Wednesday, December 26, 2012


So today is boxing day (December 26) and I decided to go to the movies and watch the much hyped about twilight saga: Breaking dawn part 2. This would be the first twilight movie I have watched. I completely fell in love with the kick ass final fight scene.

Anyways I decided to wear a backless long top with long leggings. The gold and black top was loose at the upper part but the lower part was tight (I don’t know the name for the design). I also did a vintage or pin up look make-up in which my face was somewhat flawless (used a bit of foundation), my eyes were less dramatic and I had fire engine red lipstick. I looked great (if I do say so but the problem I had with the top was that it was not as long as I would like.

I like wearing long tops that cover my butt cheeks. This one covered my butt cheeks when I pulled it down but it would always ride up and didn’t completely cover the butt cheeks. I felt a little bit uncomfortable and kept pulling it down. However when I stepped into the cinemas I noticed that some girls wore tops that didn’t even reach half of the butt cheeks and I just marveled at the fact that I was uncomfortable with a top that covered 90% of my cheeks and here were girls going about with their ‘short’ tops.

However I realized that my style is different. I am just not like everyone. I tend to jazz up my style to suit me. I hate to follow the crowd even when the fashion trend in vogue is great (which is why I don’t have a jeggings till date and have a leggings. Leggings are practical and have been around for a long time, heck I have been wearing leggings since I was a kid!). Fashion fades but style, my friends lasts. I like taking pieces that are cool and making them my own. For instance, I wore a long tube top with the backless loose top. I couldn’t just wear it like that. I ain’t that wild (even though i have my moments).

I don’t exactly know how to classify my style because I think I am mixture of different styles. I think I have a mixture of a 'prude' and ‘slutty’ attitude to clothes. I want to go out of the box at times but not too out of it, so I then to take pieces that may have been slutty on someone else and make it classy. I think my taste in style would be a little bit of vintage, classic, chic, professional (when necessary), risky and been comfortable. If I am not comfortable in it, I won’t be able to rock the dress.

I wear what I like and try to wear what is appropriate based on the clothes I can afford to buy and find due to my unique size (I am a beautiful US size 2 and a UK size 4). Yes, I make some fashion blunders/mistakes but I am human and still trying to find pieces that fit me. I would love to learn how to sew, I might not sew my clothes but at least I would be able to adjust my ready-made or tailored sewn clothes to my taste. I am sure those who know me might think that my style needs upgrading but I guess if I am good with how I dress then it doesn’t matter. My style is uniquely mine and if I look good 25 days out of 30 days in month, then I ain't doing things that bad.

Oh! By the way, I think i need to tone down what I say about my personal life. I know y’all want to hear about me and the boys….lol but since I have placed an embargo on boys for now all ya gonna hear or read is about me having fun. And i just think i need to be mysterious for a while.

I gotta run guys, hope you enjoyed today’s read. Hope i wasn't too boring for y'all?

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I hope you guys have had a wonderful Christmas. Mine has been kinda of ok. Went to church and was reminded about the greatest love story of all times. That is the story of God sending his only begotten son to die for our sins. He gave up his son even though we didn’t deserve it now, that is really awesome.

Prior to this day, I wasn’t really  looking forward to this day because of my call but about less than 2 hours ago a friend made me realize that I was serving the community and I should feel honored that I am a member of my profession. He called me a hero…….*grinning. And that made me feel so much better. I guess I should begin to appreciate the fact that I am blessed to be a pharmacist. But it won’t suck to have had some fun today, oh well; I guess I can do something tomorrow when I am through with my call.

So how did you all spend your Christmas? Hope you demonstrated a little more love to people? Did you go out? On my way to the hospital, I saw a crowd at one of the decorated spots in Uyo. Families and friends were taking pictures. You would remember that I told you that Uyo is beautiful now with all the decorations. Some people (men) were taking pictures with their babies. The fountains at the spot (i.e. Itam) were on their best behavior today and looked great. I can imagine how the pictures taken must have looked.

Personally I would love to take pictures with decorations and of the decorations at night ‘cos they are really amazing at night. They light up and look fabulous. However watching people having fun there for a short while made me smile. It was delightful to see families enjoying themselves and big ups to the photographers that had the initiative to go there and make some cool cash.

That is all for now folks, I want to watch a Christmas movie now that the patient load is a little light.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


I guess that is a funny question to you guys but I am seriously thinking of whether I need it or not. I went to the cinemas to watch ‘Sparkle’ by Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston (wasn’t that interested in it but loved the make-up and clothes), then went to see a friend. On my way back, I looked at the wonderful Christmas lights and decorations on the street and I didn’t want to come home.

