Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So I finally passed out from the compulsory one year NYSC scheme on the 16th of June, 2011. It has been a fulfilling one year (technical 11 mths cos I still have some days off as my leave period). I am grateful to God that I passed through the year without any health issues (even though people say I have lost weight which is worrisome) and I am alive to see the end of my service year.

I have never stayed this far from home and I felt out of my element when I first arrived but now I dread going back home. The traffic, the noise, the weather and the bad roads of lagos is something that I am not keen on facing right now. I love this small town. It is because of the smallness of the town and the fact that I don’t have to use 3 hours on the road for a journey that should be 1 hour that appeals to me.

This past year I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with great people. Some might have been kinda of annoying at first but I have tried to see the good in everybody and learnt to work with them.

So this write up is a tribute to the greatest pharmacy crew I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have never been glad to be a stubborn chic in my life until now. I am glad that I was persistent in getting my re-posting to UUTH from Ukpom Abak. I am extremely grateful that I was highly favored cos a lot of people tried and were not successful.

I would love to use this write up to celebrate a woman who has shown me that you can reach the peak or almost the peak of your profession as a female. She is the deputy director of pharmaceutical services and HOD of the department of pharmacy, UUTH. She is the head of the deparment and still remains grounded. Her name is simply Pharm (Mrs.) Maria Udoh. She is a very smart, intelligent and knowledgeable woman. She makes me want to learn as much as I can. I have been blessed to have worked under her. You would think that a woman in her position would have an attitude but she is not that way. She can be very jovial and acts playful at times though she can be so angry at times that you would practically want to a dive out of her way at that time.

I have also seen how you can be fly and be a very smart, intelligent, sexy pharmacist in the person of (Pharm (Mrs.) Ekpema Abasiattai). She was a tremendous help to me while I was here. She was like a younger, flyer version of my mum and a very nice big sister. If I ever leave Akwa-Ibom I would never forget her. Why? Anytime I do a make-up job or use my international passport I have no choice but to remember her. I definitely want to be like her and would miss her.

I had the pleasure of also working with Pharm Bella, the current Assistant director of pharmaceutical services. She has been a joy to work (at times, when she gets in her strict mood it is best to avoid just like the DDPS). She is one of the very few people that could pronounce my name correctly.

All the in-charge pharmacists were wonderful. They took me as one of their own and were a source of inspiration to me. The other registered pharmacists and present corps members (Mandu, you are incredible) have been great to work with.

However my best working experience apart from working with Mrs. Abasiattai has been working with the interns (both the ones that left and those that I am leaving). They are simply the bomb. I have had my best times with them. No matter what kind of shit I had in my life, they seem to be able to help me get rid of the mood just by being there.

From my ex-love (Ini), to my fake bodyguard/oron boy (Esio), crazy jos boy (Ibanga), fly locum pharmacist (Usen), Utibe (I still don’t know how to pronounce his name properly), Buchi (proper omo ibo) and last but not and will never be the least 'my crazy jos baby' (Micheal, you have been my best buddy in aks. We share a bond that no one would understand). It has been a pleasure working with you and knowing you. You guys would always be my 'boys'. Ekanem, you can never be excluded. You are my akwa-ibom person. It has been wonderful having you in my life.

To my girls, Uduak, Ruth, Edidiong, Esther, Mandu, Ukeme, you have been amazing. I wish you the best in life.

As I write this, I can feel tears coming but I am really trying to push it back. I have not cried yet and I hope I don’t cos I don’t look pretty when I do. All the pharmacy department’s staffs were wonderful. The only problem was only a handful people were able to pronounce my name properly. My name was ‘Omawunmi’ instead of ‘Omowunmi’ and i guess anytime i hear it i would turn back cos i am used to it now.

I sure had a great time here. Though I hated the night calls but I know it was necessary. I love the fact that I could learn about disease states and their treatment, could carry out intervention, compound drugs and carry out pharmaceutical care.

I would definitely miss UUTH, Uyo. You would always be in my heart.

Love you all.
Kisses from the only petite diva you would ever meet,
Pharm (Miss.) Omowunmi Abimbola Monisola Adejoke Osinubi (MPSN) signing out.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


So in line with trying out new things, I got some really cool boys to take me out some days ago. I wanted somewhere different so I let them choose the place. They took me on a trip to their world. A place called ‘Gems Lodge’ but I refer to it as a gentleman’s lodge because I think it has that feel.

They are really good kids (I am going to get in trouble for calling grown up men ‘kids’). They decided that a bar was a place to unwind after work. I have never stepped into a bar like the one we went to (I recently stepped into an open space bar thanks to one of the kids). It was small and kinda cosy until the onslaught of cigarette smoke started. It is seriously incredible how people puff away on that thing. It ain’t adding anything to your life instead it is reducing your life span. Thanks to some of the kids my life span has been reduced by some days as they were puffing away without a care in the world and I was inhaling some of the smoke (it is called passive smoking people!).

I tried to be a tomboy diva and (play) wrestle the packs of cigarettes that they had from them but was only lucky to obtain one. They tossed it around to each other just to make sure that I wouldn’t get it. I felt good that I was able to get one pack only for one of them to snatch it back from me. I was totally caught off guard. The other guys in the club watched as I tried to wrestle them and actually laughed at all my antics (glad to be your entertainment for the night, guys).

I started with a non alcoholic drink but was later cajoled into trying a low percentage alcoholic drink (Smirnoff). The taste of Smirnoff is not bad (I am talking about the one in the can o!) but the alcohol in it does not agree with me. I was kinda woozy and had headache that night which lasted till morning. I don’t know why people keep drinking that stuff (alcohol). I felt odd because at a point I was the only female there. Then due to the fact that I don’t like staying out late in the night, I just wanted to go home. I was so worried on how I would get home as the place was far from my house.

All in all I had a nice time, ate nkwobi (don’t know if I spelt it right) for the second time in my life. So what is my take on this type of stuff? You wanna know.

Well here it is. It is okay to go out after work but I think I can only stand it once a while. I don’t think that kind of life is for me. The smoke, the noise are not just my kind of scene. If the noise was less and the smoke was non-existent, maybe just maybe I might enjoy it more. Till I find a place that is more my style, I think I would stick to my room and the cinemas.

That is all for now folks. I hope to be back soon. I need to pay for my internet connection and hope I would be in the mood to write.

I am yet to tell you guys my biggest adventure.

Love ya all.
Petite Diva signing out.
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