Thursday, November 12, 2015


Gayle Newland
Please i need someone to help me understand this story. A woman called Gayle Newland pretended to be a man so that she can sleep with a woman. The 25 year old Marketing manager created an alter ego called 'Kye Fortune' and befriended her victim on facebook.

After establishing an online relationship, the women met and had sex 10 times before the victim discovered that she was a woman. Gayle persuaded her victim to blindfold herself when they were having sex and used a tape to flatten her breasts. She also wore a swimsuit to hide her curves, wore a prosthetic penis and deepened her voice.

She was sentenced to 8 years in prison today and screamed to her family that she was scared before she was dragged off to jail.

Check out pictures of the woman...

Newland sobbed as she was taken to jail today

Arrival: Newland arrives at court this morning with a man carrying her prison bag behind her - although she had hoped to walk free with a suspended sentence
Arriving the courts with her prison bag...

To find out how she carefully planned the whole event please check here

I really don't know what to say. What kind of world are we living in? Was she that desperate? This story just confirm what i say about the way things are done nowadays. How can you not really know someone and you are already sleeping with the person. And then the person says you should blindfold yourself and you do it, uhn? What of if the person was a serial killer. I believe the victim too should have been sentenced to jail for at least 3 months for being naive and stupid. This story is a typical case of 'wonders shall never cease to happen'.

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  1. 1) Wait o! What pleasure did she derive from using a prosthetic penis to satisfy another woman?

    2) How did the victim not realize that what was being used to service her was not made of human flesh? I mean it had to have felt artificial na. Abi na just me?

    3) Why would you be fine with not seeing the body of a person who have had sex with several times? Seriously, isn't that part of the fun?

    4) Even with the taped chest and swimsuit, it didn't occur to the victim to ask questions?

    5) Why didn't the woman just look for a lesbian partner. What kind of jobless madness drove her to come up with such an elaborate scheme?

    Questions, questions, questions... There is no method to these people's madness.

    1. Please help me and ask her because i can't just understand. Thanks for stopping by....

  2. Hian
    I nominated you for the gratitude challenge


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