different one today.

The black entertainers don't even help matters themselves. They talk trash and act trashy so please tell me why the problems won't continue occurring. They say the schools in the minority region are not up to standard right, i definitely know that some of these entertainers with the millions and billions of dollars that they have came from those places. How many of them have gone back to those areas and tried to change the schools there? Give the school a face lift, donate equipments, buy books for the libraries, motivate the teachers by having a teacher's encouragement scheme, buy uniforms for the kids, give scholarships, sponsor the food given, locate the kids with poor parents and link them to jobs or mentors or something? How many? All i see is someone buying a very ugly car worth more than their brains or wearing stupid outfits. I am sorry but i am seriously angry. Slavery is over but African Americans are still enslaved. And they are doing it all by themselves to themselves.

I know someone would say i have no idea what they are going though which might be right. However i do know somethings, violence is not helping, getting an education helps change your mindset (you might not be rich but it helps you think differently), thinking like a champion and not like a loser is required right now and hating on a race is definitely not the way to go. I have heard and read so many comments from African Americans insulting whites. Like what is that? You should see the comments made when a black guy or girl is dating or marries a white girl or guy. Like what is up with that? Last time i checked the person is still a human being. But i have also read some nasty comments from whites on inter racial marriages too. This world needs a whole lot of love and not hate because of the colour of your skin.

One thing i would like to know is if there is any black cop in the ferguson police force. If there is none or a few then something needs to be done. I feel that should have been the first thing to tackle not beating up people and burning cars or building. Americans need to think and act right.

But then again what do i know, i am just a Nigerian who has a free mind and knows nothing about Black American history right? Anyway i just decided to say what i felt. Fortunately i am not a celebrity so i am not going to have insults thrown my way like Pharrell got for saying something different. By the way i feel the cop should have been punished for being trigger happy and not for doing his job.

Anyway here are some disturbing pictures of the way the African Americans have acted wrongly:

Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, have pledged to keep on demonstrating about the grand jury decision not to charge Officer Darren Wilson over the death of Michael Brown
An elderly man was run over after two people stole his car in Ferguson during Monday night’s disturbances
An elderly man on oxygen whose car was stolen
The aftermath of the incident was captured by a St. Louis news crew and shows the chaotic scene in the parking lot of Faraci Pizza and the victim was shown lying face down on the pavement
People trying to help him
According to witnesses the man, who is dependent on oxygen, was attacked by two men as he returned to his vehicle to replaced his almost empty tank

Protests in Oakland, California, turned violent during the evening when some in a crowd of 150 protesters threw rocks and broke windows
I see some white people with them
A demonstrator vandalizes a window during a demonstration in Oakland, California
See someone defacing somebody's office
Gas station workers look out from a window, which was vandalized by protesters, during a demonstration in Oakland, California, on Wednesday night
And they broke someone's glass, this is a gas station owned by a black man....
Protesters opposed to the grand jury verdict in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri  take to the streets of Santa Ana, California, on Wednesday night
At least these ones appear peaceful, i am not opposed to a peaceful protest
Troops with rifles were posted at intersections and parking lots in downtown Ferguson where stores were looted and burned Monday into Tuesday
Troops protecting themselves
St. Louis County police are looking for an AR-15 rifle stolen from a police car that was set on fire Monday night during violent protests in Ferguson.


And tomorrow should be Black Friday and there is a campaign to boycott the stores and i am like what? See what i mean by they are not thinking clearly. Why would you boycott Black Friday when you usually get massive deals and later on buy the same items at expensive prices? Personally i can't partake in Black Friday sales because i don't have the energy but i know some families get Christmas gifts for their kids during the sales so why cut off your nose to spit your face? I don't get it. Really, i don't.

Well guys, that is all for now folks. What do you think? Am i wrong or do i have a valid point?

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  1. I'm guessing they've been waiting for this moment to act with so much hate....I just hope they won't start a war again. It is well... problems everywhere. ...the end time is near...I hope we are ready. I just love how intelligent you are...kai and intelligent *winks*

    1. Honestly it seems that is what happened. I hope they get it right soon. Me smart? intelligent? *blushing* #coversface

  2. Hiya mamacita, so concerning this case...I really don't wanna say much cuz I am stuck between pain and anger (those are 2 different things) buh here is what I see - I see black people waiting for ANY opportunity to stand out as the dominant race in America and I see White people who still think that they are in the 1800's where black people were slaves....either way...their orientation needs to change...there will be many more Micheal Browns and there will be many more Darren they handle it will tell us how long America has to still stand as the United States of America. Pretty simple.

    1. I agree with you. God has to help them change their mindset else like you said this won't be the last event we would read/hear about.

  3. interesting article. Really love the piece.

  4. Nice perspective, but as u rightly pointed out, u might not really understand what blacks go thru in a largely white dominated populace.. they had d right to get angry, yes but was their protest peaceful, no! That is quite understandable. Case in point, it wasn't quite long ago dat a jury delivered what in my opinion was a flawed verdict in the wrongful death of Trayvon Martin, then comes the Michael Brown shooting, a grand jury refused to indict, and d same also went for Eric garner.. so it's easy to feel that d black minority are being victimized.. i'd like u to go on twitter and check out these hashtags, #crimingwhilewhite and #livingwhileblack.. that might help u understand where d anger is coming from


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