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James lay on the floor and gave Mason his first proper hair cut in two-and-a-half years on Tuesday
Mason getting his first proper hair cut in two and a half years

I have no idea how difficult it is to take care of an autistic child but i do know taking care of a child without autism is hard. So i guess it must be more challenging for parents with an autistic child.

Denine Davies has been unable to give her son Mason a good hair cut because he had had a bad experience when he was younger so he usually got restless when the barbers start cutting his hair. So his hair has been scruffy for a long while.

She heard that James Williams was good with children and they decided to visit him. James allowed Denine and Mason to come to the barber shop frequently so that Mason was familiar and comfortable with him.

They had tried to cut his hair once in the barber chair but Mason got restless and they had to stop. On this particular visit when Mason was on the floor playing with his mother's phone, James got on his belly and started cutting his hair on the floor.

To parents you all know how getting a child to stay still for the barber or Hair stylist to touch their hair is like a battle that most of the time might be won with begging, scolding or sometimes beating and usually a lot of crying occurs. For a barber who is a professional to get down on his stomach just to cut one child's hair shows that he is dedicated and not just in for the money.
'Speechless': Barber James Williams, 26, went to great lengths to cut Mason's hair at the salon in Wales
James Williams and Mason on the Floor
Mason lay on the floor calmly playing with his mum's iPhone, so James seized upon the opportunity

Mason had not had his hair cut properly since he was 18 month's old until he visited James (pictured)
Barber James all covered.....
Photo Source: Mailonline

Okay, i have to confess this to you all. When i saw James, my first reaction was......arggghhhh, see his horrible tattoos! I know i should get used to tattoos being that is really common here but when someone paints half of his body like that i can't help it,  i freak out. A guy came to install our broadband and if i didn't see him get out of the company van and with the company vest, i won't have allowed him into the house. His arms which was bare was filled up with tattoos. I had to reassure myself that the guy was not going to harm me. I just don't know how people manage to stand the pain of getting a tattoo. I am really baffled. Okay, enough rambling for now.

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