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'You know that's sexual assault' - the female actress confronts the actor as he brushes up against her, while her fellow passengers initially seem oblivious to the scene unfolding
The Actor and Actress...
There was a social experiment carried out on a London underground tube to see if people would help a female that is been sexually harassed. Normally you would think that people might not respond with all this 'mind your business' attitude that happens here. But this experiment almost backfired because the actor who was playing the 'harasser' almost got a massive beat down from some male passengers. The actress had to quickly intervene and explain what was going on before someone lands in hospital over a social experiment....lol

This is a major part of the reason why social experiments don't work in Nigeria. Unlike these men that were taking it so calmly, some people would have given the man one nice slap before they hear it is an experiment.

The men nearby had been talking business, but the 'distressed' woman then asks for their help. They intervene, but the man tells them he 'wants to touch her'
The guy gets more and more creepier and the men around start to take notice
A man wearing a backpack has witnessed things unfold from further down the carriage, and rushes to the woman's aid in a bid to put a stop to the situation in a sterner fashion
The guy with the backpack stood up from his seat to confront the actor

He moves the other commuters out of the way, and firmly tells the man 'groping' the woman to leave her alone

As tensions  rise, the acting duo have to reveal that the scene was not real to stop the situation escalating
He was about to get a beat down here....

The pair then face a backlash from the commuters who tried to help, but the woman tries to defuse the situation by explaining the reason behind her 'social experiment' and thanking those who intervened
This guy was trying to move the actress away from the side of the actor to protect her
Watch the video here..

It is nice to see men stand up for a woman they don't know. However i would still love to learn a form of martial art so that i can defend myself. Don't laugh at me....

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  1. Gentle men still exist!!! I remember being on the receiving end of a slap that was meant for a girl back in secondary school. Some of us were raised right and can't stand to see women abused, harassed, bullied, manhandled, etc. Unfortunately such men are sometimes seen as weak. Especially coming from a culture like ours.

    1. Thank you for being a gentleman. Please don't mind all those people, they are clueless human beings.

  2. frankly ..i think the experiment is flawed or at least lacking in breadth (i cant believe i now talk like this ) ...they should have tried attractive and "ugly" women....different races...etc .....to determine if the knights in shining Armour were motivated by selfless chivalry or self interest .....i.e they were interested in the girl...(damsel in distress)
    p.s love your blog . ....

    P.S think you are cute ..


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