Sunday, March 11, 2012


I am a tiny size 4 and I am finally beginning to appreciate my body. I have never been satisfied with the way I look. I have always wanted to be bigger, taller and curvier. I wanted to be able to step into a place and turn heads.

I guess my displeasure at my frame has caused some of my previous insecurities. However lately I have had to appreciate my structure. What happened? I decided to appreciate what I have and werk(work) with. I have decided to follow my fashion instincts and dress how i like. I don’t have a common figure so I need to get things that work for me. I would never be able to follow the trend so I need to set the trend. If I look good and feel good in it then it is for me.

As my confidence builds up I have had some guys appreciate my structure. I don’t really understand what the attraction is all about but I won’t lie, I love the attention. I know I am not show stopping but I intend to feel good about myself no matter what!

While I seem to be bugging about my frame, I noticed that people/ladies that I think are perfect are bugging about their shape too. And I am like 'can we women ever be satisfied with our shape?'.

If my galfriends are not complaining about their tummies (I happen to have a flat tummy, a friend calls it a sexy tummy……lol. An ex called it a ‘6 pack abs’), their legs, arms or skin, they must find a fault with their weight and I am always like ‘what in the world is wrong with this chick?’ You are perfect the way you are and the guys love you the way you are.

However I understand that as females we are not satisfied with our shape and would find something to complain about. But the sooner we learn that we are perfect the way we are the better for us. I have had to understand that I am unique. No one can be like me! I am specially made. Customized! I have Cinderella feet, I have a baby voice, I weigh less than a big bag of rice but that is what makes me unique.

I have got a great shape that I have got to werk and boy! I would werk it like there is no tomorrow. I love tight fitting jeans and pencil/straight skirts because it brings out my curves and I love belts because it accentuates my small waist and shows off my hips. Why am I trying to say with this? It is that my dress sense might get a little bit wild now. People, i said wild not crazy ok? I am not a fashionista but I would try to work the roads like it is my personal runaway……lol.

What this article is all about is that we ladies have to appreciate our shapes. It was given to us by God so learn to work it out, girl! You are Faaaaaaabulous!!! Kimora Lee Simmons would say ‘FABULOUSITY’…. Live in the Fab lane, girls. I am already there.

Gotta go folks. Hope you enjoyed the article. Remember to use a computer.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I was asked that question recently and couldn’t come up with an answer because I had never been in a situation where I had to cheat.

I am a one track kind of girl when it comes to relationship. I am the kind of girl who doesn’t say the words ‘I love you’ easily because I grew up with the mentality that the words were meant to be said when you actually meant it. I have noticed that a lot of people say it now just to get what they want from the opposite sex. That is so wrong! I am also the type of gal that when she is in love forgets about her dreams and take over the dreams of the person she is in love with.

I love fiercely so it is kind of impossible for me to date two guys, you would know something is wrong. I just can’t love two guys at the same time. I would love one and like one. They would both know that something is wrong. My guilt would ruin my time with the one I love and irritation would set in with the one I like. Strange uhn? But I am just like that so I think I can’t be the cheating type.

Those were my reasons for not ever being in the 'two timing game' but lately I have had to rethink some of my ideals. Life is not just white and black, it can be grey too. There was a scenario that I was given which got me thinking.

A single lady is suddenly been courted by two guys in different ways. Before I continue, let me give just a tiny info on the two guys. Guy A cannot be completely said to b a friend but a colleague that she just knew and Guy B is a guy she knew in high school and lost contact with until recently so technically he is a friend (i think).

Guy A is sweet, nice and has a good guy courting approach while Guy B has a certain roughness, a good heart deep down and an arrogant if not a little bit cocky courting approach. Guy B also happens to have been one of her high school crush. The guys live in different states so there is no chance of them running into each other.

I was asked what I would do. And for the first time, I was stuck. The sanest answer would be to go with the guy that appeared good but a naughty part of me wondered what it would be like to date the cocky guy. As they say 'good girls love bad boys'. I guess I thought that way because l have recently seen that people can appear differently and act differently. The good guy could actually end up being worse than the cocky guy.

