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Hey Guys, so maybe my title is a teeny weeny bit dramatic but do you want to read about my story? I have heard you…You don’t have to beg me too

So it has been a while since I had a boyfriend and when I went for my masters, I began to wonder if I am capable of feeling any attraction for anyone. All thanks to my epic disaster of relationships. Then one day at work, suddenly…a guy I had never met came into the scene. The boy was fiiiiiinnnnneeee as heck (Petite Diva the dramatic). He was cute. And for an unknown reason, he thought I was pretty (He needs glasses). He was my superior and once when I was struggling he came to help like a knight in a shining armour (as if that is not part of his job) and gave me a tip to make me more efficient but I put up a resistance and felt like I knew it all. But after a while, I found out that his advice worked (stubborn thing like me).

Any which way, we (in other words, I asked to be placed) found ourselves on the same shift but I was not always placed to work with him. However the thing (boy) always found a way to sneak in to say hi. I was swooning. It is not my fault. He made me smile and laugh. He was nice and such a playful thing and I enjoyed bullying him a bit.

But….The BIG but…..He was married. The day I found out was (I believe) a consequence of my discussion with God. You know how we ladies are. I had already started thinking of weddings and the works but I felt something was not quite okay. I think 2 days before I knew he was married, I had said a prayer that I saw on Instagram about having your own God designed relationship or something like that. Then Boom! I find out he is married. I was bummed, I won’t lie. For weekssss….

How did I find out? I overheard a conversation that was none of my business. I am beginning to think that people were gossiping about us and the guy purposely came to talk to him when he was close to me. He was standing close to me and this guy comes up to ask ‘How is your Mrs?’ and I was like ‘what in the world?’. I thought that I didn’t hear well but Ladies and Gentlemen, I did o. I did. And to further prove my theory that there must have been gossip about us (because I still remember one weird look I got from an elderly guy when I was teasing him during one if our lunch break) , I noticed some ladies speaking in hush tones close to me (and I believe I saw one of them look in my direction or so).

Then it so happened that I sat with one of the ladies who now told me that he was married and had 3 boys. That was it! I was scattered. I knew that my ears were like ‘dodo the cartoon character’. It has super hearing abilities like superman. I had heard right the first time.

I had to try to shake off the sad feeling but is that ever easy? I had to behave like a big girl and get on at work like nothing happened. It was not his fault, right? And the thing kept on being his goody self. I remember the day I was feeling so emotional and he was his playful self, I forgot he was my superior and snapped at him. The guy was totally taken aback because I shut him down in front of people (I think 2 or so). But he came and stylishly met me and asked ‘what is wrong with you?’. I told him PMS and he almost ran away. He was shocked that I said such. It was funny the way he reacted.

I tried to be not so smiley at him but whenever we had an encounter it was impossible. I was either teasing him or he was teasing me or people around me were teasing him. While I was trying to patch my heart together, some people kept trying to break it again. I remember that one of my work circle once said to me that we (the guy and I) look good together that if not because he was married that she would have loved us to get together. And I was like ‘what the heck?’. Then another day, we (the guy, myself and some people in my work circle) were talking. Someone asked how many children he had? And I said ‘three…three boys’. I then opened my mouth to say ‘you need a girl’. That is how one person actually repeated the words to him and just had to say ‘maybe she would be the one to give you the girl’. The boy ran away immediately and I attempted to be 'all I don’t do second wife things'. Ta! I was trying to act like I was not bothered.

The truth is when I sat down to think about it, if It was an option to me at the time when I was really feeling him, I would have accepted the offer of being a second wife which is really ridiculous to me considering I am an alpha female. I hate to share my man but you see this thing called attraction abi is it ‘Lust’, it is very dangerous. It can make you do and undo.

How can you overcome it or know when what you feel is right or wrong? I don’t know. I guess all you can do is Pray. Ask God to reveal the whole situation or part of the true situation to you and give you the strength to walk away. I didn’t have the strength to walk away or stop my feelings especially when even on my last day there, someone who I think had no idea about us openly said ‘He likes you na’. Back story to this statement…I was reporting the guy to him. I told him that he was teasing me about my height and he made that statement. We (the guy and I) were both speechless for a few seconds. I gained my senses and made a protest and he repeated it again and my guy couldn’t say anything. The boy just stood there.

