Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Yay!! Today's is World Pharmacist Day and i am so proud to be a member of this Noble profession. Pharmacy totally rocks!!

Just have 2 things to say: When getting your drugs filled remember that 1. the pharmacy ain't a fast food restaurant so calm down and let the pharmacist do his or her job, it is for your own good. 2. One mistake by the pharmacist can kill you. So be extremely nice to your pharmacist cos you don't want a pissed off pharmacist handling your drugs. A pissed off pharmacist is a deadly, very deadly Show some love to Pharmacists everyday guys..

Gotta run. I need to sleep early this night.


Luv ya guys,
Petite Diva.

Monday, September 23, 2013


I am sick again or rather I should say I have been infected with bacteria again. I am feeling feverish, been having headache for the past 2 days, have catarrh and i am coughing (and I have a massive chest pain when I cough). The most annoying part, I just swallowed a major macrolide, non drowsy anti histamine and artemisinin derived anti malarial like less than 3 weeks ago.

It is astonishing to me why I should start having these symptoms again. So I have come to the conclusion that my immune system is really wacked. I used to be proud of my system because I used to fall ill once in a while but now it seems I am falling ill too often lately. So in order to boost my immune system I have decided to take some necessary vitamins. I am now consuming 1g of vitamin c, 4 tabs of vitamin b-complex and 5mg of folic acid when I see it.

And to make matters worse, not only have started feeling palpitations again (probably due to stress) but the interns that usually help carry some of the work load are through with their internship or should I say technically through with their internship. I have a lot to say about the way things are run in my department but I won’t say anything. All I know is that if I am going to be in my unit for the next 3 weeks without 'the powers that think they be' sending help and the patient load continue being enormous, then heads and I mean HEADS would roll. And it won’t be my head and I would also be there with front roll tickets to see how the drama unfolds.

I work hard and I love working hard but that does not mean I should be worked like a donkey. I am human for God’s sake! How can you leave 2 pharmacists in an ‘out patient pharmacy’ and then have 4 pharmacists in a pharmacy that does not see one quarter of the patient load that is seen in the out patient pharmacy? It is ridiculous!

Right now I am in a 'no talking' mode. For those who don’t know, once I am in a quiet mode it means I no longer care. I am passionate and when I feel something I express it. Anger, love, happiness, joy, I express them in a diva way. If I am angry or hurt, I would let you know and if you keep ignoring me or act like I am a nuisance, one day I would snap and I would enter my quiet mode. It simply means I have totally written you off and I am waiting to either have my revenge or waiting for karma to kick your ass or i think you are not worth my time. And you all know that karma is a bitch, well, karma is a fierce bitch when defending me. That is why I try to be forgiving to people.

But this, I don’t know if I would forgive. Nobody should be this mean! And they should know better, they are older.

Well, that is all of my rambling for today. I have just taken a drowsy anti histamine tab and an analgesic tab, waiting for the anti histamine to kick and I am feeling too ill and discouraged to read so I decided to write. I have even consumed some comfort food. I know it might be not too cool but I need something to lift this mood away.

Thanks for reading. Have a beautiful week ahead.

Love ya,
Petite Diva

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I am a pharmacist (i know y'all know that) and a member of an incredible team called THE HEALTHCARE TEAM and i really love what i am, i love what i do and i love that i can wake up everyday and be a blessing/help to someone. But with my job as with with every job, there are pros and cons. My greatest con is the 'put down i get not from patients but from doctors. I won't even begin to describe all that i have had to endure. It is bad enough that i get flack from patients but for some doctors to treat me horribly, it is not just fair and nice. 
I know that I am bound to have disadvantages or should I say 'problems' in  my job but I would love the problems to come from outside my team and not within the team.  When I was in pharmacy school, I rarely had friends in the medical school ‘cos I saw them as a bunch of proud, rude and annoying things who were blessed to have the opportunity to wear a ward coat (my mindset has been changed due to some lovely doctor friends that I have. 

It was so bad that I used to tell my friends that I could never date a doctor or marry one (funny I have dated them and my girlfriends are married to doctors). But after leaving school, I began to appreciate doctors and I have so many doctor friends now. However I am not pleased with all of them right now.

We shouldn’t fight each other. We are a team for crying out loud! We are all relevant and unique in our fields. No one is the head and no one is irrelevant. You don’t need to dominate another person’s field to show your superiority. All of us working together would help us to deliver quality healthcare to our patients.

All this bickering and selfishness is totally uncalled for. I think that if we keep fighting and people keep trying to bring another person down, you eventually bring yourself down. Because you would be so consumed with attacking the other person, you won’t see where you are going. I don’t know why this fight is only in Nigeria, maybe it has to do with our warped sense of living. Majority of us believe in bringing people down and love having all the power. I don’t know whether it is all this irrelevant fight or struggle for power that made our healthcare system to be where it is today.

What brought about this post? Recently I heard that due to a legal battle with federal government by other health professionals that was won by the other health workers about salary scale and other benefits, a certain medical association (in simple English, doctors ) has decided to issue a threat or something about their salary scale. I am not even going to bother writing all that was written here but I had to say something. I saw a post by a guy called Wale Anigilaje and even though I am not a sport person, I think it is a perfect illustration of our team.

I hope a lot of my doctor readers read it and I hope you see things the way they really should be. With that said, I am proud of my friends that are doctors and I love you guys so much. I hope things would change soon.