I wanted to drive around Uyo town, marvel in the beauty of the lights and take pictures( Uyo is a sight to behold at these time. Some parts of Lagos would also be a sight to behold right now but i don't live in those areas so i would never have gotten to see the full beauty of the decorations at night.) Then after the drive go to an outdoor restaurant and eat a wonderful meal and have a great desert like chocolate cake with insanely divine ice cream. After the meal, I would love to take a quiet stroll anywhere but preferably in a garden/ by a lake then go to a lovely hotel room/suite and have a beautiful night rest.

After the thought came to my mind, I had to ask myself if I was for real. I need to start thinking like a Nigerian. I think my head is in the clouds or somewhere. I noticed that this is not the only kind of outrageous or should I say ‘un nigerian’ fantasy or dream I have thought about lately. I noticed a beautiful expanse of land along Udo Udoma road in Uyo and all I could think of was ‘it was a perfect place for a picnic’. I wished I had a car to just pack some food, take a camera and a mp3 player for music and just go there to relax. I know that it would be nice for friends to be around too but I don’t think too many Nigerians are interested in picnics so they would probably refuse.

I am really a peculiar girl. My dream dates are dinner dates in a restaurant (a restaurant people, not a fast food joint, I mean a place where they serve a 3 course meal), movie date (after eating out), picnic dates, going to the beach or a new place/museum and taking strolls. I love dancing but I hate night clubs so I would never be impressed if I am taken to a club. I don’t drink (or that should state that I can’t drink) so going to a loud joint ain’t my thing but if you can find a cool bar with clean air and less noise then I am down for that but you are not allowed to get drunk on me and act a fool.

I guess I am reaching for the skies here but that is who I am, no apologies. So since I cannot go to a 5 star hotel suite now I would settle for my room and dream (I am allowed to do that right? What can I say, I am a dreamer. *shrugging. 

Wait a minute! Do Nigerian Guys take their girlfriends/wives on dinner dates? 'Cos the guys i have dated didn't so i assumed that Nigerian men didn't go out on dinner dates

Oh! Before I forget; Merry Christmas Folks. I pray that the reason for the season comes into your homes and hearts and fills you with everlasting joy. Have a blessed holiday. I would try to write something on Christmas day as I am going to be on call that day but I never know what could happen with the internet service provider I have. Till then, Happy Holidays guys!

Petite Diva.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


I feel great, I am smiling and appreciating me again. I don’t know what happened but I feel really good about myself. I feel inspired, I feel like I can achieve anything, I feel focused again. I am so grateful to God for putting the spark in my life back.

So I finally did a bridal make-up for my first ‘real’ bride today and I feel on top of the world. I may not be as experienced as my make-up mentor and other make-up artists but if I keep at it I know I would get there. I actually learnt how to apply make-up professionally last year january but I have been too scared and too busy to work on my skills. I know that it is a lucrative second income avenue but I have been lazy. However when I did a pre bridal make-up for 2 brides in my work place and my friends saw it and gave me glowing remarks, I was encouraged.

That was all I needed to be inspired. I actually thought the bride had cancelled the appointment today but she surprised me by calling yesterday to remind me. I have not gotten paid but that would be settled later. I also won’t be paid so much but with little steps I can and would get there. I also get to make-up another bride next week Saturday…..Yay!

Anyways, that aside I got to attend a dinner last night. I was invited to the UUTH’s (where I work) ARD’s (Association of resident doctors) dinner by a friend. I initially didn’t want to go but I am glad I was convinced to go by 2 friends. I talked a lot (maybe a little too much), I looked hawt (as was said by moi to myself, my guy friends and girlfriend) and I laughed a little bit. I felt good and I looked good, actually a guy friend said I looked fierce and I agree. I had a fierce lipstick that brought all the attention to my lips and I have been told I have kissable lips that makes the boys go crazy…… I didn’t take a full picture though which is annoying but then we arrived kind of late and I wasn’t going to stand up and be taking pictures when the event had started.

Well, that is all for now folks. I have been getting close to a new person lately and yes, it is a bit confusing but nothing is going to happen. Why, you might ask. Well, because I have about 7 reasons why it won’t work and they are valid reasons. And I am in a ‘no boy zone’. I have had enough of boys or men for a while so I am trying to enjoy my single life for now.

I have to go now. I hope I would be able to upload some of the crappy pictures of the dinner make-up and bridal make-up. I really need a camera; I couldn’t get great shots of the bride and myself. I wonder what brand and model of camera I should get. I am clueless with these things.
Love ya,
Petite Diva.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So on the 8th of December 2012, I attended the burial ceremony of a fellow staff member’s father. I normally don’t go to burials but the guy is a good man and is very friendly and helpful to almost everyone so I had to go.

The father had been dead since February 6th 2012 but because of lack of funds had not been able to bury him. We even had to donate money for him when the proposed date for the burial was approaching and were able to raise about 200, 000 naira.

I honestly don’t know where his dad has been all this while and didn’t really think about the whole issue until a friend brought up a valid point. Why would he keep his dad for so long in the mortuary? The answer is because he wanted to do an ‘elaborate’ ceremony. He also made me understand that we as a department were also having our priority all wrong. We had by donating for a frivolous thing had encouraged the trend of not focusing on what really matters.

