Monday, October 11, 2010


Hi everyone, this is petite diva reporting live from the A & E pharmacy of UUTH. This is a broadcast write up on my very first night call. I have been here since 4 pm and it is now 10:47pm.

The call started a little bit hectic not because there were a lot of patients at the pharmacy but as a result of my lack of knowledge. I don’t know where the drugs are and their prices. The pressure was so much that I made a mistake that I have never done before. I gave someone a drug without indicating how to use it. I hope I can correct the mess up tomorrow before anybody gets to hear about it.

The day started really well for me ‘cos I got a pleasant surprise. My previous boss had sent me some money (a lot more than I expected) and with this ‘no salary being paid’ situation we are in it was a wonderful surprise and a beautiful way to start the week after yesterday’s issues.

I am all alone now. My partner is sleeping for now while I am locked up in the pharmacy writing this. I also noticed that some patients or rather their relatives can be annoying. Can you imagine that someone wanted me to give her a drug without paying? She wants me to enter trouble. Trying to explain that I don’t have the authority is just so darn hard for them to understand.

It is now 12:05am and I am still awake, thanks to what I am doing (this write up) and coca cola. I hope I will be able to fall asleep soon and function properly later on today.

The night seems calm; I really hope it stays that way ‘cos this afternoon/evening was something else. I stepped into the A & E reception and the stench that came from there told me that a lot had happened. A lot of doctors were on ground and the patients were even more than they could handle.

I actually saw a woman been covered up, apparently she had died while waiting in the reception. She died on the bench. I don’t know what exactly happened but I felt and still feel bad. I wish I had not seen it or that I didn’t understand what happened. Now any time I see that bench I am going to remember what happened.

I really don’t think that I can ever value pharmacy if I am a hospital pharmacist. I was born to be a community pharmacist and that is that.

I have to go; the hospital is very quiet now. I hope it stays that way so that I can sleep.

So this is the end of my live report. All the way from Akwa-ibom, this is the petite diva signing out.

Luv ya.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I don’t know about you all but I sometimes have a waay out of plan day in which nothing and I mean nothing goes according to plan. Everything seems to go wrong on those days and today was one of them. I am seriously not feeling this day. I don’t know if it has to do with the date (10/10/10) or today is not my day.

Let me gist you on all the activities that went wrong today. It started with
• Trying to cook something that I always cook this morning and totally messing it up (at least that is what I felt). To make matters worse I had a guest who though might be forgiving but I am not. I am such a perfectionist. HOW could I mess up in that part?.

• I have been attending a health, safety, security and environment course since yesterday. So i arrived there today for the last day of training thinking I would be alert and concentrate but lo and behold! the girl (me) was feeling terribly sleepy. I actually slept for some minutes before I decided to walk around and also get some sweets and chewing gum just to stay awake; after all I did pay for it.

• Then I came home at about 3 pm, happy that I can finally sleep for some hours only to discover that my room was locked. I had forgotten that my roommate had a lecture to give and had gone out with the keys. I called her and she assured me that she was on her way only for her to come back by 5 pm. So sleep was cancelled as it was too late for me to sleep again.

After noticing that things had not been working out like i wanted I totally refused to do anything else. Due to past experiences, once I see a day like this I refuse to do any other thing and just wait for the day to pass. I simply wait for the next day and pray to God that the next day, everything and I mean 'everything' works accordingly.

Anyways, tomorrow I am on night duty (call) for the first time in my life and I am not looking forward to it. I just hope the night load (i.e. emergencies) would be light. I would be sure to report live from the pharmacy/call room on the happenings. You guys should know that my very first call cannot happen without a little hype. I am after all the ‘petite diva’. This would be another one of my new experiences. Hopefully this internet service would be up and doing and not mess me up.

Oh! before I forget, something worth writing about happened. I was kinda pissed with myself about it but I think it is better it happened like that. What? You might wonder happened. Hold on, I am getting to it.

Before I noticed my locked room I went to see one of the ‘guys’ to conduct a business transaction and my former friend came to meet and was practically smiling at and joking with me. I was so stunned but managed to smile back.

I almost said some things but I guess shock made me shut up. He requested some thing from me and oh 'gullible' me gave it to him. He then said something that made me feel bad and I took it back but he later made good with his words. However I later felt used. I felt that he knows I am practically the only girl he has a friend that rarely takes from him but instead gives him. The most annoying fact about that is I try not to do that for guys so that I am not taken for granted but found that lately I have been doing that a lot for the 'guys'.

