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Lately i have been trying to update my knowledge of sports and i found out that i barely know anything. Imagine i didn't know that football players played in other countries apart from United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. When i saw that some players actually play in France, Australia and Denmark i was totally surprised.*coversmyface*

Anyway that has spurred me to start checking out sport news and trying to improve my sports knowledge. And since there are a 1000 and one sports i am limiting myself to a few. So we all know that Nigeria is more of a football nation so football aka soccer is number 1 on my list. My favorite quote 'Never let the fear of striking out prevent you from playing the game' which was said in 'Cinderella story' (Hilary Duff and Chad Murray Bruce) was based on Baseball so therefore Baseball is the 2nd sport. Last but the least is Basketball. Why? Because when i was little my mum bought my brother and i sweatpants of basketball teams. Mine was Phoenix Suns and my brother's was Chicago Bulls, so i guess i had no choice than to stick to basketball.

So when i finally know enough about the sports i would definitely want to go and see a live game and for that my game gear has got to be sooooo on point. Definitely i would go to a game of a team i like and dress with some of the team's memorabilia and add a touch of diva into it. I ain't Queen Latifah in 'Just Wright' and i ain't too much of a pretty princess so my game style has got to reflect that.

So the challenge from is to select a team hat (they have a serious dopey collection you should all check out) and pair it with up to 7 accessories. Like when i saw the site and checked out their collections i was like mehnnnnn this is a cool site. I loved quite a lot of their gears and they do not only stock hats but shirts too and they have got gears from Basketball teams/league, American football league, Nascar and College teams. I even spied my Basketball team (Phoenix Suns) and saw this totally fab Jacket....

adidas Phoenix Suns Ladies Originals Full Color Stripe Track Jacket - Black
Like how super cool is this? Don't lie..... It is cool!

You are sure to get a super game style by checking out and they even have stuff for kids too so it can be a family thing. Woot!!

Anyway here is how i would kit up to a baseball game to watch L.A Dodgers (i chose L.A Dodgers because i saw it in a movie and i decided that they must be a cool team....hey i am weird like that).

My outfit would look like this:

My hat has to be on point and i chose this because it is different from other baseball hats and it is also very ladylike. Oh and because it has pink. I am a pinky girl *singing*
New Era L.A. Dodgers Ladies Chic Cadet Adjustable Hat - White
New Era L.A. Dodgers Ladies Chic Cadet Adjustable Hat-white
 It is available in blue/stone.. Check here to view more pictures. It cost $25.95
New Era L.A. Dodgers Ladies Chic Cadet Hat - Stone
Stone colour

I would wear a tank top or crop top because of the heat and the sweating i expect that might happen after a while. I might wear a team shirt but i want to wear just one team item that is either i wear a hat or a shirt not both, thank you.
Image 1 of ASOS Tank with High Neck in Modal Mix
Asos High neck tank top

I like because they stock a wide variety of high street designers and because they deliver to Nigeria. I have bought a lot of items (clothes, shoes and a 'no strap' stick on bra) from them and they are really okay. Not 100% but 95% which is not bad at all. To get the tank top check here and it costs $15.23.

Or i would wear something like this
Image 3 of River Island Ribbed Crop Top
River Island Ribbed Crop Top

This crop top costs $28.56

I would definitely wear a jeans to a game so that i can be free to sit anyhow i like (why the side eye uhn? do you expect me to wear a skirt? Am i Queen Elizabeth?...)

Image 1 of James Jeans Twiggy Dark Blue Super Skinny 5 Pocket Legging Jeans
James Jean Twiggy Dark Blue Super skinny 5 pocket Legging Jeans

Image 2 of James Jeans Twiggy Dark Blue Super Skinny 5 Pocket Legging Jeans
The Back View (You know my back view would be hotter than this because this diva has got baaaccckkk)
The legging jeans looks like what can be dressed up or dressed down. It costs $70.46
Image 1 of Pepe Jeans Checked Shirt
Check Shirt....By Pepe Jean (on
This shirt costs $95.22 and is pretty expensive to me but it is a great design. I would wear it only when i get a bit cold or on my way to the stadium.

So what would grace my custom made, Cinderella feet? Hmmmm, well i am not going to just wear any sneakers but a blinged up, diva standard and a 'here comes the flyest petite diva in the world' kind of sneakers. I would wear a sneaker (canvas) that is comfy and also lady like. Check this out:
Magnificent Lace-Up Metal Buckle Zipper High-Top Canvas Shoes
Magnificent Lace -Up Metal Buckle Zipper High-Top canvas Shoes
What say all? High tops with a gold detail buckle just because i can. And if i like i can remove the buckle for a different look. And this high top is available in black and beige colours too. If you want to get this shoe which cost 60.99 USD on, check here

This is the laid back, sexy look i am aiming for when i am in the stadium....
Image 1 of River Island Ribbed Crop Top
What do you think guys? Can i pull it off?
I like bracelets so i would probably rock a charm bracelet like this:
And my last accessory would be rocking a bold lip. I really love bold 'sane' lipsticks.... (some lipsticks are not sane at all...)
Love it.......
The 1st and 2nd colours are on fire....

Well guys that is all. Whew!! This post took a lot of time (almost 2 hours) because i had to look for the exact items  so that i can create the outfit i had envisioned. I hope you like my style. I think my game style is on fire... So be sure to check out to help you get your game style on.

Here is a collage of all the pieces...
I am so proud of myself, i did this with Picasa.....Yay!!
I have to go now. Thanks for stopping by...

Luv ya,
Petite Diva...



  1. Ladies shaaa,anyway i will check the site out,do have a lovely weekend!

  2. Please do, you would love it. I wish you a lovely weekend too...


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