Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Having a stretch: Mr Harvey, from Atlanta, spends his time capturing anthropomorphic images. Above, the cub stretches its front legs at the entrance to the den

I don't watch Nat Geo (National Geaographic) channel and Discovery channel because i find glueing myself to the T.V screen to watch a bunch of animals live their lives very 'sleep inducing and brain numbing'. I remember going to Lion park in South Africa and my friend wanted to watch the lions for a while, i was like 'what for'? I have taken enough pictures of them (i had never seen a live one except on television until that time) to last me a lifetime, can we now go? She then said 'why do you want to go? look at them, they are beautiful' and i was like my friend let us go.....Lions and lionesses that can rip you apart are now beautiful, okay, next stop please!

But while checking out an article i saw this beautiful polar bear (it is cuter than the ones i saw at Johannesburg first time in a zoo too) and i just had to show you guys. Enjoy checking out the polar bear.......

Hello there! This adorable photo shows a polar bear cub waving at the camera as it emerges from its snowy den in Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada
Cutie bear....

Stunning: After waving, the cub was seen pressing its paws together in a 'praying' position. The images were taken by 43-year-old wildlife photographer Greg Harvey
It is clapping for me...hehehe
He is a cutie right? He lives in Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada and is said to be very friendly....*smiling*

That is all guys. Thanks for stopping by...

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  1. Hehe what a cute thing to share with us! I used to adore watching nature and animal documentaries (esp from BBC like Blue Planet or Planet Earth) when I was younger. Nowadays, however, I find myself getting quite bored because I am so used to watching my TV shows and dramas haha. This polar bear is so adorable-- the last one I saw was a very sad fellow at the Singapore Zoo. Can you imagine an Arctic creature having fun in a tropical zoo with no air-con? He didn't have much fun at all... I also saw a lion and lioness at the zoo and it was quite boring until he decided to roar at one point haha.

    xx Debbie

    1. Why would they put a polar bear in a place with no air con? I was told that the ones i saw in South Africa usually has the air conditioners in full blast but it was not switched on that time because it was winter and everywhere was super cold. The Lion probably knew you were bored and now decided to put up a


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