So for me to have a peaceful mind towards all this I have come to this conclusion that either he must have really needed it or he was looking for a way to settle our stupid 'no talking rule/rift' or he just wanted to get something out of me to feel he is smart. Which ever reason it is, I have decided that it does not matter. I have too many stuff on my plate to start worrying about his motives.

I might see him tomorrow and we might be back to our ‘no talking rule’ or we might be pick up from where we left off before all this drama came up. Whatever the case may be I am just going to take the days as it comes.

Till tomorrow (hopefully) my peps, hope you enjoyed today’s write up.
Petite diva signing out,
Luv ya.

P.S: Lately i have been seeing a lot of stuff that i have never seen before but have heard about. So i want to ask this question and hope i receive answers from you guys. Why do ladies give it up to a guy they barely know? I mean why do girls sleep with guys they might have known for a maximum of 1 or 2 week(s)? Are girls no more valuing themselves? Do they think it is all about sex? I would write what i think on this topic soon. i would really love to hear your views. I know i might be old fashioned.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I recently wrote an entry about my experiences and left a teaser to the entry on my Facebook page. Lo and behold I received some comments from my friends about a certain line that I used.

I intentionally wrote that line to give my blog a little pump but I think people are beginning to get the wrong idea. This has also happened with another entry in which the ‘guys’ thought that I had a crush on one of them. I don’t get why my words are been misinterpreted, okay some of them are meant to shock my readers (hey! writing will be no fun if it didn’t stimulate something in the mind of my readers).

So that aside, I think I should talk about my experience in the hospital. I really do not like the political drama of hospital pharmacy. I think I don’t like the fact that you have too many bosses when you are low on the office/pharmacy cadre. I like having one boss that I receive orders from or me simply being the boss. Having too many bosses make life one funky ride. One can be nice while another mean and out to get you. One can say you should do something a particular way while another will practically scream at you that you are doing things all wrong and you end up looking like a fool/dumb.

From my comments you can guess that I am comfortable with some of my bosses while some (especially one) are giving me headache. Well, they don’t know who they are messing with. I am going to break them ‘cos they have no choice than to love me. Why wouldn’t they? I am the ‘princess’ in the house, the one and only petite diva. They got no choice.

I like where I am because of the various pharmacies in the hospital. Different drugs are stocked in each of the pharmacy which means at various times you learn different drugs that are used to treat various diseases. I am going to make the most of where I am because I have plans to use this experience in the future.

Another problem that I have with the hospital (its management) is its inability to pay salaries on time. For the love of God when people work for you for a month, they deserve to be paid. I thought that now that I was working with the federal government at least payment will be made by 26th or 27th of every month but until today workers have not been paid. I don’t know what sort of pranks the management are up to but we will continue to watch them and hope they change for the better.

I gotta run. It is getting late and I need to sleep. Hope to back soon.
Luv, Petite Diva.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


On October 7, 2010 a very special friend is going to be a year older and I have decided to do a special tribute to him.

We met while we were in camp though we didn’t get to know each other that well then. It was after camp that we got closer due to our primary posting issues. He is one of the few people that I have come to roll with while I am here in AKS (that is akwa-ibom state). He is part of the people that is making me miss home a lot less than i thought i would as there is always something going on with the ‘guys’.

The GUYS are four for now but growing every day to include more guys. Why I am bothering to tell you this is because I would definitely refer to them a lot and I don’t want you to be lost later on.

Anyways, my friend is from another tribe that I seem to be surrounded by lately. He is one of a kind. He impresses me with his cooking prowess and the fact that he is not lazy about cooking which makes me happy for his future wife. She can be rest assured that her husband and kids will not 'die of hunger' when she can’t be there. And also of the fact that no maid or other woman can use food to take her husband from her.

He is good at his job and can be ridiculously playful at times. He has got his head screwed on right (at least most of the time). He is a focused business man which is really common with his tribe. That ain’t a bad thing as a guy has got to make the money for the family. Like it is said, ‘money makes the world go round’ (that is not necessary true). As long as the money is genuine I have no problem with it. I am always impressed with people who are business oriented.

To the eyes he ain’t that bad, scratch that... he looks good (boy! if you read this don’t get cocky, I am just saying the truth). He is the whole TDH (tall, dark and handsome) package and with the fact that he has got the pay and the profession that people value (he is a doctor), it is no wonder girls will be after him.

He is one of a kind and I feel blessed that I am privileged to know him. He is part of the reason why I have seized to question God on the fact that i was brought to this state.

So Dr Tochukwu, as you clock another year on this earth, I thank God for your life and for placing you in my life. I wish you the very best of life. May God grant you all your desires and may you have crowning success in all your endeavours (most especially the exam you just wrote). May you live to celebrate more birthdays, AMEN.