It might not fully change in my lifetime but I hope that it would start to change in my lifetime so that if anyone of my future kids comes up to me and say ‘mum, I want to be a doctor’, I won’t have a horrific expression but would be glad and happy that not only would my child be a fantastic doctor , he or she would be fair and a team player not only to his/her colleagues but also to other team members.

Posted on face book
It is important for Nigerian Doctors to realize and appreciate that HEALTHCARE DELIVERY is about a TEAM. A team is ONLY AS STRONG AS ITS WEAKEST fact, compare it with a FOOTBALL TEAM, sometimes the CAPTAIN can be the Goal keeper, sometimes a midfielder, another time a striker and most times may be a defender. When the Central defender thinks HE MUST BE THE CAPTAIN at all times, then that is invitation to TROUBLE/that team will never win a trophy....
In the Healthcare team , my opinion is even that (I may be wrong ) the Laboratory Science guys and the Bio-medical Engineers are the midfielders (the engine room ), Once that fail, there would be GUESS WORK, long trust pass to no one in particular.
The team also needs the WINGERS to fly and do the necessary fast breaks, think about the Pharmacist, of course the NURSES LOOKS LIKE THE GOAL KEEPER to me, if a keeper is wounded and you have to use 2nd choice (healthcare assistant, it is not always the best).
Then we have the STRIKERS/Goal POACHERS which I would give the DOCTORS........Sometimes, the Manager/COACH of the team may be a FORMER PLAYER HIMSELF sometimes, they are not...(Think about CMD,health commissioners )...Mourinho and Wenger were never fantastic players if ever they even played but they are one of the Best Manager today, a Lot of fantastic players have failed as coach/Managers..
NHS HOSPITALS manager who reports to BOARD OF GOVERNORS are never Doctors, and the hospitals here are one of the best in the world....Management is about Motivation, leadership, human relations, psychology, financial planning, scale of preference and alternative forgone, allocation of resources, time management and manpower development/recruitment...
It is also about REWARD AND PUNISHMENT without NIGERIAN DOCTORS need do away with WE ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT MENTALITY IN A TEAM VENTURE.........Please note that I have used the health team and not the MEDICAL or Surgical team.....and of course in my UK examples, let me remind you that Doctors ( the strikers ) are the BEST PAID but THEY CANNOT INSIST ON A PARTICULAR RELATIVITY IN THEIR WAGES to that of others which is the main HEALTH TEAM civil war that has become a vicious circle in Nigeria.

And to all my doctor friends/readers, please don’t think this is a hate post but it is calling a spade, a spade not a spoon. I am not hating on anybody but I believe that enough is enough! We need  to stop all the fighting. We don’t have the time or energy for bickering or putting anyone down, we are too darn busy and too darn principled for that. Let us act according to what we stand for!

Luv always,
Petite Diva.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I am presently in Lagos and watching ‘Big rich Atlanta’ and I am astounded with the amount of fakeness in the show. OMG!! Everything is screaming FAKE!! I don’t know if the events that occur are real but it looks all fake to me.

From the blonde hair straight out of the bottle, the super long extensions, the weird talking (I don’t get it but I am sure some people could talk like them), the mask they call make up, the clothes, the drinking, 'the funny air' and the surgically enhanced looks…..arrrgggghhhhh.

Some of the ladies are in my age group and they look like they are older than me by 20 years. I am sure they would look so much different in the mornings without all that make up. But some actually (about 2 black ladies) looked okay to me.

But that is what is on television right now. We are having a lot of fakeness on T.V in the name of reality T.V and because they are fake more like scripted lives being acted in front of the whole world, people are interested in watching them. I won’t say I don’t watch them but at the back of my mind I know that all na fake….pardon my pidgin English. The fakeness is everywhere. 

I can’t wait for a real, real reality show where people can show their real faces. A reality show without bleached hair, funny accent, real boobs and not surgically implanted ones, nice fashion sense (some of the dresses they wear are hideous, MY GOODNESS!!). But I am either going to produce it myself or wait till thy Kingdom come because a real reality show would never sell. People want fakeness, however the problem I have is with the impact it has on the younger ones. I wonder if this is what we are introducing them to. I really hope parents are monitoring what they are watching and letting them know that life is more than all the fakeness they see.

I have to say in the episode I watched, the only part I liked was when a black lady was invited to mentor some kids and she told them about her story and how she asked Jesus to come into her life. Apparently she is a preacher (truth be told, I wouldn’t have guessed cos of all she had going on. I guess it is true what they say, ‘never judge a book by its cover’) and had been through a lot. She talked to the inner city kids and invited them to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and encouraged them (in a very hippy way, I must say).

Apart from that, the show was very funny. Oh! I also liked when a snobby white lady wanted to deter the preacher from going to work with the club (where the kids where training in cheer leading stunts) just because they were not rich and the preacher walked away from her. I was really shocked! Like for real! There are still some people like that. I am seriously hoping that she was given a script to act because if she is like that, she is so sick and mean. Who does that? If you have a problem because inner city kids are coming to a gym, you got a major issue but to try and prevent someone from mentoring them because of your biased nature, then I say you are MAJOR SICK!!

Oh well, people are living their lives on television, I am living my life on my blogs…..*justjoking. Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post.

Have a lovely week.
Love ya,
Petite Diva.

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