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1994 and 2014

How many 90's babies are here?! Unfortunately hey it should be fortunately i am not one, no bragging guys but 80's babies are the You'all heard!! Woot! Woot!! Anyways growing up in the 80's and 90's was real fun. Yep we didn't have internet or tablets or mobile phones. Satellite television or cables and land lines could not be afforded by a lot of people. Video games were called family combo, if you want to play Nintendo you had to go to a game centre till on of your friends finally get and everybody migrates there. Because of the lack of other distractions, we were not couch potato kids. We went to school, came back, had a forced siesta, went for extra lessons then played outside.

I remember when my brother and i were bought bicycles, it took me quite some time to learn how to ride it without the training wheels because practically almost everyone in almost 3 closes where lining up to ride. And there was no way i could hog the bicycle (even if it was my own). I would have to be firm and request for my turn before i would get to ride. However it was fun. Nowadays i don't really see kids do all that.

All they do know is play games, use computers (which has led to cyber bullying from faceless people, in my time the person that wants to bully must show his face and your mama would march to his house and report to his parents who would trash his behind and that bullying tendency would flee from his body) and watch endless Television. I won't say we didn't watch television but the programs or movie had to make sense and they were at restricted times.

We had a video rental shop we used to go to that the owner was given instructions to give us movies appropriate for our age and only during holidays. He knew our school and knew when we were on holidays or in session so there was no sneaking to get any movie during school session.One of such movies he picked out for us was Little Rascals. I just realised the movie 'Little Rascals' was made in 1994 so it is 20 years since it was produced this year. Wow!! How time flies. And if you have not watched it please please look for your inner kid and watch it,

Anyway a little-known Los Angeles-based production company 22 Vision got all the actors in the movie back together to celebrate the anniversary and recreate some of the most memorable images from the movie.

"The message behind the shoot is embracing who you are," Brian Pocrass, 22 Vision's founder, told HuffPost Entertainment over the phone. "Obviously getting back into the character can be uncomfortable, but it's about embracing who you were as a child."

Check out more pictures:

For more pictures check here

The 80's and 90's were the absolute bomb, nowadays everything is so out of control. I remember buying coke for N2.50k, that is now a very very very distant memory. What were some of your memories of the 80's and 90's? Do you remember 'Little Rascals'? I loved the race cars that they drove (wished i had one).

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  1. I am an 80's baby and i agree we had more fun


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