Sunday, December 14, 2014


Hey guys, yesterday two of my friends got married but i was only able to attend just one of the weddings. I attended the wedding of my secondary school friend, Tope. The wedding was really surreal for me because i remember how and under what circumstances the whole relationship started.

 Her relationship reminds me that everything happens for a reason and when God wants things to happen for or to you he sometimes pushes you to a different environment. She met her husband when she went to South Africa for a one year work exchange program. Funny she took the offer because of her then boyfriend who later messed up. So while still trying to cope as a single Nigerian female in SA, her father told her about the son of a friend of his who was also in SA. He and his friend made sure my friend met him. She was always whining in my ears about how she did not want to have to see hiim or talk to him and blah blah.

Even when i went SA she kept saying he was not her boyfriend but what i saw was different. In my mind i was like if this is the way you behave with someone who is not your boyfriend then i can't wait to see how you behave with your boyfriend. I knew she was just trying to deny the obvious and i kept telling and pushing her. Next thing i hear the guy wants to have their introduction done where he and his family would formally indicate interest in marrying her and she started all her nonsense of 'i don't think i want to marry him'. I had to tell her to stop all her nonsense and next thing i hear they are getting married.....yay! And all i can think is that God used her ex boyfriend to push her to meet her husband because my friend can be stubborn at times. A typical navy girl! If he didn't advise her and make her go she might never have taken the offer to go there. Reminds me of what one of my priest said some years back. He said if you have to travel to meet your spouse or your spouse has to travel to meet you, God would create a way beyond your imagination.

She had 3 events yesterday, the engagement, the church wedding an the reception. I only have pictures from the engagement and the church wedding as my phone died in me. It was the first time i ever attended the full ceremony of a traditional engagement and church wedding (i am always

I hope you enjoy the pictures.... Warning: Picture overload....

Gifts for the bride and her family....

The groom entering the venue....

Spray the money....
The beautiful friend

She is so gorgeous....
The bride digging it out.....

Greeting her parents.....
Seeing her in traditional wear gave me hope that i won't look awful in traditional wear as we are almost the same size
Some of the things they said she should do gave me the fits. I am going to have to talk to some people on my day

Getting ready for the church ceremony.....we were late!

Her bouquet was lovely and looked real (i kept getting to hold the bouquet for her)
I so love these flowers....i hate fake flowers with a passion.
After 1 hour, countless of calls from her Daddy, a visit by the priest we were ready for church.....

Church is finally over.....Mr and Mrs Owodele proceed out for some partaaaay....

Couple with parents of the bride....

Couple with the maid of honor and bridesmaids

Couple with the best man and groomsmen

Sorry guys for the picture overload....i guess i got camera

The wedding was also a mini navy gals and guys reunion and something happened after seeing my secondary school folks. I went back to the way i used to feel in school at times (during my awkward years). It was really horrible. I felt depressed. I know that i have accomplished a lot in my life but i did the stupid life comparison thing and i felt like i have not amounted to anything. I felt like the tiny girl who is always sidelined when great things happened. It took a lot of prayers and the sermon preached today to make me feel better. I am not completely back to my perky self but i am on my way there. It is amazing how a happy event almost became a sad one for me.

That is all for today folks. I wish my two friends, Tope and Seyi (my university classmate who also had his wedding in Ikorodu yesterday) a beautiful married life...

Thanks for stopping by....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.....


  1. I think you were mostly behind the camera, kept searching for a pic of you lo
    Lovly wedding dresses

    1. Don't mind me, next time i would take lots of pictures of myself.

  2. All the pictures turned out great. Lovely

  3. Miss Petite i was expecting to see a picture of you.... Beautiful pictures wishing them a happy married life

    1. Don't mind me. I was doing unofficial camera woman about. And i wore iro for the first time in 14 years and i think i looked good. Now there is no picture to show it.

  4. Awww!this remind me of my wedding pictures.lovely pictures beautiful bride.
    Wishing them eternaal love.

  5. Awww!this remind me of my wedding pictures.lovely pictures beautiful bride.
    Wishing them eternaal love.

    1. Thanks. I am sure you were a beautiful bride too.

  6. Happy new year Diva. I fight with inferiority complex every time too. Always remember someone is wishing to be like you. You are greater than you think.

    1. Thank you....I can't believe i am just seeing this


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