Saturday, November 1, 2014


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Happy November guys. May this month usher in loads of love, happiness, joy and blessings in your lives and those of the ones dear to you.

You would not believe it but i have been on this computer for over 5 hours. I had been postponing writing some things and today was the day i decided to kick that spirit of laziness and procrastination to the curb. So unconsciously decided that i won't leave this computer till i am through and i am through...yay! Now i can finally cross that off my list.

This month has been officially declared the month of 'no procrastination' and 'thanksgiving'. I have to kick that spirit of procrastination, it is a BIG stealer of destiny.

You won't believe this guys, this blog has almost 50000 views. Thank you so much guys. The Lord has been good and i am thankful for his mercies in all aspects of my life. I am beginning to realise that God is a master planner (more on that very soon).

Can you believe that it is November already? I think i can officially start singing Christmas hymns.....Yay! May the Lord preserve our lives to see many more Novembers In Jesus' name, Amen.

Well that is all for now guys. I am totally beat. After sitting in the hair salon for over 3 hours trying to loosen my braids and doing this computer work i can barely open my eyes. I have another long day tomorrow, i need to finish loosening my braids and prep my hair for another protective style. Please don't judge me, i would let you know why i have to do so when i am done. However i am impressed with the amount of breakage/shedding i am experiencing. It looks like i am not going to have a setback (keeping my fingers crossed for the remainig part of my hair).

Thanks for stopping by...

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. Congrats on 50 000 views *giveaway time* hint hiiiiint *winks*
    As for your hair..oh sorry hun, hope you can get it tip top soon. And while you are at it, send me some of that anti-procastination energy. I really need it.

  2. Procrastination is the worst! I need some of that juice you're on.
    Congrats on getting so many views. Good stuff

    1. I think I would package it and sell Thanks..

  3. Happy new month mami...can I see your hair? And you need to stop procastinating o...stop ammmmm...hehehe

    1. I would stop I didn't take any picture, sorry.

  4. Happy New month to you to dear. I pray he blesses you too


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