Saturday, November 21, 2015


She has arrived: On Saturday actress Gal Gado celebrated the official start of filming of Wonder Woman with a sneak peek of the title character herself
Gal Gadot as wonder woman

Yaaaaaayyyy, all wonder women and comic fans get in here....Wonder woman is going to be made into a movie....woot! woot!! whooop! woot! woot!!

It is not every time that the hero would be a male....Females can kick ass too and be the 'bad geh'.... Finally DC comics has decided to make a movie for the wonder women like me. I have one big problem though? Why in the world did they change her outfit? What is the nonsense she is wearing? It looks like she is Xena the warrior princess.....No Way!! i don't like it at all. Where are the colours? Where is her whip? That is the problem with all these remakes.....The producers like redoing everything that it doesn't resemble the original...#sad

Warrior woman:  Gal has been seen dressed up as the cult heroine before as she plays Wonder Woman in the yet to be released Batman v. Superman
Why did they change her outfit?
Debut: The character got her first cover in December 1941 in the January 42 dated issue
See the, white, red, yellow

TV star: Lynda Carter starred on a television version of Wonder Woman and is seen here in 1976
Lynda Carter as Wonder woman....(at least this remake had some colours)
I can't wait to watch it even though they have really changed the outfit. I hope the curse of having too many super stars in a movie won't occur and the magic sales of superhero movies of comics would happen.

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