Saturday, December 27, 2014


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Hi you guys, how was your Christmas celebration? Mine was booorrriiiinnnngggg. I live too far from most of the fun spots that i like and i also was not willing to go to over crowded, infection prone places so i stayed at home. And it was super boring, yikes!

So yes, back to the topic. I know that a lot of people would say what the heck is does she know about losing weight. She is as skinny as a stick. But while talking to my mum i realised that my bad eating habits which has afforded me the inability to gain weight might actually be the way to lose weight. So i am going to list my poor eating habits and turn them to 'how to lose weight tips'.

  • Eat everything but in little amounts: People don't get how i can eat everything and yet i have only gained 7kg in 4 years. But the fact is i try not to starve myself. If i want to eat chocolates i will, crave for ice cream i will indulge in it. I buy cookies and salted chips and all manner of junk each month and i indulge in them without feeling guilty. The bad habit that i have is that i can't finish them at once. I got a pack of pringles last week friday and i have still not finished it. I try to eat some everyday but i usually forget on some days and i rarely eat a lot. I have a coke/pepsi addiction and because diabetes runs in my family i am trying to stop but i found out when i was trying to do a 'one day on one day off' diet that on the day i allow myself to take it i can drink as much as a litre meanwhile when i drink everyday i consume less than 350ml (or 350ml) a day. Which has made me stick to it everyday (if i feel like taking it, some days i have other healthier drinks that help me forget about my addiction). So don't starve yourself because when your resolve weakens you would binge and big time too.
  • Drink lots of fluid: I can't seem to finish the food that is dished for me because most of the time i hate chewing. I love drinking. It involves less energy so by the time i have taken half of my drink my tummy is already 3/4 full so i can barely eat any more. Bad habit, i know but if you are looking to lose weight i say try it. And try to chew your food a bit longer than usual (believe me after a while you would get tired). Drink healthy drinks like natural juice (not all those sugar filled juices), low fat smoothies and naturally flavoured water.
  • Snack in between meals: Yeah, yeah some people say it would make you fat.Well it is not working for me. I try to take a little snack so by the time real food is ready and i drink the fluid available i don't have space for the real food hence i don't gain weight. You can try snacking on fruits or healthy nuts so that you are not too hungry when the food is ready. This prevents you from practically attacking the food.
  • Exercise: I know right? What the heck am i doing exercising? I don't go to the gym or anything (for now but i would soon sign up for one. I want flat abs and i need to learn a form of self defense) but i tend to walk a bit. I walk short distances at least once a week because i want to. Not because i don't have the money to pay for transportation but because i like it. I like thinking (and sometimes i use the opportunity to pray). People get amazed when i tell them that we should walk instead of entering a vehicle but i like it. It is the only form of exercise i do right now. It is incredible that people who want to lose weight do absolutely no form of exercise or when they start they go at it with so much energy and after a while stop it. When my friends tell me they want to lose weight and start jogging or doing any form of exercise they start doing it everyday and i tell them not to do so. After a couple of weeks, they are not exercising anymore. I feel you should choose an exercise form you love and start gradually then when you are used to doing it you can increase the frequency. But hey what do i know? I am just a skinny girl.
  • Delay Gratification: It is a nasty habit (or is it my body's unique way of making me slim?) but when i am really hungry i eat so much (okay i eat more than i would but not that much *rollingmyeyes*) so on some days i am so caught up doing some things (or i am damn too lazy to get up) that i can't eat at that time. So by the time i can eat the food i just nibble a small amount and go. So the lesson here is to try not to eat when you are really hungry. Drink a cup of water or natural juice then wait a bit before eating.
  • Learn to hate some foods: Honestly someone wants to lose weight and likes every food, come on! I have the most divaish taste on the planet. I hate and can't stand a lot of food. I dislike yams, can stand oat or tampioca, don't like plain cornflakes, would not go near cheese (except a lot of spice and meat is used to cover up the taste), hate to eat lots of swallow foods and the list is endless. Today for example what was available as breakfast was oatmeal and plain cornflakes so i didn't eat. Someone wants to lose weight and you are eating everything in sight. When i was in Dubai, the hotel served a breakfast buffet every day and you should see the food that were served. It was amazing but as the diva that i was i couldn't eat them. I selected what i was comfortable with and i stuck to them like glue. The day i tried to be adventurous and i took something that was strange, why i didn't immediately spit it out and scream was because i was in public. And the amazing fact was i saw someone taking it and i was acting like a copy cat and ended up almost disgracing myself. The person i copied had consumed two of it and he didn't look like he was not satisfied with it. So people acquire a distaste for some foods and cook those foods on some days so that you would less amount of it. Enough of it to prevent you from fainting from hypoglyceamia and not enough to be converted to fat.
  • Stop weighing yourself: I can't remember when last i weighed myself. if you are trying to lose weight i feel you should weigh yourself once a week or in 2 weeks, all that weighing ten times a day puts so much pressure on you that one day you are likely to break down and go back to bad habits.
So i think i should stop for now i have a lot more bad habits but i need to go and eat. I am feeling woozy. Hey, before i leave let me tell you what i did. I have been feeling a bit weak and tired for a while now so i went to do a full blood count test and everything seemed to be okay. But because of all the sugary stuff i consume (which i am realising is really small) and because my mum and grandmum are diabetic i thought i was probably hyperglycaemic (don't ask me why i thought so i just did) so i got a home blood glucose monitoring kit.

I did a 2 hours post prandial test and my blood glucose was 97mg/dl. My mother was like 'that is low o'. And i agree with her even though it is within the range but to me it means i am hypoglycaemic. Which translates into 'I NEED TO EAT MORE!'. I really need tips on how to gain at least 5kg in the next 6 months (I know how to keep it). Anybody have ideas? Please let me know in the comment section....Thanks

Okay now i am really hungry. Gotta run. Thanks for stopping by....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva....

P.S: The good part of me thinking i was hyperglyaemic was that my mum was forced to get a blood glucose kit for herself and my grandma. You would not believe all i have said to get her to get one. Whatever the case may be, a good thing came out of all my drama.


  1. Yaaaaay..... finally I can get back to being a size 8. Thanks mami

  2. Diva please do a post on how to add weight na.... I need to be a size 10
    How are you dear

  3. we have similar trait as per food,i hardly get hungry and even when i eat ai take lil portion,i drink water not a lot but i dont really like taking anything food,snacks etc,my husbadn will say am the first girl that wont demand for pizza shawarma and co.but ever since i got married,i have increased oo,seriously from size 6 to 8 before i weigh 50 now i am 65...cant u see the drastic change?
    now i give my self brain cos pple been telling me that am now fat which i dont like.i don t know how and why am getting fat,i hardly eat,thanks to my hubby he is a foodie he motivate me to eat...
    enough of my epistle.i do more of ribenna which is better than those cokes,fanta and pepsi


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