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Father Richard (l) and mother Catherine (r) say all that matters is that Jonah (c) is healthy 
Richard (left), Jonah (middle) and Catherine (right)

I know science can probably explain it but it is still a bit jaw dropping. Check out this post I found.......

The black mother who gave birth to a white baby - beating odds of a million-to-one 
A mother has beaten odds of a million-to-one by giving birth to a baby who appears to be of a different race.

Catherine Howarth, 32, from Milton Keynes, is Nigerian by heritage, and so was, at first, a little taken aback when she saw her son Jonah for the first time.

With his pale skin, green eyes and light brown hair, Jonah, now three months old, looks like any other new-born baby - but, when seen in his mother's arms, his uniqueness is obvious.

Recalling the moment she delivered Jonah in Milton Keynes Hospital on June 1, his mother told the Sunday Mirror: ‘The midwife looked at me and looked back down at Jonah and then at me again and couldn’t believe it.'

‘Some children get darker after a few weeks when the skin colour they will have for life starts to become obvious. But you can see from the colour at the tips of their ears what that Jonah was fully white.

We have been told I must have been carrying a recessive gene. My parents were from Nigeria and, for as far back as anyone can remember; my family have all been black.’

Skin colour is a very strong example of genetic influence. It depends on the amount of the pigment melanin found in the skin cells, and this amount is predetermined by the genetic blueprint of each cell.

There are an infinite number of different skin colours, known as phenotypes. These range through black, dark brown, brown, light brown to white skin.

Each expression of melanin has an accumulating effect on skin tone - in other words, the more there is in each parent's genes, the darker that person will be.

Therefore, a baby's colour will usually depend on the predominating amount of melanin in their parents.

Although again, it is possible, though fairly infrequent, that dark-skinned parents give birth to a pale-skinned child, or vice versa, if their own parents or grandparents are paler or lighter than they are. 

If i was the one that gave birth to the kid, i would probably freak out before i start reasoning logically. What would you do if it was you? Come to think about it, since the dad was white there was a great chance of giving birth to a white kid. Maybe their next child would be a black kid. As long as the kid is healthy and they are happy i guess it doesn't matter.

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