As I watched the burial ceremony on that day (my first Akwa ibom burial) and saw how the guy was dancing and acting, I had to agree with my friend. We, Nigerians need to focus on what is important. It wouldn’t have made the man less dead if they had had a small ceremony. It won’t mean they didn’t value him if they had made it low key. They didn’t need to keep him in a mortuary for over 10 months (I am sure the mortuary owners would have heaved a sigh of relief when they came to take the body). Everything that was done was so that people would not talk or to impress people.

I am strange in the fact that I don’t give a hoot what people think about me. I have learned that by doing that you allow people to live 2 lives at your expense i.e. they live their own and yours too. So I really don’t see why he couldn’t just bury the guy earlier without all the unnecessary pomp. But then with all what I am learning about Akwa ibom people, I guess he had no choice. Akwa Ibom people care a lot about what their family people or village people say or do. Can you imagine if a girl is to be married; the intending groom must pay an amount to almost every group in the village: the grandmothers and their family, the youths, the elders and a lot of unnecessary people.

Considering my own family background, I think that is a whole load of baloney! What is the settlement of all those people that never cared how the girl was faring all this years? But hey! different strokes for different folks. So I guess unto each person his own ways.

What do you think guys? Am I weird or did I tell it as it is or should be. I would love to read your comments on today’s write up.

Love ya  guys,

Petite Diva.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Hey guys, I know you all might have been wondering where i have been for the past few days. Well, apart from the practically non-existent internet provider that I have, I have been crazily watching the series ‘army wives’.

I just have to say this; I am madly in love with the series. I got the 5 seasons, the pirated version (yes! I know it was bad but that was the version I could afford. I however need to get the original version because they are so many episodes that were not included in the pirated versions).

I can’t wait to watch all the episodes that I have missed and watch the sixth season. When I browsed on it, I discovered that they are planning to kill Claudia Joy which is saddening but I learnt that the actress acting that role has some serious personal issues. I hope she is able to overcome her challenges.

Anywhoo I still love the series. I was really sad when Jeremy Sherwood died but I had to look at the bigger picture. The bigger picture being that military men and women are at risk every day and some would die. They just showed what has happened in some homes. I remember when my ‘navy’ ex was really distraught when his senior colleague died while on sea patrol. The boat capsized and the guy drowned. His wife was pregnant with their second kid, i can't begin to imagine what she is passing through. The most disturbing part for him was the fact that he had just been on that same boat about 2 weeks before the incident. I was going crazy with worry about his mindset but after about 5 hours later, he was fine. He had come to the fact that these things happen and he had no choice but to move on.

Army wives gave me an insight into the way the spouses of military men live, maybe Nigerian military spouses might not have the same exciting lifestyle but they share the same emotions: Fear, faith, loneliness, worry and strength. Fear that their spouses might not come home, Having faith that all would be well, loneliness when their spouses are away, worry that something can go wrong and strength in facing each day and its challenges. And there is also the fact that you might turn to an unofficial military officer. These military men don’t know how to draw the line sometimes, folks that have been married or dated a military personnel would know what I mean. Oh! i forgot having to move around, a looooooot!

Watching ‘Army wives’  reminded me of my navy ex, I looked back and thought about all that I endured and asked myself if I had a chance to do things all over again would i still do it. The answer is YES! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! I don’t know if it is about being a ‘navy groupie’ (I doubt that…..*smiling). I feel it is about all that I had to go through. The emotions I had, the fear, faith, worry, strength and yes, the loneliness. All that made life interesting, I know it is might sound strange to people but I am glad I had the chance to date him. I have regretted a couple of my past relationships but I refuse to regret this one because I came out stronger and I am so glad to have been a 'divalicious' member of the Navy WAG(wives and girlfriend) group (imagine if i had been a member of NOWA...Naval Officers Wives' association, they wouldn't know what hit However I am excited for what lies ahead in my future and grateful for my past.

So right now I am trying to save up to order all the seasons of ‘Army wives’ and ‘Lois and Clark: The adventures of Superman’ online. It is going to cost me about 400 dollars (I know you all think I am crazy but hey, I am in love with both series so don’t hate me). My favorite characters in army wives are ‘Chase and Pamela Moran’, they are so adorable. I like the strong character of Pamela and the ruggedness of Chase and the best part of their love story was getting married again after their divorce.......#lovesicksighing

Well I gotta go, I am on call and I want to watch more episodes of ‘army wives’( I finally have an excuse for staying up late watching it, I have been sleeping at 1am on workdays watching it……*coveringmyeyes)

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

P.S: I really need to write a post about a guy at my work place that didn’t bury his father for almost 10months because he didn’t have the money for an elaborate burial ceremony.Can you Imagine that?

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