Oh well, I had to leave and I am back home and my senses are back or are they really back? I guess I might never know.

I hope you liked this story time post. I realised that it had been a long time since I did an honest post about my life. Hope you don’t sit there, sipping your tea and are judging me like Judge Judy…lol. It has happened  to  the best of us.

Help! I have a swollen upper lip. I ate something and now I am reacting to it. I have taken an antihistamine and I am eagerly waiting for the lip to return back to normal.

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Luv ya,
Petite Diva

P.S: Did I mention that I also found out that he was a muslim?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Intrigued much? This ancient secret has been used for centuries by the Japanese, Chinese and Southeastern Asian women. The Yao minority women from Huangluo village, in Guangxi province in Southern China are known to have extraordinarily long hair that stays black until they are around 80 years old. They believe that having long hair is an auspicious sign of good health, good fortune and longevity.

The average hair length of the women is about 6 feet and the Yao women even hold the Guinness Book of record award as the  ‘world’s longest hair village’ (Issa real something…). The secret has also been used by imperial princesses in the East also.

This secret is also great for the skin. It helps to heal scars and reduce wrinkles, fine lines and inflammation leaving the skin with a healthy glow.

I am sure that right now you are like what is the secret? Well, for most Africans and Asians I am sure you have it in your kitchen and you never thought of it in this way. What is this secret? It is RICE WATER!! Yes, Rice Water!! The water we get when we wash your rice or boil it. I know right! I was like What? Rice?! Rice ke?! That we eat every week? That I have probably thrown away a tanker full in my lifetime?  Okay o.

Here is the science behind the use of rice water for hair. According to the research, rice contains antioxidants, minerals, vitamin e and traces of ‘Pitera’ (albeit majorly the unpolished, organic type contains more of these than the polished ones). The fermented rice water which is good for the hair contains ‘Inositol’ which helps to increase the hair’s elasticity thereby making the hair strands flexible and defining the hair curls.

It also helps to decrease surface tension thereby smoothen the surface of the hair so that the hair strands glide on each other which leads to less friction between the hair and also less knots and tangles. It also help to make the hair to shine.

The rice water helps in hair growth and acts as a strengthening aid. One great thing about rice water is that the molecules of inositol still attaches to the hair strands eve after it has been rinsed off so that it still continue to works and you supposedly observe improvement after the first rinse.
The rice water is also used to wash/rinse the face as a face rinse and also used as a toner and a makeup refreshing spray. It helps to tone the face, minimise the pores and helps to heal scars.

It is simple. There are two ways. One method involves getting an appropriate amount of rice (it doesn’t have to be so much …..e.g ¼  – ½ cup of rice) and rinse with water once (to remove dirt). Then wash the rice with water (make sure the water covers the rice… 6 folds) and then decant the water into another container with a lid. Place in a cool, dry and dark place for 24 -48 hours to ferment. You would know when it is fermented when it tastes sour or smells funky. You can boil it afterwards to stop the fermentation process if you plan on storing it for a week in the fridge.

Another method is to place the rice and water in a pot (after rinsing once to remove the dirt) and boil for about 10-15 minutes. Decant the water into a container and allow it to cool.

Simply wash and condition your hair then rinse your hair with the rice water and allow to stay on your hair for 15 -30 minutes (watch the video below for more information). Then rinse off with water.
Watch the video here:

Continue with moisturising and sealing of your hair.

To be able to see an improvement, you need to carry out this hair rinse weekly consistently. Also the Yao women also have unique genetics and diet so you might not achieve 6 feet length of hair growth but you would definitely see a major difference as seen in different women who have started using this remedy consistently.

That is all for now. I hope you enjoyed this post and are intrigued enough to try this unconventional hair rinse. Remember that you have to be consistent with it and your daily hair regimen to achieve great results.

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Luv ya,
Petite Diva.
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