Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Black Panther (courtesy Marvel.com)

So I am a comics superhero movie fan. I looovvvveeeee Superman and no matter how many times I watch Lois and Clark: the adventures of superman, I never get tired. I didn’t follow Smallville when it aired because I was kinda of angry that Lois and Clark was discontinued and I didn’t understand all the Lana Lang angle but in the past couple of years, I have watched as much Youtube clips of Smallville that I can find online.

Wakanda Forever…. Yes, Black Panther….The latest rave among non superhero movie and superhero movie fans. There was so much hype around it that it was choking. I have watched and read so much reviews and editorials that I felt overwhelmed. Why? I didn’t want the marvel cinematic universe movies to be overshadowed by the overwhelming political and sub psychological context that people were placing on the movie. I have loved MCU movies since Robert Downey Jr starred as Iron Man. I watched some X-men movies till I got offended that Halle Berry was not cast as Storm. I watched the first Fantastic 4 movie (with Chris Evans now Captain America and Jessica Alba) and was mad as heck when they decided to do a reboot with Micheal B Jordan as invisible girl’s brother or so. Please don’t get me started….
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