Wednesday, November 5, 2014


My friend, CEO Adorable Pharmacy and I
So I said I would go for today's events of the conference but I almost cancelled that plan this morning. The heavy rains that poured this morning was amazing. It rained tigers and lions! I made up my mind that I was going nowhere but since i had to book for my ticket so I had to leave the house.

While I was preparing to leave the house a classmate of mine sent a message that he must see me by all means so there was another change of plans. I had to go there. I wanted to attend a session that was chaired by a very vibrant pharmacist who has chains of pharmacies, Bukky George of Healthplus so I felt it was a good thing I change my plans. I eventually missed the session but I met my friends and I had fun. I also saw my lecturer and some former interns.
I got a lot of freebies and I only bought two items and I got to do a Helicobacter pylori test for FREE! That (and the free drugs to treat it) was one of the highlights of the day. I think I told you all that I have been having stomach pains and had to consume omeprazole and antacids before I had some relief (in case I didn't say it before now you know). The doctor said I should go for the test but I have been too lazy to go (and I didn't want to spend any money....cheapskate like me). Well I got to do a test that would have cost me 5000-10000 naira (about $30-60) for free! Yay!! Yes I was positive, I knew that I could be but at least I am now definite about the results. I was already thinking of how I would have to buy the drug of almost 3500 naira (about $21) when I went back to the stand with friends to check their own status and I was given a free pack of the OMG!! How awesome is that!. I am so happy I went to the stand of Biofem Pharmaceuticals. It was actually a senior colleague that finished from my school who happened to be the area manager that told me to check their stands and I am glad I did. I got free drugs, jotters, a shirt, free test and a pedal driven blended fruit juice/smoothie. 

I had two big bags and people were wondering whether I bought anything but what can I say...people love me.....hehehe. They kept giving me stuff.

So here are the stands I went to, for pharmacists still in uyo do check them out:

Biofem pharmaceuticals
Evans medicals
Mega lifesciences
Sanofi aventis

Here are pictures (they are really much...sorry):

My Fabulous Classmates....As and Tope..
Someone should tell that biofem rep to get out of my selfie....Emeka, go away...
Biofem guys doing their thing...
Making the smoothie and getting fit....Can someone say green energy?
Adjusting the seat cos she was tall...she loved it....Go mam!!

I was

I need to get legs were aching, I couldn't ride for long and I felt faint afterwards. I am so joining a gym!

Biofem Selfie....
The H.pylori testing machine...
FIP stand....I totally love the sign I am how cool is that?!, love, love and love whoever thought of it....*kisses*
I am proud of my interns...thinking globally (Abasifreke of and Imoh)
Watch out for my interns at FIP next year....they were giving out information on FIP to pharmacists. That is my friend by the way (the lady)
My bags of freebies...
The contents in individual bags...
Everything I got.....

What I bought...*coversface
When I was coming back I happen to be around the pedestrian bridge near Uniuyo which I have only seen one person climb before (these people would rather cross the road and risk their lives) and despite the fact that I don't like heights I used it. I could not be like every other person.
It is actually a fine bridge
Mother and daughter about to climb the bridge....
So that was how my day went. I guess it was a big blessing that God allowed my original plan to have failed. It was worth the wait.

That is all for today. This is Pharm Diva reporting live from Thanks for stopping by...

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. "5000-10000 naira (about $350-550) 3500 naira (about $220)"

    em... is the $ US Dollars or some other country's? I think you may need to adjust your dollar calculations... 5000NGN is no where near 350USD- the Naira has not gotten that bad :-)

    1. Yikes! I was thinking of 50000 naira. Thanks for the correction.

  2. I enjoyed reading this and you are amazing!!
    Keep up the good work dear. I wish you all the best.
    Have a lovely day


  3. Grrr...mami...I dunno why my comment keeps getting swallowed up...You look beautiful and you sure did have a lot of fun....buh all them big words got Tibs lah confused...hehe....(then again I am always

    1. Hey mami, thanks for your compliments. You, confused? When you guys start with your technology stuff i am like uhn, what is she saying? I guess we are both

  4. You guys look great, enjoyed reading the post.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, we enjoyed ourselves.

  5. you go dey buy horlick ba? lol. lovely pics

  6. You must have enjoyed your day real good. And all those goodies, meeeeehn, u'll be smiling for weeks!

    1. Yay! You checked out my blog. Thanks a lot. I had a great day...

  7. Swiirrrie where @ thou? I've missed you o kai. Which one of these things are you going to give me?

    1. I have been around o. Don't worry i would give you plenty...

  8. I'm a pharmacist too. :) Looks like you and your friend had a good time. Enjoy the coming days!

    1. Hey Man of Honor, it is nice to have you here. Thanks for stopping by....


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