Tuesday, November 10, 2015


A hard day's twerk: Kate Hudson showed some of her finest dance moves on an Instagram video on Monday, as she got set to promote her latest movie Kung Fu Panda 3
Kate Hudson twerking it out
Honestly i have a problem when Hollywood producers begin to milk their successes and produce part 1, 2 till 10 of a movie like Nigerian movies. Okay i have a problem with other movies apart from the marvel comics movies. You know....Iron Man, Captain America, Ant man, the avengers, Thor...etc. Actually i don't know how they do it but those marvel movies are the bomb.com and they always make some serious money.

Anyway i have not even watched the part 1 of Kungfu Panda and was barely aware that there was a part 2. So how did i know about the part 3? It was because Kate Hudson uploaded an instagram video of her twerking at a press day to promote the movie.
Free spirit: The 36-year-old actress let loose with some hip-swinging before clutching her flared skirt and giving it a little tango-meets-twerking for the camera

All this twerking sef, the fad has not yet passed? Anyway i don't think i would be watching it, i am saving my cinema money and experience for Captain America or Iron Man movie....Which ever comes first.... Don't shake your heads at me, i am not about to pay £11 to watch a movie i won't love.

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