Friday, July 27, 2012


Hey guys, I stole this story from a friend on BBM. I thought it was a pretty good story to share with you guys. I don’t know if the story is real but I do know that the situation is real in some marriages/relationships. I hope you enjoy the story and grab the moral of the story. I would write my thoughts after the story.


My name is Dayo. I am a typical Nigerian Guy and I cherish my Fridays a lot. I get to hang out with the sickiest guys every Friday night and secondly, it is another escape from my nagging and boring wife. I get confused sometimes whether she’s my mother or my wife. Don’t get it twisted, I love her to pieces. It is just complicated; like I wish we had never gotten married. Marriage has turned her into something that doesn’t amuse me. I wish she was still the adventurous, charming, high spirited lady I dated for 5 years.

A lot of people say it is unethical for married guys to be found in a club, but I wish everyone won’t be quick to judge and understand that people look for fun to run away from their problems. They just want to breathe like me. I forgot to mention that I work in Guaranty Trust Bank in Lekki. I love my job and my job loves me. Maybe it is because I’m the senior banking officer (lol).

This particular Friday morning, a lady breezed into my office and my heart raced faster because I had not sighted anything this beautiful in a long while. She wasn’t the typical slender Barbie, in fact she was chubby but her smile, cuteness and …..i was tripped. ‘Hi. Good morning. Your ATM card swallowed my card!’ she said and then laughed, quite unlike a typical customer that would ram you. I just tried to form boss (lol)…”Good morning, you know what? I’d personally make sure they get it out for you, but not today. Can you wait till Monday?” I smiled and thought GTB sha!

‘Ok, can I drop my phone number so you can call me up or just send a text when it is ready so that I don’t come here twice? Please? My name is Nancy’ She blinked her eyes in a funny way. “Sure” I said and smiled. We exchanged numbers. What a lucky Friday, I thought.

So it was 10pm and I headed to the club, as usual my friends were waiting for me. My wife had called a couple of times, I just ignored it. She knows I am never at home on Friday nights. ‘Look at you!’ I heard someone say. I raised my head and it was the ATM lady-Nancy. “Wow, look at you too!” I was surprised to see her again but I was happy that I didn’t have to wait till Monday to see her again. “Happy Friday!” She screamed because of the noise. “Wanna dance?” I didn’t even have the chance to answer; she had already pulled me to the dance floor. I really suck at dancing but she helped me. She was a great dancer! I had fun! At some point, we decided to go to a private area and we talked about everything, ranging from work, business to personal life. I tried to hide my ring as much as possible. I certainly didn’t want this to end now.

“You are a really wonderful lady. You are so interesting. Any guy would want to be with you all day” I said. “I wasn’t always like this but I have learned the hard way that life is just too short to be sad”, she sang. Then her phone rang….”Hey Baby! Yeah, I’m at the private lounge. I’d like you to meet someone….alright boo” she talked excitedly as usual. I was in shock until this tall handsome man walks up to her and kisses her.

“You are late! Meet Dayo; I met him this morning. He is helping me with your ATM card I told you that got trapped in the machine and Dayo, this is my B to the O O”, she laughed. “Meet my husband Kolade, we only come here to dance every other Friday; away from work, stress and kids”. “Wow! A pleasure” I managed to shake him. Then she stood now excitedly holding her husband’s arms.

“Why don’t we invite Dayo for Mimi’s 16th birthday tomorrow?” Her husband said. They have kids too? How long have they been married and they look like a couple just dating! “Silly me, please come for my second daughter’s 16th birthday tomorrow. It would be an honor”. She brought out an I.V from her purse. I began to feel ashamed of myself …..this was another guy like me, getting it right with one woman.

I collected the I.V and promised to be there.”See you tomorrow! Have you had something to eat, Kolade?” She talked and dragged her husband along. They left and I kept staring at the thin air like I had seen a ghost. They come just to dance together every fortnight Friday? Why didn’t I ever think of that?!

Temi loves to dance, she also likes long walks, and she loves jazz music. There’s this vivid picture I have of me putting her hand on my chest when we danced at a jazz club on our first year anniversary. I found myself typing all the things I knew Temi loved to do on my Ipad and I realized that I had denied her of all. I had made her the old woman that she acts like. What on earth was I doing here?! I didn’t even tell my friends goodbye, I walked out of the club into my Jaguar.