I wish you a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Luv ya. Really wish i could bake you a very big cake but it ain't possible here.

Well, that is all for now folks. Hope to be back soon.

Petite diva.

P.S: I recently had my very first follower of this blog on the 4th of October and was pleasantly surprised. So I giving a very BIG shout out to Aikay Brown, my first follower. Thank you for thinking that my blog is worth your time and I hope I won’t disappoint you.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Lately I have been thinking of a lot of stuff that I had done this year especially here in Akwa-Ibom and was surprised with what I had done within the short time that I have been here.

This NYSC scheme has caused me to do lots of things that I never ever thought I would ever do so I decided to put in writing and amuse you all with my “firsts” in this life. Even if I do not appreciate this scheme for all it has put me through, I would be grateful for all the experiences that I have had.

So here we go:
1. Flying after a veery long time: I used to fly when I was a young girl but the memory had practically faded away so NYSC helped me in refreshing my memory and scaring me from using that means of transport for a short while. I am grateful for the fact that I used it so when I decide to go to a destination that I can only get there by that means I won’t be so terrified.

2. Going to the South-south Region of Nigeria: I have never left my home state to go anywhere for a long time (except for school which was close–by and still in the west), so going to the south-south where there has been a lot of bad stuff happening was a very new experience for me. Like I have said before, I didn’t even know where the state was. Now I know how the state is thanks to NYSC.

3. Sleeping with a guy in the same bed: Before you guys get funny ideas, I only slept in the same bed with the guy and did not sleep with the guy so ‘thou shall not go there’. That experience occurred because of a condition that I could not control and not because I wanted it. I was stuck and only one bed was available so we had to do what we had to do. I slept under the sheets and he slept on top of the sheets (just like I had seen it been done in movies) and with the lights on. I also made sure I slept at the outer side of the bed just to prevent any thing from happening even though I trusted him.

Did I mention that it was in a hotel/motel with other corps members around? I practically had to hide myself in the bathroom when a fellow corps member came in the morning so that she wouldn’t think otherwise. I know to some of you, you would say what is the big deal? But to me it is a very, very, very big deal. I value my reputation and I don’t like been called what I am not. So I had to behave like a ‘mouse’ hiding even though I had done nothing wrong but people would always be people and say what they want to say.

4. Staying in a Hotel for 10 days & nights: Due to the fact that I was stuck in this state while trying to change my place of primary posting I had to stay in a hotel (it can be called a mini hotel/brothel) for that long spending almost #25,000 on hotel bills. According to some, I was living it big but to me I just wanted to go home. I was tired of floating.

5. Traveling round the whole state: I am more of a sit at home rat/person but with all the whole trouble after camp I ended up going to various places in this state. I was practically jumping from one area to another. From Abak to Uyo to Ibesipko Asutan to Eket to Etinan and so on, you get my drift.

6. Carrying a bucket of water from a far distance: I have never carried a bucket of water from a far distance like a mile/ kilometer or something like that. I had to do that here. I have had to carry buckets of water from far distances just because where I am once there is no electricity for at least a day and half there will be no water flowing from the taps. And since the hospital management had decided not to include the doctor’s quarters in the hospital emergency electricity grid, we gotta do with the endurance carrying if we want to remain reasonably clean.

7. Learning stuff that I never knew: I have had my laptop for a while but there were so many things I did not know about it that I seem to have been enlightened about. There are also many stuff about life that I have had learn here all thanks to the guys that I have been rolling with. I would soon write about the guys. You might be amused by their antics.

Besides all the experiences, i have had to be reminded of the little and great things that I had taken for granted in Lagos. When I go back to Lagos (by God’s grace in December/January), I am going to appreciate every thing I have the chance to do. I have never appreciated the fact that Lagos has places like Galleria, Palms, all the cinemas and all the other fun spots or the fact that you can watch over 8 different channels without using Satellite TV. So if you see grinning from ear to ear when I am in any of such places understand my plight. The best part that I have appreciated about Lagos and missed a lot is the FABULOUS radio stations that it has. They are simply off the hook even the ones I didn’t listen to are far better off than the ones here.

Well, that is enough ‘firsts’ that I can think of for now. Hope I didn’t bore you. And for ya all folks who think I write well and have said it, I say THANK YOU. I take my inspiration from God through the books I have read and from Carrie Bradshaw of ‘The Sex and the City’ fame. Even though I am no where close to what she is supposed to be and there is no sex and city (New York) in my life. It is just me saying/writing what I feel when I like.

Till I write again, it is your petite diva signing out.
Luv ya all.

P.S: If you have any comments about anything I have written, you can holla at me here or on my Facebook page.
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