Tuesday, December 9, 2014


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If you follow me on instagram you would know by now that I spent some hours at a Police station on Saturday…..Wait a minute! It is not what you think. My big mouth did not put me in trouble....lol The vehicle I was traveling in had an accident and hit a car who hit a tricycle so we had to report to the police and all of us had to sit down in that horrible place for hours where I saw how bad the rot of poverty and corruption has eaten into our souls as a country.
Let me explain why I have ‘irresponsible companies’ as my topic. It all started when we were supposed to leave in the morning. A lot of us got there before 6:30 am and then had to wait till 8:30 before the bus left. Why? The human beings that run the company saw that the bus was not filled up and decided that we were worth nothing and made us wait trying to look for more passengers. Can you imagine? We were going farther that the other passengers that travel to Lagos and yet they decided that money was worth more than their reputation. 

And during that time no single employee decided to apologize to us for the time wasted. It was terrible. That is Irresponsibility at its peak. I have no idea how Akwa Ibom Transport Company has lasted this long. People say that it is because they don’t rally have any major competition. Honestly I can’t wait for a major competition to come and kick their sorry behind. You don’t treat people like they don’t matter and expect your business to grow. I have started a countdown on the demise of the company.

Then after we finally left, the driver must have been trying to cover up for lost time when he wasn’t fast enough to prevent an accident from happening. I was sleeping so I don’t really know what happened but all I woke up to was screeching and our bus hitting a car. I saw a windscreen fly and a girl running out of the car. Then a drama of 'why did you bash my car started?'. There was a tricycle in front of the other car that was seriously damaged. The owner of the red vehicle that we hit was a youth corp member so I guess he was really agitated because I think he might not have the means to pay for the repairs of his car.

Even before I heard what really happened I was confused by a sight on the road. On a very busy road, a road that is used by a lot of people to travel was the presence of 3 Nigerian bottling company trucks filled up with bottles of their products (they bottle coca cola, fanta, sprite, eva water and five alive). And I was like what the heck are these heavy duty vehicles which were taking up half the space of the road doing there? They were the ones that caused half of the problem.

 And I wondered why they had not been removed when a resident in that area said that there was no day an accident did not occur on that road due to the vehicles. That people had complained but apparently NBC Umuahia depot had paid someone or people in the government to turn a blind eye to their illegal and life threatening deeds. How totally irresponsible of them? I can’t believe that a company as large as them cannot be considerate of the lives of the people that they sell their products to and act responsible. It is not all about the money but the impact you make in people’s lives. I was and I am still so disappointed in them.

We reached the police station which was a total eyesore, some of the building were really old. I love old buildings, don’t get me wrong but the buildings looked like they were not maintained at all. The way the colonial masters had constructed and left them were how they still looked (except for an old coating of paint). One passenger said that the amazing thing about the whole decay is that there is always funds set aside for maintenance but because people are so greedy someone definitely had stolen it. I was not impressed in the look of the police men and women, they looked so hungry and corrupt. Imagine the guy who towed the other vehicle and tricycle was asking for a large sum of amount because part of the money would go to the policemen…..smh. I don’t know when we would kick corruption out of our system. It is really terrible.

After over 4 hours in the station, a bus sent from the head office arrived and we embarked on the journey to Lagos. The driver was a nightmare at first, for the first time while traveling in an AKTC bus I had to use my seat belt. I was terrified like that. When we eventually got to Edo state, I noticed that he missed a turning but I felt maybe he was trying to avoid a problem on the road. It was later that he revealed that he does not know the way to Lagos, that he usually plies the Abuja route. It was about 8:30pm at that time. I was of the opinion that we should park at the bus station and sleep there because I was really scared of his driving, the road and the fact that he doesn’t know the way. But other passengers were not hearing it, one said he knew the way and we started the journey again. When we finally got back on track some of the passengers were skeptical and worried that we were not on the right track but I had recognized some road marks so I kept telling them we were on track. They didn’t believe me until they finally saw some major roads and places.

We entered Lagos at 00:20am and finally reached the bus station at 1:30am with all our lives intact all to the glory of God. My mum was waiting for me and we came home together. I really did not need this adventure and it won’t have happened if AKTC and NBC had been responsible companies!

Whatever I am grateful nothing happened to us. I finally was able to get my first degree certificate after 6 years….Yay!! I decided to make use of the strike and go to my school and get it. I had wanted to pay someone to get it but the amount the person called was outrageous and she still wanted me to send someone to her again. I just decided to go and get it myself (besides what else was I doing).

That is all for today guys. I am still sore from all my travels and just want to sleep but everywhere is really hot. Nigeria is hot while some countries are freezing. God is indeed wonderful….

Thanks for stopping by..

Luv ya,
Petite Diva…..


  1. Aww.. i can imagine the whole delay . Naija police are like that o
    I hope you rest and better now?

  2. Goddamnbullshit!!!...Mehn now I know....I saw the photo on instagram and I went WAOH!....mami, **sigh** It is well..

  3. Babes you are in Lagos???? Yaaaay....lets hook up jor

    1. I am in Lagos o... We should o. It would be fun.

  4. Eiya sorry for the stress o. Let's make plenty money and kick AKTC out of business joor

  5. So sorry about your ordeal dear. It's sad how customer service is nonexistent with some companies, it's profit at all costs.
    Thank God you're safe. Litigation needs to step up in Nigeria

    1. Thank you. I wish I had a lawyer I would have used them.

    2. My bro can be your lawyer*winks* pele dear


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