Thursday, January 26, 2012


I have been a little lazy lately to write but I was spurred into writing due to the events that are happening in my country.

For those who don’t know, Nigeria has been battling a menace called ‘boko haram’ and lately they seem to be getting out of control. Last year when people put on their finest apparel and went to church on Christmas day, they decided to plant a bomb in a church and kill some innocent people.

We were still trying to get over that incident when they decided to kill lots of people in kano, bauchi and plant bombs in bayelsa.

I was beginning to get really pissed when the latest news coming from their camp was that they want to make Nigeria an Islamic nation. Some people are saying that a certain pastor has prophesied that Nigeria would break up into 5 countries and that did it for me! I just had to say what was on my mind.

I am a Nigerian, a fabulous Nigerian for that matter! God did not cause me to be born in another country. My children would say they are Nigerians even if I end up marrying someone from another country. I refuse to believe any sect or persons that say MY COUNTRY would break up.

Anybody that tries to stand in the way of the progress of this country would be consumed by fire. I have a passport that says Nigerian not South western Nigeria. I have the right and freedom to marry anybody from any part of Nigerian and not need a passport to go and see friends in other parts of my country.

People that think they can wake up one morning and decide that they want this country to be an Islamic one are comedians, jokers of the highest order! I would not be threatened in my own country. The land upon which I stand and walk upon shall not be divided! I know that it is possible that the man of God saw the prophecy that Nigeria would break up but I trust that God can change his mind.


I gotta go. I need to rest for tomorrow. Work has been really crazy lately.
Luv ya,
Proudly Nigerian Petite Diva.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Welcome folks to the petite diva's channel. You would all be viewing the final episode of the cheating, lying ex boyfriend show. Get your popcorns and sodas out because it is really going to be interesting. Lol…..i am such a crazy person. My intro is just me kidding around.

I can’t wait to write this entry and be done with it. I think I have spent too much time on it and it is time to move on to some more exciting things in my life. So here goes, guys the last write up of the whole saga.

How did I feel after the whole break up? Horrible, I felt horrible. I spent days soaking up my ‘paloma’ tissues which I shouldn’t have done but it was necessary as I let everything out and communicated more with God.

How have I coped since? I am fine for now but it has taken extreme grace for me to be here. I went through some pretty crazy emotions but I am coping just fine. I am moving forward each day. I thought about not writing about but I am glad I did. I feel better and I hope I have entertained and shocked you guys a bit. I know now that the breakup was meant to be. There were too many things that were wrong with the relationship. We were going to end up at a brick wall sooner or later. It was just unfortunate that it had to end that way.

What do I regret doing after the confrontation? I regret breaking up with him. Hey…before you all get it twisted, hold on. I regret breaking up with him because I didn’t have the opportunity to get revenge. I really wish I had not been my normal, good and scared self. I should have gotten even and then kicked him to the curb. I should have said that I had forgiven him, acted like nothing happened and continued with the relationship. Then I should have started dating someone else without letting him know. Make him plan elaborately for Valentine’s Day and travel to meet me. Then have him meet me and my new date and give him the breaking news. Can you guess what it would have been? Yep! You are right folks. WE ARE THROUGH!

Men! That would hurt him down to the soul. It might not have been because of the embarrassment (I feel he is unemotional available and can never feel hurt or embarrassment because of that) but it would be because he had spent so much money for nothing. He doesn’t enjoy spending money for what he calls ‘unnecessary things’ and that would have been classified as unnecessary. What do you guys think? Would that have made us even? I don’t know if it would have but I do know I would have been happy that I carried out the plan and gotten revenge. Oh well, I didn’t think of that at that time and that is that!

I learnt that no matter how you try, you can’t force a duck to be a swan. It would always remain true to itself. Expecting him to be faithful or to acknowledge me in his life was forcing him to be who he was not. I have learnt that we all have our faults and if you can’t accept it in a partner then you shouldn’t be with that person. All I want is for someone to accept me as I am and for me to accept him as he is. For us to know that our defaults are less important than the person.

So you see folks, that everything happens for a reason. God is always in control. So now, I am single and proud. It has been a while since I have been single and I am beginning to enjoy it. I am not interested in any exclusive dating but I am interested in going out on dates and just having fun. I want to use this opportunity to learn more about me, take more risks and gain more spiritual and financial knowledge. I want to do all I had plan to do for years. What? That is for you all to know later.

I gotta go. Hope you loved the entry.
See ya soon,
Luv, Petite Diva.

P.S: A shout out to Pharm Mandu Smith who gave birth to a bouncing, beautiful baby boy yesterday. He is going to be such a blessing to your family. Congratulations.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Hey guys, today at last!....the strike was called off and fuel sells at 97 naira. I have a lot to say about that but I would do that later. For now, let’s get on with the second part of my Boxing Day drama.