Temi’s call came through and I picked at the first ring. “Temi?” My heart raced. “I know you are not coming home….”she said. “I am, stay up so we can gist. Been a while” I decided to do everything on that list and to even add many more for the rest of my lifetime with her. “Are you alright?”She asked. She was shocked, I supposed. “And I would like us to go for a birthday party tomorrow. I want you to meet this amazing couple” I told her. “You sound different, Dayo” “Maybe I’m different” I said. “Don’t say it! Don’t say it!! When you come home we would gist very well" she laughed. She laughed! In just that laughter that I hadn’t heard in a while, she sounded like the lady I married six years ago.

Dear readers, I wrote this natural piece just to remind us that creating memorable moments with our partner matters. Do you know that little things are the sweetest things? Just creating time to gist and laugh with your partner, having a day with your partner , having a day in the week that’s exclusively for both of you-No friends or kids allowed.

Ladies, when was the last time you told your guy that he is so darn hot? Guys! When last did you tell your lady that she is the sweetest thing in the world? When last have you whispered ‘Thank you’? When last have been quick to say ‘I’m sorry’? let’s learn to do all these before it is too late.

There! I am through with writing it. Whew!! I didn’t know it was such a long write. I am too tired to write anymore. I would write my thoughts on it, what I learnt, what I feel and point out a little bit of what might have been off in the story. However it is a good read and I hope you guys agree.

Check out this page tomorrow and see what the Petite Diva has to say about it. Now it is time to sleep!

Luv ya guys,
Petite Diva.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Ok! Guys! I am not crazy. Just need to say that before you all think I am going to the other side. I just feel broody I guess but I really want a baby. I don’t know what is going on with me but I just feel I am ready.

I guess I need the mothers in the house to fill me on what motherhood really involves then maybe I might have a change of heart but till then I just want a cuddly 'mini me'. A fierce but highly, super cute babe that would call me ‘mama’.

I know that having children is not just about cuddling the baby but I think I can manage. If my great grandma, grandma and mum can do it, so can I! lol……… Don’t mind me folks, I just felt like writing something crazy today.

I have some wonderful pictures I would like to post here but I can’t find seem to find the USB cord for my blackberry (I am sooo sad). I don’t know where I kept it. Oh well, I guess I would have to buy a new one.

I gotta run, guys. I know this entry is short but i wanna check somethings on you tube, hopefully I would be able to browse and also upload this entry. The internet service has been crazy thanks to the rain.

Thanks for checking my space guys.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

P.S: Did you guys hear about the Colorado shooting during the latest batman movie viewing? That guy is some serious psycho! And to think he was a neuroscience PhD student. SMH (shaking my head) at him and his terrible soul, Only God can forgive him. May the souls of those he killed rest in perfect peace and may God heal those that were wounded, Amen!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hey guys, I really don’t feel inspired to write on anything particular but I want to write so as to kick this laziness or is it writer’s block that I am experiencing. Therefore this entry would be a load of unrelated thoughts in my head as of now. Scaaaarrrryyyy? Uhn?

Just finished watching the movie ‘Battleship’ and I am in total awe of all navy guys (and gals). For those who don’t know, I am a navy gal for LIFE. I can’t state when I fell in love with the navy but I think it was probably in secondary school. Watching the movie has made me appreciate what naval personnel do. Imagine fighting an enemy at sea. When they attack your ship, where do you run to?……water? The army guys can hide somewhere on land, the air force have parachutes and mostly would land on the ground. But the navy……?

I have been having some issues lately in my personal life because as you all know ‘he’ is in the military but watching the movie has uhmmm made me feel that I ain’t cutting him enough slack. I recently read a comment about it taking a strong woman to date or marry a military guy and I didn’t understand it until now. I am battling with so many things that I feel that I have the energy to fight any other thing or should I say conquer any other issue after these issues. I feel that if God gave me the strength to conquer the ‘issues’, God would definitely give me the strength to conquer other issues.

My mum has always believed that you should never watch a movie just for entertainment, that you should learn something from it. And she is so right, I might have issues implementing what I learned but I think I would try to understand when problems come up and cut him some slack. But I ain’t going to be some door mat! Oh No! I am still going to be as fierce and spirited as I am but I would try to learn to be more forgiving and try not to break his head when he messes up.

