Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Women's fashion retailer The Limited has teamed up with Scandal star Kerry Washington and the show's costume designer Lyn Paolo to create a collection inspired by ABC's hit inside-the-Beltway series
Scandal inspired outfits.....
I am not a television series kind of girl anymore but the amount of noise i have heard about Scandal and Olivia Pope is amazing. I don't know what the program is all about and right now i have too many things on my plate to even watch one episode.

However i think Olivia Pope has a nice sense of style and it seems a lot of people think so because guess what? There is now a clothing line inspired by the character. It is produced by The Limited Company, a fashion retailer.

I think (even though i have not watched it but i have seen pictures) Olivia Pope usually rocks clothes that makes you think of a boss lady. She wears a strong but soft, Proper but sexy kind of outfit. I can't really describe it. Oh well here is the first look of the collection.

With 78 pieces priced from $49 to $250, the collection features pencil skirts, chic coats, print blouses, and a selection of work-ready pants

Ms Washington added: 'Women often feel that they have to be either smart or beautiful, powerful or pretty, either fashion forward or successful, and I think this clothing line says you can be all of those things'

This cinched coat is one of the 78 looks in The Limited's Scandal collection

This illustration released by The Limited shows a fashion design inspired by the ABC series Scandal, starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope

Ms Washington's character, Olivia Pope, is known for her sophisticated style which features looks such as this smart trench coat
Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington....Girl married a Nigerian....*justsaying*)

 Source: Dailymail.co.uk

So what do you think Yay or Nay?  Y'all know what my answer would be......Yep, it is a DOUBLE YAAAAAYYYYYY for me....lol

Okay i am a tiara kind of girl and sometimes i can be a cap kind of girl but this is ridiculous. Like choose one, yikes!!
Long night? The 22-year-old model couldn't help yawning as she left her house
Her name is Cara something, i don't get people's fascination with her eyebrows...*iamweird*
Style queen: Cara Delevingne donned a crown-inspired trucker cap during a day out in London on Tuesday
My tomboy tendency no reach this level abeg.... (my tomboy tendency is not as severe as this)
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  1. Please you need to watch scandals.... its just all in one package. ...style, drama, sense.....plenty sense sef... you need to watch it

    1. I would watch it but after all my exams not now....

  2. I like her gowns, but was not crazy about her pants

  3. Wait. Me I actually like cara ohh. I don't watch scandal sef, last carrier but even though her style is awesome, its not really my style. Maybe one day, I'll start power dressing.


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