Where was i? Oh yes! Confronting him with what I had discovered. When he arrived and laid down on my bed, I asked him when last he saw the girl. He became uncomfortable. And then I said ‘you made a very big mistake opening your facebook page on my phone’. And the first thing he did was to grab my phone but I told that I had logged out. I told him that I had seen the messages and he couldn’t speak for a while. He was probably trying to think of a lie to say but I was in no mood to listen to anymore lies. I had had enough of it. He knew his game was up. He gave a seriously, ridiculous weak apology but you know when you keep hearing the words ‘I am sorry’ and the person never changes it kinda of sounds very lame and stupid.

I was so angry that I was swearing. The real words that came to my mind were not uttered by me. You know the words…..LYING, CHEATING SON OF A BITCH. However because I love my mother and wouldn’t want a girl that if my brother happens to mess up with to insult her, I refrained from using those words. His mother had nothing to do with his unfaithfulness. I really wished I could insult the living daylight out of him or slap him so hard that his head would spin 360 degrees.

His excuses…I got carried away with hormones, I was her ‘first’ so I couldn’t quite break up with and some other bullshit excuses that I am not interested in writing. Me, I am wondering if you knew that you are chained to this girl/she has you by the balls why start up something with me? Why lie? If you are just looking to get laid, you should have said it from the beginning. You didn’t have to lie throughout the relationship. I can imagine the lies he told her when he couldn’t pick up the phone when I was around. I actually remember one ‘I can’t really talk right now, I have dental issues’.

I immediately told him we are true and I don’t forgive him. He said that I should learn how to forgive him. He asked me that if it was my next boyfriend that had the big indiscretion, would I forgive him. My answer…yes but you, I can’t. He was so concerned about me not hating him than how I felt!

I should have known that he was lying to me; a pastor once said that if your partner is lying for you then you should be rest assured that he is lying to you. I guess in my defense I was so stupidly in love that I couldn’t see the signs. Or maybe I could but I was so stubborn and trying to make it work. How foolish of me!

I am such a na├»ve girl, I act like a child sometimes which is why I always try to believe that everybody is just as good as I am (okay people…. I may not be that good but I try….lol) so I have tried not to hate people. But I am telling you for the first time, I have felt hatred for a human being…him. If someone had given me a gun when I was at the peak of my hating phase, I would have shot him point blank. And still put more bullets in his body. I know a lot of you guys would be shocked but that is the way I felt.

So how have I been since? What do I regret doing after the confrontation? What did I learn from the relationship and the break up? I would try to answer the questions when next I write. I don’t know how soon that would be considering that work start tomorrow but I would really try my best to write as soon as possible.

I gotta go peeps. Hope I didn’t sound like a bitter woman (but sometimes it is necessary to let it all out before it destroys you).

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.


I know you have all been waiting for this. I had to fully calm down and get past my hurt and anger so that I can write a constructive entry. I am not saying I am fully there but at least the hurt is over and done with, what remains is anger/hatred and a burning desire to get even. To inflict just a little pain, okay scratch that a LOT of pain and make him know just how that emotion feels like. I would try not to allow my emotions get into the way but it is going to be very hard for me. It is going to be a very long write and read so I have decided to split the story into three parts so that I don’t get tired of writing and you guys don’t get bored of reading.

Just a bit of warning guys, please when you notice that the venom is spitting out just go with the flow. It might be a bit necessary for me so that I can actually describe how I felt. And the ex boyfriend get scared because I am going to say every little damn thing.

Here it goes guys, I actually just took a deep breath cos it has been a long time since I allowed myself to think about the events of that day. So as you all know I broke up with my last boyfriend around Christmas period. What you guys don’t know is the exact date. It was December 26, boxing day. While people were opening gifts I was opening the page that just showed what an unfaithful boyfriend I had.

I remember I told you that I discovered that the boyfriend before this last one was cheating on me through his text messages. After an issue with phones with this last ex, I made up my mind never to touch his phone. The day before the 26th he used my phone to check his facebook page, no problem right? Well he slipped up doing that because he didn’t log out. I opened my facebook bookmark the next day and was very surprised to see that I had a lot of inbox messages; I didn’t check the front page to realize that it was not my page. As I scrolled down the messages I realized it was his own after I saw a thread from his supposedly ex girlfriend who I later discovered that he had been dating while dating me and also a thread from me.

I couldn’t resist open the thread from his girlfriend, I would have said ex before but we all know she is his current girlfriend. That is when I saw that the so called boyfriend who claimed to have never loved anybody, that I was his first true love (a part of his lying, scheming package) had slept with her i.e. had sex when he went home.

I was stunned but not so much. Why? When he arrived back from his station, I felt in my spirit that something was wrong. I couldn’t sleep that night because I knew he was different. Before I read the messages I was actually waiting for him to slip up and call me another girl’s name. I knew he had slept with someone I just didn’t think it was her.

Did I confront him with what I knew? Yes. What was his first reaction and questions? Did he apologize? What was my reaction? Did he try to redeem himself? All these questions would be answered tomorrow. Right now I am beginning to get angry and think I need to meditate so that I can think clearly.

