Sunday, November 15, 2015


I love applying make up. I have been a fan of make up since i was a kid when i used to steal my mother's lipstick and apply when she was not at home.

I even paid and attended professional make up classes but i think i still lack some serious make up skills. Seeing pictures like these solidifies the fact that i need to go for another set of make up classes, prompto!

Check out the before and after.....

The photographs which chart the transformations of bare-faced women into sultry sirens demonstrate the power of makeup
Make up free

This woman has her delicate features enhanced with clever cosmetics
Glam shoot....

This woman's troublesome skin is visible before
A model with pimples like me...

Her face is transformed with ingenious makeup
Pimples be gone.....Smokey eyes, nude lips.....i like

Another woman before her look is overhauled with makeup
Plain Jane, right?
She's given high cheekbones and blow-dried hair to make her look completely different from her bare-faced look
Simply Gorgeous....
Make up by Vadim Andreev.....

Okay, it is official. I need a serious make over. See how they went from ordinary glam to extra extra ordinary glam.... I can never make myself up like this...#wailing

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Luv ya,
Petite Diva....


  1. Ha!!! One can't know you ladies anymore until the makeup comes off. I need to reassess my criteria for deciding who is hawt or not at this rate.

    1. Hahaha.....shey the decision among guys now is to take the girl out to the swimming pool for the first

  2. Replies
    1. I like naija make up when the make up is less. It seems a lot of the make up artists are over slapping on the foundation and concealers nowadays.

  3. Please put into consideration that these pictures have been edited. Makeup will not remove or hide pimples because pimple shows like a bumps on the face...but makeup will cover scars and spots. I have had people ask me how to remove pimples on their faces with foundation or concealer...ko possible.... Lovely makeup.

    1. Ah!! And i have plenty pimples right now. But at least my scars can be covered up. How are you?


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