Friday, September 12, 2014


Oscar Pistorius..

Today was the day for the judgement of Oscar Pistoruis to be read and the whole world was waiting. Even though I was at work where we don’t have a television I was following the proceedings on twitter.

I got somewhat excited with the buzz and eagerly waited for the judgement to be read. You see I never believed that Oscar intentionally killed his girlfriend but I feel his problems made him react the way he did.

The judge found him guilty of ‘Culpable Homicide’ in other words 'Manslaughter'. When I read that she found him guilty of culpable homicide I was clueless and asked on twitter and I had some very helpful people who explained that it was manslaughter.

And I am comfortable with that but what I was not comfortable with was the fact that some people said he might not go to jail. They said something about postponed or delayed sentencing or something that i don't know. And that is where I no go gree (I don’t agree).
Reeva and Oscar...
I believe he might be sorry but he needs to do the time. He needs to pay for his mistake. Why do I think so? You see I feel that the whole situation with him shooting his girlfriend Reeva by mistake was as a result of two underlining problems. Which are his insecurities and his anger. According to what I have heard, he has a big anger issue. And to add to that I don’t think he is able to control it. He got involved in an issue in a nightclub recently and when I read it, I was like is this guy for real? But I realized that he is a lost soul that need some serious ass whooping and hugs.

So according to what I gathered he could be given 10-15 years in prison but people seem to think that he would not get up to that. People even feel that he might not spend any time in prison and that would be the biggest mistake South African judiciary system would make.

I feel that going to prison for at least 5 years with intense counseling would help Oscar right now. You might say that he could be counseled in a rehab centre but I don’t think it would have the same effect. His insecurities which might also be the cause of his anger needs to be tackled and it needs to be tackled in a place where he is restricted and doesn’t have a lot of distractions.

A rehab centre is a glorified resort centre. People still have some liberties which is why you see celebrities going in and out of it and still remaining the same. He needs some serious adult spanking and a strong restriction is what he needs. Short of joining the military, prison is his best bet. That spirit has to be broken and another one, a better one put into him else I see a repeat event happening in the future. It would just be a case of spare the rod and spoil the child. Even God punishes us for our mistakes but also gives us the strength and grace to overcome them and be better. He also has mercy on us even though we don't deserve it.
On the tracks...
With some of the medals he has won....even as he is guilty he would still be allowed to run (how? i don't know)
Anyway I don’t know him or anybody related to him but that is what I feel. So while tweeting about my thoughts on #pistoriustrial I got an invite to talk about my thoughts with BBC world service radio. Like what?!! Go Diva!! *dancingtheelectricslide* 

However (it is with extreme sadness i write this) I couldn’t do so because I am not in South Africa. The guy that invited me thought I was actually in South Africa, oh well, it sucks but then again it was an awesome moment. Imagine the Diva on BBC radio saying what she feels. Who knows what could have happened after then. Maybe I would then be a regular on the show and then be on television on a programme discussing what I feel. Okay! Come back to earth Mowunmi!!!....hahaha

Even though I didn’t get to be an African voice on BBC World Service today (mark my word, it would still happen) I realized what an amazing tool twitter is. I asked questions relating to the event and received answers from people in the U.K and other countries and even though we tweeted each other for a short while, I realized that is how connection can be made. Now I get what the hype about twitter is all about. And it also made me realize that I need to listen to news more, watch more sports and say what I feel on twitter more. I would definitely learn more and who knows maybe I would get more inspiration to write on my blog.

Anyway I think it is time to wrap up this show. It has been fun talking to you guys out there and i do hope you would join me next time on the diva’s show where everything is discussed, nothing is off limits. You can follow me on twitter @bimbola25 or on facebook by liking our page Ciao....

Thanks for stopping by guys..

Luv ya,
Petite Diva….


  1. My desr I don't think a person no matter how angry they are or mixed up in their head, should be sent to prison for years to fix their social issues. Ok he has bad violent tendencies etc, but on the night in question, he picked up a gun and opened fire thinking he was defending himself and Reeva.
    Let me ask a question, if d night had been april fools night and a friend of his was sneaking into his house trying to play a prank on him, and he opened fire killing his friend, would you say the same? "Go to jail to fix your anger issues for 5 yrs"
    On tne other hand this is South Africa we are talking about, with the decurity situstion in that place, if I lived there and had a girlfriend coving over for the night, I would keep a gun handy o, so I wouldnt have to explain to her parents if something bad happens

    1. I don't think he should be sent for social issues but because of those social issues he killed someone so at this time i feel that going to prison for the crime he committed and solving the social issues would benefit everyone including himself. Why does everyone talk about insecurity in South Africa like it is the worst thing ever? When i wanted to go there the amount of calls i received from family was amazing. Everybody was shouting insecurity, insecurity. There is insecurity all over the world too.

  2. well you definately hit it right on the spot he is insecure and has anger management issues. it wasnt premediated so the judge was right. all i know is he just better serve some time afterall he took a life.

  3. **Sigh** I actually agree with you Diva....buh mehnnnn...I think his disability is one of the things that got him this angry....I mean clearly he is an angry guy....**sigh**....he does need therapy.....lots and lots of therapy.....Hows you mi lovely mami..

    1. He is really angry. What i don't get is all the ladies that flock around him. I am good, i am just having to split my time on the internet right now.

  4. Wow, it's so hard for me to voice any opinion on this matter because I've only heard snippets here and there about this case. I remember hearing about Pistorius for the first time and thinking it was so cool that he does what he does sports-wise. However, when I heard about the murder of his girlfriend, it became such a complex story and it was hard for me to reconcile that 'hero' with an alleged murderer... While I don't think I know enough about this matter, I do agree that he probably needs a harsher treatment than rehab (which really does nothing like you say). I always enjoy reading your posts because you always have such interesting and strong opinions on important matters and I always feel interested in what you have to say :) Also, wow I wish you could have gone on the BBC radio-- what an experience that would have been! You definitely deserve to do that one day, so don't give up just yet hehe!

    P.S. On that yellow dress, the back is very similar to the front haha.

    xx Debbie

    1. It is so hard to believe that such an inspiration can suddenly become this but i have learnt that people sometimes have issues that we don't know about until something drastic happens. Thanks for your kind words. That means your dress is the perfect comfy dress for me, no hassles and beautiful too.

  5. If you were on bbc, I would just be famzing. I'll be like 'I know that babe niggas...she's my friend from wayyyyy back'...hehehe. I just don't know how to use thata twitter abeg.
    About Oscar, if he doesn't go to jail, that would be the wrongest thing to happen to south africaa's justice system. He killed someone...I don't care if it was out of fear,jealousy or anger but someone was killed. Someone's child was killed.. He needs therapy and jail time

    1. You wouldn't have to famzing i would have given you the loudest shout out ever. I agree he needs therapy, jail time and most of all GOD.


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