Wednesday, September 3, 2014


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For a couple of weeks I have been having issues with my stomach and it keeps embarrassing me. It is always rumbling and loudly too like there was a volcano inside. I knew I was having flatulence but I was not really interested in taking drugs (actually I don’t like taking drugs at all). My senior colleague told me to take a drug and I said no because it is a drug usually prescribed for Gastro-Intestinal reflux disease/Ulcer and I was not interested in concluding that I might have Ulcer.

Until today when I had to finally admit that I might be having symptoms of ulcer after denying for so long. After the whole episode with the excess gas which I took drugs for about 2 days instead of 7 days I realized I am a truly naughty pharmacist. Actually it was after embarrassing myself at work when I refused to take my antacid syrup for almost 10 minutes and I got teased by my senior colleagues and junior colleagues. I am confessing all my sins here so everybody should take pity on me...*prettyplease*

The pain in my tummy actually started last week and I still refused to take anything because I didn’t want to admit I had a health issue. And after confirmation today I realized I knew about this and didn’t prevent it from happening. I have had issues with gas in my tummy for so long (actually since I was 17) but since it usually resolves by itself so I never took it serious. And the worst part is that I usually counsel patients on preventive health tips and I didn’t take any of my own advice…Go figure, i am such a case.

My colleagues have made so much fun of me because of my little stunt. I am beginning to think I am in the wrong profession (actually i think i am not acting worthy of the profession). I am a 'do as I say person not a do as I do person', can you guys imagine? So now that I have realized that I am going to try to be a better pharmacist and start taking good care of my health,  following my advice. I would try to take my drugs when I should and stop running away from things.

Which reminds me I need to start wearing my glasses more before my ophthalmologist flogs me for not wearing it. However in my defense though I would say that most pharmacists don’t like drugs *runsaway*. Actually now I am going to be forced to eat almost every 3 hours to try and prevent the acids from eating up the remaining of my stomach linings. So maybe I would gain some weight while I am battling this *gofigure* *dancingrunningman*….lol, but what choice do I have, I cannot cry over another disease diagnosis.

So my advice to you all, take better care of yourself and when you notice that things are a bit abnormal check it out! #Behealthconscious If I had gone to the doctors earlier I won’t be suffering right now (my tummy is really aching).

I got to go. Thanks for stopping by…

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

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