So the only logical answer that I could give was ‘date the two of them’. I was shocked to think that way but that seems like the only answer I could give. If the girl dates the good guy and he turns out to be nasty, she has lost out. And if she chooses the cocky guy, he might probably take her for granted. Point was that I thought she should date them lightly and the one she loves she sticks to and dumps the other guy.

However can I try what I just said? I sincerely hope not. I can’t confidently say that I wouldn’t be greatly tempted to go out with the two of them. Well, Thank God it was fictional scenario and i was just to give my honest opinion! What do you guys think? That was my own answer. What is the best way to handle this? I really would love to know if there is a better way around this.

I still don’t know why women cheat but I now know that things are not always white or black. There are a lot of other colours involved.

Gotta run folks, I am practically dozing off on my computer.

Love ya,
Petite Diva.

P.S: Please use a computer to view my blog and remember to carry out your assignment. Thanks a lot……

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


For all of ya who don’t know this, I am actually a military boy/man groupie. When did it start, hmmm I think when I attended Nigerian Navy secondary School, Navy town, Ojo. Actually I think I should make it a ‘naval man groupie’. I absolutely love the ceremonial white of the navy, it is so hot, hot, hawt. The blue ain't bad too. i can remember eyeing the military guys in their gear even though they could be mean at times (i was such a bad girl but nobody knew).

I actually said I was going to join the navy after I was through with school but I later found I was too small and short to join. But that has not stopped me from loving the Nigerian navy, actually all naval men and women look hot in their uniform.

I remember that my love for navy actually made me blurt out to a friend that said he wanted to join the army that he should consider the navy. I was like how could he have attended Nigerian navy school then go and join the army. I don’t know what happened but I found out later that he joined the navy and I was mighty pleased.

I recently found out that a couple more of my classmates are actually military boys now. Hot! Hot!! Hot!!! I am looking for trouble calling them ‘boys’, I really should call them men because any guy that goes through that military training and comes out alive is a MAN! But then I have known most of them since they were ‘puppies’, I really can’t call them 'men'. Maybe when they are in their uniform and are all mean and stuff, I would say men but till then, sorry boys you would still be called 'boys'.

I was once asked about 3 years ago if I could marry a military man, I kind of hesitated but in my heart I knew I could. Heck I saw them for six years. The only issue is that a military man is not stable. He gets posted everywhere and with little warning. Three of my friends have been posted recently from their previous base to delta, port Harcourt and Ilorin. I can just imagine if I was a military wife and the hubby has to go. My question is 'would I hop and leave with him?' I don’t think so. I might love him but I ain’t no wallflower. I like to do my own things. I am a pharmacist for God’s sake and I would want my own pharmacy. I hadn’t thought about this but the thought just came to me now. I am a pharmacist and I could get a job in any community pharmacy if I am willing to go with the hubby. The question is 'am I willing to give up on my dreams so that my family can stay together?'. My mum did that but I am not sure I can do it.

However staying apart is a recipe for disaster. First of all, I don’t trust men especially military boys. They can be wild even when they have a wife and kids. I don’t know if I want that turmoil of wondering what the hubby was up to. And then I am not interested in giving birth to my kids without their daddy being there, he put it in so he had better be there when it is coming out. One of my ‘military boos’ is called ‘Abidemi’, for the non yorubas it is a name given to children that are born when their dads are not around. He was born when his dad was on a course outside the country and his dad showed up later when he was 6 months old.

I was like WHAT THE HECK!! I won’t accept that. If I was pregnant and close to delivery I would disturb the powers of the military arm be it Navy, Army or Air force that my hubby belongs to, to get him home for the birth. If they prove stubborn as they will, I would cause such a fuss that they would have no choice than to bring him home. It is so easy for me to say, uhn? Well I am just saying……

The single military boys are uhm, something else. I know their game and I advise them not to try me. I may be a civilian but I got their number. They should go and scope other civies. But hey, who doesn’t want an officer and a gentleman. I saw a military wedding picture and it was so romantic. I don’t mind an officer and a gentleman but I have to weigh the pros and cons. It takes a strong female to be the wife of a military man; she has got to have guts and patience. I have guts (I think..) but I am lacking in the patience area. I would never say never to getting married to a military man because I don’t know what God has planned but right now I am perfectly happy having military boys as friends. Heck they are my own squad of bodyguards. So people don’t mess with this diva, she is fierce and protected…….lol.

