Sunday, September 14, 2014


Hey guys, it has been a while since I did a long term protective style after the last fiasco that cut majority of my hair. However i decided to get another one because I was tired of wigging it and when I tried to get a weave but the hair stylist didn’t make it well and the weave was just off. I removed the weave after one week and was tired of the wig I had to wear. So when I saw an older friend at the hospital and she showed me the braids she had installed and was loosening, I decided to get it.

I felt that I could use it for at least 6 weeks and I could get the braiders to listen to me and leave the front part of my hair alone. I was so wrong, they didn’t listen to me. They told me that they would do it in a way that my hair would not cut. I kept asking or rather telling them to take more of my hair to braid with but they did what they liked. So here I am with my protective style that I paid for with money much more than my first I.T salary and It had better not cause some serious setback else I am going to have a fit right here. And you all would have to beg me!!

However as I was lamenting in my mind about the almost 6000 naira (almost 50 USD) I just remembered that my friends in the U.S and U.K lament on how fixing a weave is so expensive and the price for normal braids was outrageously ridiculous. The price for the type I got would have been almost 5 times the amount I paid. With that I gradually stopped complaining.

The braids I got is called ‘Brazilian braids’, it is supposed to be silky and lightweight. They used Xpression Kanekalon hair but they treat it to make it lighter. Because it is really tiny and I didn’t want to spend so much time there, I requested that more than one person do my hair. So at a point I had 5 people on my hair but on an average I had 3 people doing it every time. I spent about 5 hours 30 minutes even though I got there earlier but they had to get the other pack of xpression and treat the hair. My butt ached me like crazy after I was through.My friend had told me it would just take about 4 hours (if she had said it would be longer i probably would have never tried this style).

Though I stayed longer than I planned it was a nice experience though. I couldn’t find my way at first, the directions I was given confused me and I kept going up and down the street looking for the place. People really should know how to give proper directions, I don’t get why they can’t give precise directions.  What is go down, just walk front uhn? I couldn’t find it and kept asking till I eventually saw the place and it was pretty straight forward, I would have done a better job of describing it. The place was pretty neat and colorful and attractive. The best part is that they had a clean toilet and the place was airy. I usually don’t use the toilet of braiding places because I don’t want to risk getting an infection (besides I doubt they have toilets though I have never asked).

As for the hair, since I have just had it for a day I can’t really say anything yet but It feels light and doesn’t ache at all. I am hoping that it won’t remove my edges and would cause me to retain a lot of my growth. I do need to be careful when removing it. I plan on washing it at least twice while I have it on (if I keep it for more than 6 weeks). To strengthen my hair I did a deep protein treatment (details coming up soon) so I hope it helps me a lot.

Anyway enough talking and let me show you more pictures (I would upload better pictures when I get to work tomorrow):
My hair products, make up and perfumes are behind
My house is a mess, i need a walk in closet/wardrobe

That is all now folks. Thanks for stopping by

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. Your hair looks great Petite. I'm still balking at the 50 US you just paid for that. Those braids are pretty small, here we call them ponies because the extensions used resemble a curled ponytail in the packet. I also call it beautiful nonsense because the undoing is a paaain, so stopped with it. Yeah u better grow 2 inches and have your hairline improve for that 50 US lol. Still look fab :-)

    1. Ah! I must not lose anymore hair. And it must reach my bra strap when I loosen

  2. It looks fab! As restless as I am I would never be able to sit down for this. Abeg get your money's worth since it's light.
    "Go down, walk front" Lol

    1. I was lied to, I was told it would take 4hours that is why I even decided to do it in the first place. I hope I carry it for long bcos I am so afraid for my edges.

  3. It suits you diva

  4. Fine geh.... I can see your books... mehn you must like reading o.... we need a book club asap or else I will deal with you o. I hope and pray this braids doesn't destroy your hairline because if it does and you come here to cry, I will not tell you sorry.

    1. Instead of you to embark on 40 days prayer and fasting for my edges you are threatening not to say sorry, don't worry i won't cry here i would cry on your own blog....hehe


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