Friday, September 26, 2014


You all know that I am a late bloomer but then when I get there, I really get there!! I am so sure that some people have known about this option for so long and would probably roll their eyes at me but then again i am a late bloomer. So please don't be angry.... *grinning*

So on the day this blog had 40000 views, I was looking at my Facebook page and saw 'boost post' on the post I just made. Since i had some cash in my master card (cash put there to pay for something else o, something important but I have been having problems paying) I decided to see what boosting a post meant. I selected the least amount which was $5 (800 naira), entered my card details and waited to see what would happen.

Within a few hours I checked the post's status and I saw 72 or so people reached and I was shocked. I have never had any post seen by more than 32 people (I still don't understand what that means). Anyway I decided to boost another post and also took a decision I had been contemplating for so long. I decided to advertise my Facebook page.

As with the post boosting, I chose the $5 option and I chose to advertise for 3 days. It was an experiment and I just wanted to see what the results would be.

On the first day of advertising my page, I had my likes increase from 82 to 150 or so ( I wrote down the exact figure somewhere but I can't find it). I was stunned, super stunned.

After the end of the experiment the two posts I boosted were reached out to 1999 and 2545 people. I had a total of 358 likes (from 82 likes) after the experiment which means three days of advertising gave me 276 likes. The amazing thing is that my page is still getting more likes after the advertising period ended yesterday (the total is now 363).

I spent a total of $25 (4000 naira) on advertising my page and posts. For the three days that the adverts ran the blog was viewed 300, 350 and 550 times respectively (the highest on the last day...yesterday). My total views is now 41398.

I think my 4000 naira was worth it and it is something i should do till my blog is truly established however I am already spending a lot of money on internet and I have only one source of income with plenty things to do right now. I don't know if I can keep paying for adverts but maybe I can do my experiment once in a month. I am not sure what I would do but I think I need to adjust my budget and kick somethings out.

I also literally got an invite to be a guest writer on a blog. I don't know if i would do it. I need to check out if their brand is compatible with my brand before I jump in and write an article. If I ever take up the offer I would let you guys know.

That is all for today. Thanks for stopping by.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. Babe you be LATSMA ehn... Congratulations on your invitation; I think you should take the offer
    As for the advertising, I think you should do it if you're sure you won't be breaking bank

  2. I should try it o....I guess I've carried last too. Not heard about the boost post part o... nice.

  3. You should o, i think it is worth it. I wish i could do it constantly for a month but i can't afford it.

  4. You should try it out. Let me know how it goes....

  5. that pretty cool never even heard of it

  6. i have done that too but really i got broke later so i stoped

    1. I know o, it can cause some serious damage to your pockets but I think I would just be doing it for 3 days every month.


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