That is all folks. Hope you loved my blog entry today. I hope to write soon.

Petite Diva

Monday, March 5, 2012


So the fourth of march was when the petite diva came to this earth to spread her diva dust wherever she goes i.e it was my birthday, and it turned out crazily enjoyable for me. Before I tell you all about how the day went, I would like to thank God for the fact that I am alive and I am blessed with a loving family. I have the perfect family (I am sure they are not perfect for you but perfect for me). We fight and argue but they are alive and love me for who I am so i am grateful for that fact. I love them too.

I have to say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MY MUM. She went through labour just for me and after going to labour ward, I really appreciate all that she passed through.

That said, my day started with a text just before midnight from a good friend then at 00:03hours exactly on my phone I got a call from a great friend and 00:04hours I received another call from a wonderful friend I have known for ages. While I was grateful for the calls, they made me smile and happy they also woke me up and kept me awake. I had trouble sleeping back. And while i was struggling to sleep, I would hear a beep on my phone every 15-30minutes. People were leaving messages on my facebook wall and interrupting my sleep. And I had serious trouble sleeping back anytime it beeped. I was finally able to sleep and woke up thankfully to God for adding another year to my life. I would confess to you all, I actually shed some tears just thinking about everything that God has done for me.

Then it was off to church for some praising, thanksgiving, praying and the word. A word was spoken and all my years on earth I had never seen my birthday date in that light. The preacher said the day March 4th was a day for ‘Marching Forth’. And it hit me, I was born on this day which means that I just had to march forth. There is no room in my life for stagnation. I was so stunned and almost did the crying thing again (like I am about to do now). I was born to march forth into greatness, into favour, into health, into joy, into happiness, into peace, into wealth, into wisdom and into his kingdom. I AM DIVINELY MADE!

After church, I really don’t know what happened but I started feeling unusually ill. However I had to shake it off as I had promised some people that I would take them to the cinemas. So I got my gear on and put on my make up and off we the cinemas. The friends that I had promised the treat had invited people, I was surprised at first but I didn’t mind. The only problem I had was that the color combo I had on was repeated by some people at d cinemas but oh is unpredictable.

The movie we watched was kinda of okay for a Nigerian movie. The name of the movie was ‘I will take my chances’ by Ini Edo and Emem Isong. I gotta say that nollywood is coming up. I would give the film 60% for concept. And for those who know me, they would know that score is pretty high in my rating scale. I however had a problem with some of the acting done. Some parts were downright rubbish! It was like they went to cast someone like me to act and I can’t act to save my life. That means folks that some of the people used were bad but not terrible just bad.

At least my friends like it so that made my day. I strangely had fun. Later on I got an invite to go to a comedy show but I had to decline because It was late but I was thankful for the offer.

When the day was over, i remembered my last ex and I thanked God that he messed up and we broke up. If we were still going out, he won’t have travelled from his base. He would have given me an excuse and that would have spoilt my day. I would probably wouldn’t have paid someone to do my call (yes! I was placed on night call on my birthday. Can you imagine?) and I would have been miserable in the pharmacy.

I just want to say thank you to all my boys (especially my military boos and captain) and my girls, i think it should men and women....that made my day yesterday. I felt so loved.I guess I must have still had that happy feeling because today at work I got so many compliments on how fabulous I was looking. Someone said I was glowing. I guess when you are happy, it radiates outside. So I think i have found my beauty secret, find happiness and joy in God and i would look radiant.

I could list the names of people who sent texts, called, sent me BBM cakes and presents, sent BBM messages and posted birthday wishes on my facebook wall but I wouldn’t sleep if I do. Thank you all, I am so extremely grateful.

On a lighter note, I am going to send the display picture police to ya all who stole my display picture. It was amazing the amount of people who used my picture as their display picture yesterday!

I gotta go guys. I wish I could put up pictures but if you are one of my facebook friends you would have seen some of the pictures of me showing my fabulous gear and my cake.

Luv ya all,
Kisses from a year older Petite Diva.
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