I have to go. See ya tomorrow.
Petite Diva.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


It is day 5(13/12) of Occupy Nigeria protest and the strike in Nigeria. For those of you that don’t know what occupy Nigeria is all about, let me inform you a bit. It is a movement against corruption in Nigeria.

I have not been able to say anything about it because of reasons you all know but it is time for the petite diva to speak her mind. All I say is what I feel, I don’t know a lot but I speak from my heart and brain.

On the first of January 2012, my able president decided that Nigerians’ new year present should be the removal of subsidy and thereby causing an increase in fuel prices and subsequently every other thing. I have heard the benefits of removing the fuel subsidy and I quite agree it is a good thing. What, however I don’t agree with is the timing. How can you remove the subsidy of fuel when there is no alternative to it? Most of the vehicles in Nigeria are run with fuel, every home has a generator that uses fuel practically every day because there is practically no light (as I write, I have not had light for the past 60 hours) and every small business uses fuel to survive. Even with the former price, people were really complaining.

Nigerians are great people, we are always managing but enough is enough. Recently it was said that the budget for my president’s feeding for this year is almost 1 billion naira and I am seriously wondering if his food is laced with gold. Really how can you eat food of that amount? Is he feeding an entire country?

People are tired, really tired. The government is claiming that they would use the money they save from the subsidy removal for roads, refineries, blah, blah and blah. Personally I think it is all a load of BULLSHIT. How can you say you would do that when your cost of governance is super expensive?

I am pretty sure that they are really regretting removing the subsidy because they never thought that Nigerians would revolt. We are always suffering and smile. I am sure they are shocked at the reaction. Jonathan and his people are really looking like tyrants.

However in everything we should see the good part, with their big mistake Nigerians now know all their evil doings. How can my senate president earn much more than the American president? I don’t get them. The latest I saw was that my president who said we should bear with the subsidy removal has budgeted over 300,000 naira for laptops and desktops. What! He budgeted 263 million for cutleries. Okay people forgive me for this, but what the fuck is he doing? I have tried to understand the government but I can’t.

Then that stupid, useless NTA that are so biased can’t show the protests because of the fact that they are inside the governments’ pocket. God is our helper!

The solution in my opinion is:
1. Cut all the federal executives and lawmakers’ salary and allowances by 70%. All that unnecessary spending or money must stop! IMMEDIATELY!!
2. Return the fuel price to 65 naira.
3. Use the saved money from their allowances and salaries to repair the refineries, power reforms and improve transport situation by providing trains.
4. Be transparent in all their dealings and kick corruption.

I know that my own solution might not be spectacular but it is what with my little knowledge I feel should be done.

Now the latest news that is circulating around is that there is even no subsidy on fuel. It is just tax that they want us to pay for so that they can finance their greed. I really hope that is not true because if it is, I see a lot of big men dying this year. The vision I see is not nice.

I am begging my president to be smart and honest because he might come out of Aso rock in a coffin. I am praying that it won’t happen.

In all things we should give thanks. I just read an article that said the Christian protesters in Kano stood guard while the Muslim protesters prayed last Friday and vice versa on the following Sunday. That was heartwarming considering the book haram threat that we are facing right now. So I give thanks for the unity that this is bringing.

God bless Nigeria. We would overcome by God’s Grace.

I have to go. Till I write again, #Occupy Nigeria!
Much Love,
Political Petite Diva.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hi ya folks, I know you are eagerly waiting for some juicy details about my bad experience over the holidays. I really want to tell you about it but it would be such a long write and read. Right now I don’t have the energy to write for long but I can just wet your appetite with this.

It involves the boyfriend (now ex), facebook, my phone, cheating, betrayal, 'good for nothing' lies, hurt, pain and tears. The last three were from my side not his. He can never feel pain or hurt as he is the one that messed up big time! All he feels is sadness that his game is up and he would be so scared that i am going to tell all. and he is right to be scared cos i am going to tell all and might probably publish his 3 numbers. You never know what i am capable of

Once I am strong enough I would fill you in and give you a little hint on paybacks schemes and also let you in on secrets and lessons I have learnt from the disaster of a relationship I just came out of.

Pray for me folks because I seem to be falling ill too much lately. I need all the strength that I have and more cos I want to achieve a whole lot more this year than last year.

I have to run folks. See ya later.
Petite Diva.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Welcome to 2012 folks. Hope you enjoyed the Christmas and New Year's holidays? It has been a long time since I wrote and i know you missed me.

I had to go for an interview, fell ill then I went through a bad experience over the holidays. I would tell you all about what happened later. Right now I am battling a case of malaria and can barely write anything.

However I must mention that I am not pleased with my president right now. How can he remove the fuel subsidy on the first day of the year? That is just plain mean! I wish I could understand him but it is really hard when transport fare have doubled. I really am not happy right now. Everything just appears to be going out of control in my life and my country. I feel like this year, the world might end.

Oh well, we would survive. No matter what happens this is my year of divine help and announcement. I would experience all round divine favours whether anybody likes it or not.

I have to go folks. I need my health rest. See ya later.
Petite Diva.
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