Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Dashing 'Romeo'...
As i was minding my business o and snooping around my favorite blogs and sites since today is the day i have assigned for that (i have something else that  i am doing and i can do both on the same day else i won't sleep at all) when i came across this story. Wait, how can i be minding my business and snooping around? Hmm Anyway can you imagine a homeless man picking up chics and staying at their places so that he won't sleep on the street? I was what?! I must read this and after i read i said 'i must tell my readers about this hot gossip'...lol.

Anyway i saw this on mirror.co.uk and i thought you guys might be interested in it.... Enjoy

Handsome homeless man picks up different women each night to keep him off the streets

Meet homeless Joe - the rugged roaming Romeo who lives many men's dream lifestyle despite occasionally sleeping on the cold, hard pavement.
Because it's a case of a different girl every night for the ladies' man, aged 26, who relies on pulling women to keep a roof over his head in Manhattan, New York.

Throughout the daytime, he manages to blag as many freebies as he can, pinching free shop samples of deodorant and hairgel, while spending what little money he earns from begging on keeping up his appearance.
Even though Joe has only four different outfits, he claims his arrogance and swagger charm women into inviting him into their homes for up to several nights at a time.

He said: "New York City is amazing it has 8 million people so you can f*** a different girl like, whenever you want.
"Dude I'll go up to any random girl and tell them I love them, I wanna marry 'em - just for general recreational purposes.
"I was sleeping at this broad's house and last night we went drinking and were eating lobster like classy individuals."
Joe, who admits to drinking copious amounts each day, claims he was kicked out of his mother's house after she found his drug stash - but he doesn't regret it.

Speaking to Elite Daily , he added: "I might sleep on cardboard like two or three nights a week but I literally wake up every single day and do whatever the f*** I want.
"It will be like 7 o'clock in the morning, girls wake me up and say you're passed out on the sidewalk - you need to go home. I say I f***ing am home!
"But I wake up with money in my pocket - my responsibility is to not look homeless, I go to the shop gel my hair, grab a Red Bull and walk out."

And his message for the youth of today?
"Never become like me... ever. This abstract lifestyle is not for everybody.
"I'm pretty sure if you look at all the homeless people in New York City I'm the only one that can really pull this s*** off."

I apologise for the swear words, i feel like washing his mouth with soap! There is actually a video, if you want to view it check here. The boy is really working his magic. I am sure he would be a good marketer. Can someone please give him a job even if he doesn't want it?

The women sef, are they not afraid of serial killers? However hold on people, is it me or something? the guy doesn't look extremely dashing to me so what is the attraction here? Then again i might be weird.... What do you guys think? 

Now i am really going, even if i see another story that i must tell you guys i would do so tomorrow. 

Thanks for stopping by....

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  1. Hiya.. Second Time here, and I finally decided to comment **Covers face. I think the guy is just trying to survive..i read somewhere that all women are not attracted to looks, as some are attracted to other things, and seek various kinda experiences. oh well, its a strange world we live in isnt it? I just fear the STD's the guy is distributing like a flood.

    But i must say that he is a really confident man, as it takes a lot of confidence to not let sleeping on the streets deter you from chasing fine ladies (not aiming at encouraging him, but mildly stating a fact), but the guy shaaa... diarisgodoooo... Nice blog you have her P.D, i likey :) from a TTT Brother. Cheers. and Yes I am first to comment! We bad like that.

    1. Thanks dear for checking out my blog. Please tell the guy that there is God o because I don't know what is going on in his head....

  2. Hiyaaaaa, #firsttimers ,my first time on this awesome blog, definitely not going to be the last... back to topic, that man is insane, he needs medical checkup honestly.... and em em em my blog is-making the world a better place

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog. The guy is just feeling like a stud and lazy!

  3. some folks are just crazy i dont have the heart to bring a stranger home with all the crap we read in the news everyday geez louise.

  4. This is serious packaging. God help women o

  5. The dude has to survive. ... do you know what people do to survive in this country.... he's surviving and he knows its wrong but it is working for him. Goodluck to him

  6. SMH!! That's just a very horrible lifestyle. Smh


  7. Na struggle for survival things hehehehe. How re u mami?

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