Well, that is all about me, battleship and ‘Him’. Today (19/07/12) was the commendation service for my HOD (I know I should say late but I can’t) and I cried again. The burial service holds tomorrow, the 20th. I would be honest. I DON’T WANT TO GO TO THE BURIAL SERVICE!!! And I am not because I was drafted to remain behind at the pharmacy. I feel relieved because I really don’t want to break down again; I don’t want to see her body being lowered into the ground. I feel like she is still alive and I want to keep feeling like that. Going to the burial service/ceremony would replace that feeling because when I feel she is alive, I would have that memory of seeing her being lowered into the ground. I guess I am acting strange but that is the way I feel.

I just can’t go. I have a feeling that I might break down, faint or choke there.

Well, I guess I have written a bit today. It feels good to write again. I hope I would be able to write on something interesting tomorrow. I hope you were not bored with this write up. Thanks for reading….

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

P.S: I am super excited that I discovered that I could shop online and they can send some products to Nigeria. Could I have found my second source of income? Hmmmmmm, don’t know. Let’s us wait and see…

Monday, July 9, 2012


Hi guys, for those who know me, you would know the reason for my absence. For those who don't know me, here is the reason for my absence.

The last few weeks have been one heck of a ride. It is by God’s Grace I am writing this. I really dread writing this entry but I guess I am using this write up for closure.

From the 11th of June, things have not gone exactly as planned (actually from the 3rd when there was a plane crash in lagos). On that fateful day(the 11th), my Head of Department (HOD) had an accident that eventually led to her death. Saying or writing that she is dead still feels like a dream. I just can’t believe that she is gone. Last week Monday, a condolence register was opened for her and I feel that it is for another person. In my mind I feel that she travelled and has not yet returned. I was telling someone recently of the plans being made for her burial and I just thought of the fact that I was saying ‘burial’ for my HOD.

It hurts to recall all that happened but I would try to. On a fateful cold and rainy Tuesday, my friend and I wanted to sneak into our call room to sleep when we heard that our HOD had an accident on the previous day. We saw the driver and the police escort trying to get some things, when we asked about our HOD they could not tell us anything concrete about her wellbeing or whereabouts.

We later found out she was in the intensive care unit (ICU). I was opportune to enter and almost passed out later. It took the grace of God and my determination not to cause a scene outside where other pharmacists had gathered. I saw my HOD with an oxygen face mask, neck collar and doctors surrounding here. She looked like she was in a coma. Later on we found out that she was paralysed in her lower limbs.

After some days she was transferred to a hospital in Abuja where she was to undergo a surgery before she would be flown out of the country. God decided to take my HOD from us in Abuja because 2 days after the surgery at exactly 5:10am on 18th June 2012 my HOD went to rest with the Lord.

When I found out I was numb because I couldn’t believe that she was gone. I couldn’t believe that I had lost 2 people I knew within 4 days. My grand aunty had died on the 15th of June 2012. Even though she was 93 years I had cried. In fact from the 12th to 18th of June I have shed more tears than i had in 6 months. I felt so alone, so depressed for days and to make things worse, 'babes' was not around. I called on God and tried so hard to relie on his word. I held on to Psalm 46:10. Every time I felt anxious and so sad, I quoted it. Let me truthful, it didn’t always calm me down. I was in a zombie like state for days…..

The month of June was really crazy and sad. With the plane crash on June 3rd to the stupid and senseless bombings of Boko Haram, June was just not it for me. However it was not all sadness as my friend got married to her heartthrob on the 30th of June and I had a chance to witness an Oron traditional marriage and go to Calabar for the first time.

I am so happy for her and can’t wait for my own wedding though I am a bit scared of the money that would be spent. Planning a wedding or getting married ain’t a joke. It is sooooo stressful and money consuming. I would upload the few pictures that I was able to take as I was so busy running around making sure that my friend’s day went on without so much hitches.

That is all I am able to write today folks. I just feel like cuddling up to my teddy bear right now as the rains have started again (when would it stop? It is raining every blessed day here in uyo. I tire for it o!)

Luv ya folks,
Petite Diva
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