Monday, October 27, 2014


Hey guys, how are you? How did you spend your Sunday? Did you guys remember what was supposed to happen yesterday (picture above) Yep! We were coharvesters yesterday.

So I refused to take the first option of running away and decided to be a grown up. Besides God has done so much for me so in the great scheme of life, this was just the least I could do.

After the sermon lead by a youth (female) which was on sowing and harvesting for God. There was a couple of song ministrations (some people can sing) then the harvest ceremony.

So they said that the chief harvester was unavoidably absent but had sent his contribution. Then they started calling the co harvesters. It seems people took my first option and stayed away because they kept calling people and no one showed up. I think out of the fifteen or so people that were called (couples by the way) only 4 were around. Then she (the Coordinator) said it, she called me but you see it took me a second to know it was me.

Why you might ask. She didn't say Pharm Omowunmi but guess it....Pharm Diva. I was like what?! *smh.... She didn't just do that. In church for that matter. And while I was trying to bring out my contribution (which looked larger than it should be because the cashier at the bank gave me 200 naira bills), she asked if I was in Church. I was distracted so I couldn't really answer her but I heard someone or some people saying yes, she is around (some people can so put you in

I dropped my contribution and in my haste to go back to my seat to avoid all the eyes upon me I forgot to take my harvest fruit. Okay, harvest in Anglican Church drop your contribution and take a fruit or fruit basket depending on what is laid out. And all I could think of was 'did they just call me diva in church?'. Some people would think that is my name. I am in trouble.

When church was over and I was waiting for a bus with my heavy fruit, the consultant who put me in the co harvesting position (found out he was a member of the harvest committee... Why am I not surprised?) saw me and picked me up. He thanked me for honoring their invitation (I was doing my bit for the church anyway) and then I told him that the coordinator (who happens to be a nurse where I work) called me diva. Both he and his wife (who is also a doctor where I work) laughed and said that my name was actually written but she just decided to call me diva. And you would not believe it, before I left church someone called me diva....I pity myself now.

Hence with all that said I think maybe I should either do a change of name to Petite Diva or trademark the name. What do you think guys?

Here is what I took. Can you guess what it is?
Yep! You are right. It is a watermelon.

Since it is really large and I hate eating fruits i decided to bring it to work today and share with some people. No need allowing it to waste (one of the reasons God allowed me to be refused to start my leave today).

That is all for now folks. The career talk has been cancelled, apparently they have some programs in the school. Oh well, but I still have the clinical presentation on Wednesday. Please wish me tremendous luck, I don't like public speaking.

I gotta go. Thanks for stopping by.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva....

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  1. the fruit is wrapped in your parish?? St Paul should come and learn oh.
    You could do some copyright thing you know

    1. Yay!! Amaka is back....*dancing Maybe I would do so...

  2. Lol...I am with Tosyne on this one eh...Trademark mami!!!


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